Casimir Effect / Energy / Force  

In General > s.a. quantum field theory phenomenology [negative energies]; vacuum.
* Idea: The QED prediction that the vacuum is modified by the presence of boundaries, which has observable effects; For example, two conducting uncharged infinite parallel plates will feel an attractive force due to vacuum fluctuations of the field, since there are more possible zero-point fluctuations outside the plates.
* Consequences: Tiny as it is, the Casimir effect causes parts in nano- and microelectromechanical systems (NEMS and MEMS) to stick together; Therefore, it confounds tabletop experimental efforts to detect exotic new forces beyond those predicted by Newtonian gravity and the Standard Model of particle physics.
* Calculation: One calculates the stress tensor for the quantized electromagnetic field in the region of interest; The Drude model treats the metal as a collection of billiard-ball-like positive ions and electrons, the "plasma model" assumes the electrons move in a fixed lattice of positive ions; 2012, the Drude model works best.
* Value: For plate separation 1 micron, the force is ~ 13 N/m2.
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Related Effects and Topics > s.a. Casimir-Polder Force; Friction [quantum friction]; inertia; Surface Tension.
* Scharnhorst effect: The anomalous, faster than c propagation of photons in the Casimir vacuum; > s.a. causality violations.
@ And boundary conditions: Ravndal hp/00-conf; Graham et al NPB(02), NPB(04)ht/03 [Dirichlet], comment Milton JPA(04)ht; Nesterenko JPA(06)ht/05-proc [at spatial infinity]; Kolomeisky et al JPA(10)-a1002 [single boundary, and UV divergence]; Cao et al PRD(13)-a1301 [topological Casimir effect, electrodynamics on a compact manifold]; Asorey & Muñoz-Castañeda a1306 [general type depending on four parameters].
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@ Stress-energy tensor between plates: DeWitt in(79); Gibbons in(79); > s.a. energy conditions.
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> Other situations and examples: see casimir effect in different types of systems [including deformed theories and classical analogs].

More General Situations > s.a. Casimir-Lifshitz Force; Krein Quantization.
* At finite temperature: 2008, Different theoretical approaches lead to very different predictions for the magnitude of the effect, and no consensus exists yet on the interpretation of recent absolute measurements of the Casimir force.
* Dynamical Casimir effect: Motion-induced photon creation from the quantum vacuum inside closed, perfectly conducting cavities with time-dependent geometries; It was proposed in 1970 by Gerald Moore, and is related to the Unruh effect; An example is the electromagnetic radiation of moving gravitating bodies (> see gravitating matter).
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@ Related topics: Jaekel & Reynaud JdP(92)qp/01, JdP(93)qp/01 [motional Casimir effect]; Krüger et al PRL(11)-a1102 [non-equilibrium fluctuations and interactions].

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