Entanglement Phenomenology  

Effects and Uses of Entanglement in General > s.a. pilot-wave interpretation [entanglement exchange]; statistical mechanics [equilibrium].
* Applications: Entanglement is considered as a key quantity for the understanding of correlations, transport properties, and phase transitions in composite quantum systems; Entanglement of large objects enables "bulk" properties, like collective spin, to be "teleported," and is needed for quantum computers.
* Measuring entanglement: In an experiment the only way of measuring entanglement in a generic mixed state is through reconstructive quantum tomography.
@ Applications: Tichy et al JPB(11)-a1012 [atomic and molecular physics]; Cuffaro a1112 [quantum computational speedup]; > s.a. neutrinos; Polymers; quantum-gravity phenomenology; quantum phase transitions; quantum computing and technology; superluminal communication.
@ Detection: Chu gq/98; Herbut qp/03; Gühne & Tóth PRP(09); Streltsov et al PRA(11)-a1104 [easily implementable algorithm]; Oszmaniec & Kuś PRA(13)-a1306 [universal framework]; Lawson et al PRA(14)-a1407 [without reference frames]; Kupczynski IJQI-a1602-proc [operational approach]; Baccari et al PRX(17) [multipartite systems]; Gray et al PRL(18)-a1709 [measurement, operational]; Samuel et al a1712 [2 qubits]; > s.a. measurement [role of entanglement].
@ Measurement, specific systems: Kindermann PRL(06) [many-fermion systems, experimentally accessible]; Brida et al PRL(10)-a0907 [photon states]; Fukuhara et al PRL(15) [individual atoms in an optical lattice]; Pan et al PRL(19) [photon pair, non-local state].
@ Naked-eye detection: Brunner PRA(08); news SA(10)jun; Caprara Vivoli et al Opt-a1602.
@ Scales, entanglement renormalization: Cincio et al PRL(08) [2D Ising model]; Evenbly PhD(10)-a1109 [foundations and applications]; Swingle JSM(14)-a1307; Akkelin & Sinyukov PRC(14)-a1403 [entanglement of scales, and decoherence]; Xiao a1711 [maximum distance]; Milsted & Vidal a1812 [MERA, geometric interpretation].
@ Distillation of entanglement: Horodecki3 PRL(00) [and irreversibility]; Lamata et al PRL(06)qp/05 [Lorentz invariance].
@ Entanglement percolation in a network: Acin et al nPhys(07); Broadfoot et al EPL(09)-a0906 [in quantum networks]; Cuquet & Calsamiglia PRL(09)-a0906 [complex quantum network]; Leverrier & García-Patrón PRA(11).
@ Entanglement swapping: Branciard et al PRL(10)-a0911 [and non-local correlations]; Ma et al nPhys(12)apr + news at(12)apr [delayed-choice]; Takeda et al PRL(14)-a1411 [between discrete and continuous variables].
@ Gravitational effects: von Borzeszkowski & Mensky PLA(01)gq; Bruschi PLB(16)-a1412; Tian et al SRep(16)-a1605 [detecting curvature]; news pw(18)may [proposal to send entangled photons to the ISS]; > s.a. entanglement in field theory [including cosmology].
@ Experiments, tests: Fedrizzi et al PRL(13), Vollmer et al PRL(13), Peuntinger et al PRL(13) [experimental entanglement distribution]; news pt(17jun [photons beamed by satellite to stations 1200 km apart]; Fröwis et al nComm(17)oct + news cosmos(17)oct [millions of entangled atoms in a solid].
@ Other effects: Klyachko & Shumovsky qp/03 [fluctuations]; Khasin & Kosloff PRA(05)qp [T-dependence]; Jordan et al PRA(07)-a0704 [manipulating entanglement]; Bhatt et al PRA(08)-a0704 [sub-Planck structure in phase space]; Lee et al JKPS(15)-a1002 [quantum entanglement force, and gravity]; Cai et al PRL(10) + news po(10)jun [and animals' chemical compasses]; Azimi Mousolou et al PRA(11)-a1103, Sandhya & Banerjee EPJD(12)-a1103 [and geometric phase, non-Abelian holonomies]; Gabbrielli et al sRep(18)-a1805 [at finite temperature].
> Related topics: see composite quantum systems [identical atoms]; correlations; cosmological constant; Mean-Field Theory; time in quantum theory.

