Locality in Quantum Mechanics  

Quantum Locality in General > s.a. foundations and interpretations; locality; locality in quantum field theory; localization.
* Implementations of locality: de Broglie-Bohm's pilot wave, or parametrized relativistic quantum theory (> see modified quantum mechanics).
@ In general, and non-relativistic: Sorkin pr(83); Groenewold PRP(87); Hoekzema FP(87) [in contextual theories]; Hajra & Bandyopadhyay PLA(91) [and quantization procedure, quantum geometry]; Kar PRA(97) [n spin-1/2]; Healey PhSc(97)mar [Aharonov-Bohm effect]; Strunz et al PRL(99) [stochastic quantum mechanics, high-T environment]; de la Madrid IJTP(07)qp/06 [and rigged Hilbert space]; Ghirardi & Marinatto PRA(06) [Hardy for mixed states]; Laloë in(07)cm/06 [and BEC]; Nikolić qp/07 [algorithmic definition of locality]; Chen & Zhu a0711 [vs realism]; Nisticò & Sestito a1002, FP(11); Stapp FP(12)-a1111; Gallego et al PRL(12)-a1112 [operational framework]; Healey a1207 [there is no conflict between quantum theory and relativity]; Brunner et al RMP(14)-a1303 [rev]; Plotnitsky a1912; Sassoli de Bianchi a2006 [quantum mechanics is non-local]; Chen a2006 [trying to avoid non-locality].
@ Einstein locality vs other notions: Griffiths FP(11)-a0908 [Einstein locality vs Bell inequalities]; Schmelzer FP-a1610.
@ Quantum mechanics is local: de Muynck et al FP(94), comment Stapp FP(94); De Baere et al FP(99); Bene qp/00-conf; Tommasini JHEP(02)ht; Unnikrishnan FPL(02)qp, qp/02-conf [wave-function collapse]; Clover qp/03; De Baere FP(05)qp; Filk IJTP(06)qp; Weinstein FP(09)-a0812 [model]; Deutsch PRS(12)-a1109; Griffiths a1304, a1512; Bednorz a1508 [local realism as a postulate]; Brownstein a1708, a1708, a1708 [locality of subsystems]; Sánchez-Kuntz & Nahmad-Achar FP(17)-a1605; Griffiths PRA(20)-a1901 [examples, suggested terminology]; Khrennikov a1907; Bédard a2001.
@ History: Wiseman CP(06)qp/05 [Einstein]; Hiley a1412 [and John Bell's contributions].
@ And uncertainty: Oppenheim & Wehner Sci(10)nov-a1004; Hänggi & Tomamichel JPA(13)-a1108; Wang & Markham PRL(12)-a1112 [permutation-symmetric states]; Dahlsten et al nComm(14)-a1206 [uncertainty as a consequence of locality]; Wu et al PLA(14).
@ Single particle / photon: Hardy PLA(91), PRL(94); Björk et al PRA(01); Drezet FPL(06); Dunningham & Vedral PRL(07) [realizable experiment]; Heaney et al NJP(11)-a0911, comment Ghirardi FP(11)-a1101; Jones & Wiseman PRA(11)-a1102; Laghaout et al PRA(11)-a1110 [limits]; > s.a particle models and quantum particles; photons.
@ Relativistic: Omnès JMP(97); Zakrzewski JPA(97); Terno qp/02 [and energy density]; Barat & Kimball PLA(03); Slavnov TMP(08); Albert & Galchen SA(09)mar; Ghirardi FP(10)-a0912; Nikolić IJQI-a1002-conf; Crater & Lusanna IJMPA(14)-a1306; Terno PRA(14)-a1308 [and uncertainty relations]; > s.a. relativistic quantum mechanics; quantum measurement [MR model].
@ Multipartite non-locality: Jones et al PRA(05)qp/04; Parasuram & Ghosh a0903 ≠ Seshadreesan & Ghosh JPA(11) [bipartite spin systems]; Bancal et al PRL(09)-a0903; Almeida et al PRA(10)-a0911; Hastings a1008-ln [many-body systems]; Bancal et al PRL(11)-a1011 [detection]; Cavalcanti et al PRA(11) [unified criteria]; Reid et al FoP(12)-a1112; Bancal et al PRA(13)-a1112; Lee et al PRA(13)-a1211 [in phase space]; Cabello PRL(15)-a1411 [explaining the type of quantum n-body nonlocality]; > s.a. networks; quantum systems; spin models.

Non-Locality in Quantum Mechanics > s.a. Action at a Distance; contextuality; entanglement; experiments; Ontology; Steering.
