QED Phenomenology and Applications  

In General > s.a. phenomenology of magnetism [maximum value of B, plasmas].
@ General references: Leuchs et al APB(10)-a1005 [permittivity and permeability of free space].
@ Tests: Clauser PRA(72) [semiclassical, experimental limitations]; Sternheim AJP(72)oct [RL]; Drell PhyA(79); Foot & Stacey PW(90)sep.
@ Field measurements: Compagno & Persico PRA(98) [criticism of Bohr-Rosenfeld]; Morgan a1709 [classical states].
@ And electron self-energy: de Souza JPA(97)ht/96; Bovy phy/06/SHPMP [history].

Lamb Shift > s.a. non-commutative field theory; quantum equivalence principle.
* Idea: A shift in the atomic energy levels, due to the effects on the electron self-energy of its interaction with the quantized (transverse) electromagnetic field.
* Experiment: 2000, It is still the effect that has been measured with the highest precision in physics; Now being tested with 91U atoms (proton size uncertainty less important, effect stronger than in lighter atoms), in which the electron feels an electric field of 1016 V/m [@ Stöhlker et al PRL(00)]; 2010, The muonic hydrogen lamb shift has been measured with high accuracy, allowing for a precise determination of the proton radius [@ Pohl et al Nat(10)jul].
@ General references: Lamb & Retherford PR(47); Bethe PR(47); Welton PR(48) [and field fluctuations]; Belinfante PR(53); Power AJP(66)jun [and zero-point energy]; in Sakurai 67; Levich 73, v3, p543ff; Barut & Kraus FP(83) [non-perturbative]; Barut & Van Huele PRA(85), Barut & Dowling PRA(87) [without field quantization]; Dowling FP(98) [classical]; focus Phy(12) [history]; Efremov a1912 [in heavy atoms]; news sn(20)feb [in anti-H].
@ Two-loop effect: Yerokhin et al PRA(05) [calculation, H-like Z ≥ 10 ions]; Czarnecki et al PRL(05) [calculation, S, P, D states]; Beiersdorfer et al PRL(05) + pn(05)nov [measurement, Li-like U ions].
@ Related topics: Zhou & Yu PRD(10)-a1101 [static atoms outside a Schwarzschild black hole], JHEP(12)-a1204 [curvature-induced corrections]; Meir et al PRL(14) [cooperative Lamb shift measured in a mesoscopic atomic array]; Balachandran MPLA(16)-a1509 [breaking of Lorentz invariance and color]; Rentrop et al PRX(16) + Guarrera Phy(16) [phononic analog]; Stasiuk et al a2101 [generalized collective effect].

In External Fields and Media
@ External fields: Alexandre PRD(01), PRD(01); Marecki ht/03; Akhmedov & Musaev NJP(09) [background electric field]; Gies et al NJP(15)-a1412 [reflection of photons off inhomogeneous strong-field regions]; > s.a. particle effects [creation].
@ Dielectrics: Matloob PRA(04) [linear, isotropic]; Suttorp & Wubs PRA(04)qp [inhomogeneous, absorptive]; Eberlein & Robaschik PRD(06)qp/05 [photons and electrons near dielectric half-plane]; Kheirandish & Amooshahi PRA(06)qp/05 [isotropic]; Bimonte JPA(10)-a0902 [macroscopic, and conductors].
@ Dispersive media: Rosa et al a0912-fs [dissipative dielectric medium]; Klich PRL(12)-a1109 [entanglement]; Horsley & Philbin NJP(14)-a1309 [canonical]; Lang et al a1912 [dielectric medium with dispersion and dissipation]; > s.a. dispersion [including in vacuum].
@ Other types of media: Matloob PRA(99) [absorbing medium]; Matloob PRA(05) [moving medium]; Raabe et al PRA(07)qp/06 [linear media]; Crenshaw a0902 [linear media, and boundary conditions]; Pedrosa & Rosas PRL(09) [time-dependent linear media]; Krattenthaler et al IJTP(13)-a1301 [randomly varying dielectric]; Rubio López & Lombardo a1411 [inhomogeneous anisotropic]; Quesada & Sipe OL(17)-a1707 [non-linear media].

Other Effects and Topics > s.a. atomic physics; Casimir-Polder Force; effective field theory; photon; QED; radiation; vacuum.
* Particle creation by photons: In 1934 Breit and Wheeler worked out the production of \(e^+e^-\) pairs in photon collisions, but thought that it would be "hopeless to try to observe the pair formation in laboratory experiments".
@ Types of states: Grotch & Owen FP(02) [bound states, methods]; Pathak & Agarwal PRA(05)qp/04 [mesoscopic states, superposition]; Kay a2003 [product picture, states for charged matter entangled with longitudinal photons].
@ Particle interactions: Breit & Wheeler PR(34) [particle creation by photons]; Arbuzov JHEP(03) [muon decay, higher-order]; Low AP(04) [electron in weak, uniform E field]; Shabad & Usov PRL(07)-a0705 [modified Coulomb law in a strongly magnetized vacuum]; Pike et al nPhot(14)may + news guard(14)may [proposed test of the Breit-Wheeler process]; > s.a. modified QED [Lorentz and CPT violations].
@ Atoms: Loinger NCA(87), NCA(90) [stability]; Mohr et al PRP(98) [corrections in heavy atoms]; Belyanin et al qp/05 [accelerated]; Artemyev et al PRA(05) [He-like atoms, n = 1, 2]; Fröhlich & Pizzo CMP(09) [absence of excited eigenstates]; Scheel & Buhmann APS(08)-a0902 [macroscopic QED, review]; Lazur et al TMP(09) [two distant electrons near different nuclei]; Könenberg et al RVMP(11) [hydrogenlike]; Zohar et al PRL(12)-a1204 [simulating compact Quantum Electrodynamics with ultracold atoms]; Könenberg et al a1207-proc [hydrogenlike]; Barbaroux & Vugalter RVMP(14)-a1306 [hydrogen binding energy]; Biguaa & Kassandrov PPN-a2101 [electron self-field in H atom].
@ Cavity QED: Haroche & Kleppner PT(89)jan; Haroche & Raimond SA(93)apr; Berman ed-94; Skagerstam qp/05 [collective effects]; Larson & Stenholm PRA(06)qp/05 [adiabaticity]; Matrasulov et al PLA(09) [finite-T effects]; in Chang & Ge 17; Davoudi et al PRD(19)-a1810 [finite-volume corrections]; Stargen et al PRD(19)-a1907 [polymer quantization and gravitational-wave interferometry]; > s.a. quantum-to-classical transition.
@ And nanosystems: Masood a1204; Bimonte et al ARCMP(17)-a1606 [Fluctuational QED, thermal radiation and heat transfer]; > s.a. thermal radiation.
@ Related topics: Shabad & Usov PRL(06) + pw(06)may [maximum B field, and positronium]; Polonyi PRD(06) [quantum-classical crossover]; Buchholz et al AP(01) [charge non-localization]; Langford a1310-ln [circuit QED].
> In gravity and astrophysics: see neutron stars; quantum field theory in curved backgrounds [Casimir-Polder-like force]; quantum-gravity phenomenology.
> Other: see Bhabha Scattering; casimir effect; Cerenkov Effect; diffraction; duality; entanglement; fluctuations; locality; Momentum; polarization [vacuum birefringence]; radiation reaction; wave phenomena; zeno effect.

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