Wave Phenomena  

Interference, Interferometry > s.a. atomic physics; equivalence principle; interference; molecular physics; neutrino; neutron.
* Idea: A phenomenon that allows the study of wave properties of matter and radiation.
* New techniques: 2001, Multimode waveguide interferometer (MWI) [@ Ovchinnikov & Pfau PRL(01) + pn(01)sep].
@ And quantum mechanics: Jaekel & Reynaud EPL(90)qp/01 [quantum limits].
@ Two slits: Sudarshan & Rothman AJP(91)jul; Massar qp/03 [as quantum fingerprinting]; > s.a. interference; Young's Experiment.
@ And gravity: Camacho PLA(99)qp, PLA(99)qp; Peters et al Nat(99)aug + pn(99)sep; Speliotopoulos & Chiao gq/04/PRD [response to gravitational waves].

Wave Tails > s.a. huygens principle.
* Idea: Wave tails are developed by propagating waves in situations in which the Huygens principle is not satisfied.
* In curved spacetime: Tails are due to a cut in the frequency Green function G(ω) along the Im(ω) < 0 axis, determined by the asymptotic structure of space (does not depend on horizons); The late-time behavior is a power law in Schwarzschild spacetime, but not in general.
* Effects: Violation of Huygens' principle; Ringdown of signal from isolated source; Back-scatter of radiation by curvature.
@ General references: Friedlander 75; Bombelli & Sonego JPA(94)mp/00; Noonan CQG(95), CQG(95); Nolan gq/96; Mankin et al PRD(00), PRD(01)gq/00 [electromagnetism in curved spacetime]; Hod CQG(01)gq/00 [tails in general potentials]; Hod PRD(02)gq [time-dependent].
@ Spherically symmetric objects: Hod CQG(01); Bizoń & Rostworowski PRD(10); > s.a. kerr, reissner-nordström, and schwarzschild spacetimes.
@ Different types of fields: Hod CQG(13)-a1402 [massive spin-2 fields]; Faraoni a1901 [massive scalar, inflaton]; > s.a. gravitational-wave propagation.
@ In cosmology: Ellis & Sciama in(72); Faraoni & Sonego PLA(92) [scalar waves in FLRW spacetime]; Faraoni & Gunzig IJMPD(99)ap; Haghighipour GRG(05)gq/04 [electromagnetic waves in FLRW spacetime].
@ Strength of tails: Nolan CQG(97)gq; Mankin et al PRD(01)gq/00.
> Other spacetimes: see kerr spacetimes.

Other Phenomena > s.a. diffraction; diffusion; dispersion; doppler; polarization; Refraction; Tractor Beam; wave equations [traveling waves].
@ Reflection / transmission coefficients: Visser PRA(99)qp [1D potential scattering]; Mukhopadhyay mp/99 [instantaneous]; Su et al JPA(08) [exact expressions]; Boonserm PhD(09)-a0907 [rigorous bounds]; Boonserm & Visser JHEP(11)-a1005; Lee et al TPT(16)oct [total internal reflection, demo]; > s.a. zeno effect.
@ Phase singularities: Berry & Dennis PRS(01), PRS(01) [knotted].
@ Beyond geometrical optics: Maj JMP(05)mp/04 [Wigner-Weyl vs complex geometric optics].
@ Other: Kim & Noz FP(05)qp/04-proc [covariant standing waves]; Kowar et al MMAS(11)-a0906 [attenuation, frequency-dependent]; Valero a1406 [topological aspects, singularities and critical points]; Horsley & Bugler-Lamb PRA(16)-a1601 [negative frequencies, microscopic model]; Patsyk et al PRX(18) [accelerating wave packets in curved space].
> Other: see ergodic theory; Faraday Waves; light; quantum mechanics [wave-particle duality]; resonances; solitons; turbulence.

Superluminal Propagation > s.a. causality violations; electromagnetism; information; light; photons; Superluminal Communication; tachyons.
* Experiment: Superluminal group velocities seen by various labs working on evanescent electromagnetic waves (1993–1994); 2002, Pulses sent over a significant distance in a 120-m cable made from a coaxial 'photonic crystal'.
* Other possibilities: Quantum tunneling (e.g., photons); Ultrasound in water with plastic beads; Tachyons.
* Theory: In connection with possible causality violations, the relevant velocity is the front velocity, which coincides with the one given by the characteristics of the pde governing wave propagation [for a large class of equations, @ see refs in Shore NPB(02)gq].
@ General references: Tiwari 03; Ranfagni et al PLA(07) [interpretation]; Eperon et al a1802 [predictability].
@ Group v > c: Fox et al PRS(70); Diener PLA(96) [information transfer], PLA(97) [energy transport]; üttiker & Thomas SM(98)qp/97; Aharonov et al PRL(98)qp [in media with inverted populations]; Garrison et al PLA(98)qp [and causality]; Kidambi & Widom PLA(99) [through slabs]; Jackson et al PRA(01) [and vf < c]; Haché & Poirier APL(02); Brunner et al PRL(04)qp + pw(04)nov [measurement, and signal speed]; Mugnai PLA(07) [and causality]; > s.a. klein-gordon fields.
@ QED effects in curved spacetime: Konstantinov gq/98; Shore NPB(02)gq, CP(03)gq.
@ Other situations: Aharonov et al PRL(98)qp [quantum limitations]; Nowacki qp/02 [??]; Cardone & Mignani PLA(03) [Cologne & Florence experiments]; Mobley in ASA(05); Ellis et al GRG(07)gq [matter with superluminal speed of sound]; Halvorsen & Leinaas PRA(08)-a0710 [in a birefringent crystal]; Ranfagni et al PLA(08) [microwaves, diffraction effects]; > s.a. klein-gordon fields; modified lorentz symmetry.

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