Dynamics of Entanglement > s.a. entangled systems [systems that never interacted]; quantum statistical mechanics [entanglement thermodynamics].
* Generation of entanglement: Any interaction between two systems that begin in definite states generically leaves the composite system in a superposition of product states.
* Loss of entanglement: Entanglement can be lost by decoherence in open quantum systems.
@ General references: Życzkowski et al PRA(02)qp/00; Zanardi PRA(01) [entanglement of evolution]; Giovannetti et al EPL(03)qp/02; Doronin PRA(03)qp; Suarez qp/03 [no time flow]; Durt qp/04 [and interactions]; Ghose & Sanders PRA(04)qp [chaotic systems]; Viguie et al NJP(05)qp [work extraction]; Batle et al PRA(05)qp [and speed of evolution]; Dahlsten et al JPA(07)qp [emergence in 2-party random process]; Lin & Hu PRD(09)-a0812 [field theory perspective]; Sciarrino et al PRA(09)-a0907 [entanglement localization]; news physorg(13)oct [entanglement concentration is irreversible]; Aolita et al RPP(15)-a1402 [rev]; Mariën et al a1411 [upper bound on entanglement rates]; Nahum et al PRX(17)-a1608 [under random unitary dynamics]; Hackl & Jonsson Quant(19)-a1904 [energy cost]; Mezei & Virrueta JHEP(20)-a1912 [effective membrane theory]; Valdés-Hernández et al PRA(20)-a2009 [emergence of dynamical evolution].
@ Entanglement production: Cirac & Zoller PRL(95); Mølmer & Sørensen PRL(99); Sackett et al Nat(00)mar [4 particles]; Braun PRA(05)qp [cmb]; Franson JMO(08)-a0704 [superluminal]; Abrey & Vallejos PRA(07) [bounds]; Harshman & Hutton PRA(08)-a0710 [1D particle scattering]; Ficek & Tanas PRA(08)-a0802 [delayed]; Wechsler a0905; Mascarenhas et al PRA(11)-a1006 [physically realizable entanglement]; Friis et al PRD(12)-a1201, Bruschi et al PRL(12)-a1201 [generation between modes in an accelerated cavity]; Ribeiro & Angelo PRA(12)-a1202 [two interacting spins, semiclassical propagators]; Kafri & Taylor a1311 [and classical forces]; Van Acoleyen et al PRL(13) [and entanglement entropy area law]; Orieux et al PRL(15)-a1503 [from classical correlations]; Svozil a1704 [through path identification]; Bellomo et al PRA(17)-a1704 [single particle as entanglement catalyst]; Yang PRD(18)-a1707, Cresswell PRA(18)-a1709 [entanglement timescale]; Abdul-Rahman a2104 [disordered oscillators, area law]; > s.a. Quantum Coherence [n-fragility]; stochastic processes.
@ Time evolution: Carvalho et al PRL(07) [open dynamics, optimal characterization]; Salles et al PRA(08)-a0804 [experimental]; Yu & Eberly OC(10)-a0906 [with environmental noise]; Tiersch et al QIP(09)-a0909 [evolution equation]; Zhou & Joynt QIP(12)-a1006 [topological classification of evolutions]; Ribeiro & Angelo PRA(10) [for coherent states]; Martín-Martínez et al CQG(12)-a1205 [fate under gravitational collapse]; Benedetti et al IJQI(12)-a1209 [effects of classical noise]; Wick et al JPA(16)-a1508 [under random interactions]; Nahum et al PRX(17) [under random unitary dynamics]; Bertini et al PRX(19)-a1812 [and many-body quantum chaos]; Alba et al SciP(19)-a1903 [spreading, and Generalized Hydrodynamics]; Lerose & Pappalardi a2005 [and chaos, semiclassical].
@ Loss, disentanglement: Mor qp/98; Dodd & Halliwell PRA(04)qp/03, Carvalho et al PRL(04) [and decoherence]; Dodd PRA(04)qp/03 [dissipative open systems]; Rey et al cm/07 [noise-resistant entanglement]; Buscemi LNCS(08)-a0802 [irreversibility]; Maniscalco et al PRL(08) [protection, using Zeno effect]; Mann & Villalba PRA(09)-a0902 [degradation speed-up]; Metwally et al PhyA(10) [and chaos]; Valente PhSc(10)dec [possibility of local disentanglement]; Novotný et al PRL(11)-a1103 [fragile and robust entanglement]; Giorgi et al IJQI(11)-a1107 [decay of entanglement vs correlations with dissipation]; Bruschi et al PRD(12) [degradation due to motion]; Pirandola a1307-proc [entanglement reactivation by classical correlations]; Filippov et al PRA(13)-a1310 [multipartite dissipative systems]; Dai et al JHEP-a1507 [from acceleration or black holes]; news(17)may [entanglement is robust under acceleration]; Modak a1803 [gravity].
@ Sudden death: Almeida et al Sci(07)apr + pw(07)may; O Terra Cunha JNP(07); Al-Qasimi & James PRA(08)-a0707; Ann & Jaeger PLA(08)-a0707; Landulfo & Matsas PRA(09)-a0907 [and acceleration, external force]; Yu & Eberly Sci(09)-a0910; Roszak et al PRA(10)-a0912; Goyal & Ghosh PRA(10)-a1005 [Gaussian state + bath]; Oliveira et al PLA(11)-a1006 [and genuine entanglement]; > s.a. entangled systems [cavity QED].

Observation, Experiment
@ References: news cosmos(19)may [quarks inside a proton].

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