* Idea: Quantum non-locality concerns correlations among spatially separated systems that cannot be explained classically.
* Rem: Quantum mechanics and relativistic causality imply non-locality.
* Manifestations: Wave-function collapse, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and likely effects due to small-scale spacetime structure; Quantum non-locality is usually tied to the celebrated no-go theorems, including the Kochen-Specker and Bell theorems, as well as elegant refinements by Mermin, Peres, Hardy, GHZ, and many others; Typically entanglement or carefully prepared multipartite systems have been considered essential for violations of local realism and for understanding quantum non-locality; However, sharp violations of local realism arise almost everywhere without entanglement.
* And correlations: The set of non-local correlations known as Popescu-Rohrlich box can be seen as a unit of non-locality.
* History: Between 1964 and 1990, the notion of non-locality in Bell's papers underwent a profound change as his non-locality theorem gradually became detached from quantum mechanics, and referred to wider probabilistic theories involving correlations between separated beables.
* Types of non-locality: Entanglement, EPR steering, and the failure of local hidden-variable theories have been shown to be inequivalent; Non-locality can be kinematical, arising from the structure of the Hilbert space, and dynamical, arising from the quantum equations of motion.
* Ways out: Non-locality is only an artifact of considering quantum objects and classical observers (Tipler); Particles described by the Klein-Gordon or Dirac equation cannot be localized and therefore don't violate causality; See also the Marolf + Rovelli model.
@ General references: Bohm & Hiley FP(75); Brody & de la Peña-Auerbach NCB(79); Stapp AJP(85)apr, FP(88); Clifton FPL(89); Aerts & Reignier HPA(91); Elitzur et al PLA(92); Popescu PRL(94); Rosen AJP(94)feb; Rohrlich & Popescu qp/95; Nogueira et al PS(96); Popescu & Rohrlich qp/97-proc; Mermin AJP(98)oct-qp/97, qp/97; Unruh PRA(99)qp/97, comment Stapp qp/98, PRA(99)qp/98; Hegerfeldt LNP(98)qp, AdP(98)qp-in; Pati qp/98-conf; Sidharth qp/98; Choy & Ziegeler qp/99/AJP; Stapp qp/00/AJP; Dieks PRA(02)qp [inequalities]; Unruh IJQI(06); Dukaric & Wolf a0808 [non-locality distillation]; Hong a1002; Ruža PS(10) [non-locality is inconsistent]; Corelli et al PRL(11) [transitivity property]; Cattani a1103 [pedagogical]; He et al PRA(11)-a1103 [detection criteria]; de la Peña et al a1110; Griffiths FP(01)-a1201 [re Stapp's counterfactual argument]; Palazuelos PRL(12) [non-local state from a combination of local states]; Moldoveanu a1211 [quantum mechanics is non-local and non-realistic]; Mohrhoff FS(16)-a1411 [explanation]; Christensen et al PRX(15)-a1506 [with entangled photons]; Leffler a1509 [and path integrals]; Sengupta et al a2012 [as a form of entanglement]; Grangier a2012 [contextual inferences].
@ Relational framework: Abramsky SL-a1007; Martin-Dussaud et al FP(19)-a1806, comment Pienaar a1807 [no mysterious space-like influence].
@ Measures of non-locality: Montina & Wolf NJP(16)-a1312 [minimal communication cost]; Beck a1807 [realism-based].
@ Other versions and approaches: Pryde et al PRL(05)qp/04 [without entanglement]; Ghirardi & Marinatto JOB(05)qp-in [without inequalities]; Wiseman et al PRL(07) [types]; Scarani PRA(08)-a0712 [Elitzur-Popescu-Rohrlich approach]; Pachón & Pachón a1307 [dynamical non-locality, origin]; Ryff a1308 [alternative approach]; Dowker et al NJP(14)-a1311 [histories perspective]; De Martini & Santamato IJTP(14) [and Conformal Quantum Geometrodynamics]; Gogioso & Zeng EPTCS(15)-a1506 [Mermin non-locality, in abstract process theories]; Beil a1511 [spacetime geometry]; Srikanth a1811 [operational].
@ Specific types of systems: Ne'eman FP(86)-in(88) [gauge theory]; Dumin AHEP(14)-a1401 [cosmology]; Lepori et al JSM(17)-a1607 [long-range quantum systems]; Tura et al a1607 [many-body spin systems]; de Lima Bernardo et al SRep(17)-a1608 [1+2 particles]; Carvacho et al nComm(17)-a1610 [quantum network, experiment]; Franklin AJP(19)aug [magnetic field in Aharonov-Bohm effect].
@ Non-locality, other phenomenology: Stapp AJP(97)apr, comment Finkelstein qp/98, Mashkevich qp/98, Shimony & Stein AJP(01)aug, Stapp AJP(01)aug-qp/00 [acausal propagation]; Saunders et al NJP(12)-a1103 [the simplest demonstrations]; Pütz et al PRL(14)-a1407 [Bell tests, measurement-dependent locality and free choice]; Liang et al PRL(14) [anonymous quantum nonlocality]; Kunkri et al PRA(17)-a1604 [in macroscopic measurements]; Garziano et al a1910 [distant resonators jointly absorbing a single photon]; > s.a. Hardy's Experiment; quantum systems [non-local].

Other References > s.a. particle statistics; quantum technology; realism; time in quantum theory; wave-function collapse.
@ I, II: Nadeau & Kafatos 00; Jacobs & Wiseman AJP(05)oct [short story]; Gisin Sci(09)dec-a0912.
@ Tests: Tittel et al EPL(97)qp [experiment with photons]; Zhu et al EPL(11)-a1009 [dynamic vs kinematic non-locality]; Christensen et al PRL(13) [detection-loophole free]; Raeisi et al PRL(15)-a1502 [entropic tests of multipartite non-locality]; Belinsky & Zhukovsky a1509 [proposed experiment].
@ Proof: Hardy PRL(93) [two particles]; Boschi et al PRL(97); Hardy in(97) [spin-1/2]; Cabello PRA(98) [ladder, spin-1]; Suarez a1204-in [loophole-free]; Nisticò IJTP(14) [according to ordinary mathematical logic]; Bricmont et al a1906 [using position and momentum variables], a2005 [EPR-Schrödinger paradoxes].
@ And correlations: Clifton et al BJPS(90); Tittel et al PRA(98)qp/97 [> 10 km]; Mermin FP(99)qp/98; Unnikrishnan qp/00; Barrett & Pironio PRL(05)qp [as non-locality units]; Buchholz & Summers PLA(05); Suarez a0902 [why not maximally non-local?]; Christian a1106-ch [photons]; > s.a. EPR correlations.
@ And entanglement: Bennett et al PRA(99)qp/98; Unnikrishnan O&S(01)qp/00-conf; Brunner et al NJP(05)qp/04; Malley & Fine PLA(05)qp; > s.a. XY Chain.
@ And information processing: Forster et al PRL(09) [distilling non-locality in generalized non-signaling theories].
@ And causality: Ruijsenaars AP(81), Bruß et al PRA(00)qp [superluminal propagation]; Mashkevich qp/98; Busch JPA(99)-a1303 [unsharp localization]; Buscemi & Compagno JPB(06)qp; Suarez a1009 [Bell non-locality and non-locality at detection]; Henson a1102 [without ontic definiteness]; Wagner et al PRA(11) [Schrödinger, Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations]; Brunner et al RMP(14)-a1303 [Bell non-locality]; Kupczynski JPCS(14)-a1312 [causality and local determinism]; Hofer-Szabó & Vecsernyés JMP(15)-a1407 [Bell's local causality]; Shafiee & Ghahramani QSMF(15)-a1509; Scarani 19 [Bell non-locality]; > s.a. causality in quantum theory [including no signaling]; Hall a2010 [perfect correlation and determinism].
@ And Bell's inequality: Jarrett Noûs(84); Stapp qp/99; Pitowsky & Svozil PRA(01); Socolovsky PLA(03)qp; Rizzi qp/03; Hemmick in(11)qp/04 [hidden variables]; Cavalcanti FP(12)-a0911; Hirsch et al PRL(13)-a1307 [hidden non-locality]; Brown & Timpson a1501; Murta PhD-a1704 [maximal violation].
@ And many-worlds interpretation: Sakaguchi qp/96; Tipler qp/00; Rubin FP(02)qp; Tipler a1008 [as evidence for a multiverse cosmology]; Gisin a1011-conf [non-locality and free will are incompatible with the many-worlds view].
@ And hidden-variable interpretations: Teufel et al PRA(97); > s.a. pilot-wave theory.
@ Recovery of locality in the classical limit: Pagonis et al PLA(91); Gisin et al qp/96-proc; 't Hooft ht/00-in.
@ Related topics: Aharonov & Vaidman PRA(00)qp/99 [fermions vs bosons]; Sant'Anna qp/00 [and quasi-set theory]; Kafatos et al qp/02 [and sheaf cohomology]; van Dam et al IEEE(05)qp/03 [strength of proofs]; Slavnov a0903, TMP(14) [and irreversibility]; > s.a. Free Will.

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