Quantum Gravity Effects on Particle Properties  

Particle Properties > s.a. effects on photons; modified lorentz symmetry; semiclassical quantum gravity; spacetime foam.
* Idea: Quantum spacetime fluctuations affect light and particle propagation, masses, and possibly other properties, and some effects can be seen as a violation of Lorentz symmetry; Relative corrections are typically of order \((\lambda_{\rm fund}/\lambda)^2\); Consequences are expected to manifest themselves mostly at Planck scales, and include baryon number violation in black-hole formation and evaporation, CP and CPT violation (distinguished from GUT effects), suppression of ultra-high energy scattering amplitudes.
* History: The first proposal of modified dispersion relations may have been made in the 1971 paper by Kirzhnits & Chechin about the absence of a GZK cutoff in the UHECR spectrum.
@ General references: Salam in(75); Hawking et al PLB(79), NPB(80) [propagation in spacetime foam]; Toon CQG(97)ht/96; Dalvit et al PRD(01)ht/00 [1-loop corrections to electromagnetism]; Urrutia LNP(06)hp/05; Lehnert AIP(07)gq [and standard model extension]; Bonder & Sudarsky CQG(08)-a0709 [without Lorentz violation, effective Hamiltonian]; Liberati & Maccione PRL(14)-a1309 [constraints on Planck-scale dissipative phenomena].
@ Scalar: Lemoine et al PRD(02)ht/01 [short-scale Tab].
@ Gyromagnetic ratio: Harbach et al PLB(04), Lambiase & Papini gq/04 [muon g − 2].
@ Matter-antimatter asymmetry: Ahluwalia & Kirchbach IJMPD(01)ap; Lambiase & Singh PLB(03)gq.
@ Neutrinos: Ellis et al GRG(00)gq/99; Klapdor-Kleingrothaus et al EPJA(00)hp [CPT, quantum mechanics];
Shiokawa PRD(00)ht [stochastic spacetime]; Amelino-Camelia et al JCAP(04)hp/03 [Bahcall-Waxman bound]; Acero & Bonder a1210-proc [neutrino anomalies]; Amelino-Camelia et al a1303; Stecker et al PRD(15)-a1411; Amelino-Camelia et al PLB(16)-a1605 [proposed data analysis strategy]; > s.a. neutrinos, and mixing and oscillations below.
@ Chiral symmetry: Eichhorn & Gies NJP(11)-a1104; Eichhorn & Lippoldt PLB(17)-a1611 [observationally viable models must respect chiral symmetry].
@ Other matter: Eichhorn JPCS(12)-a1109 [existence of light fermions as a restriction on UV completions]; Elmashad et al TTP(14)-a1208 [quark-gluon plasma]; Papini MPLA(13)-a1304 [non-conservation of fermion number]; Eichhorn & Held PRD(17)-a1705 [and ultraviolet completions for matter]; Calmet & Latosh EPJC(18)-a1801 [prediction of new classical fields]; Belenchia et al PRD(18)-a1807 [quantum superpositions of particles]; > s.a. neutron.
@ Particle masses: Montesinos CQG(97)gq [fermion mass gap]; Spaans ht/98; Eichhorn & Held PRL(18)-a1803 [quark masses and asymptotic safety].
@ Other properties: Rosales gq/97 [finite bare charge]; Sidharth qp/98-conf [spin]; Kirillov JETP(99)ht; Konopka & Major NJP(02)hp; Urrutia MPLA(02)gq-conf; Aloisio et al APP(03)ap [decays]; Pérez & Sudarsky PRL(03)gq, GRG(05); Arteaga et al PRD(04)gq/03 [scalar particle in thermal graviton background]; Alfaro PRD(05) [hadrons]; Nouicer JPA(07) [electron magnetic properties]; Toms PRD(07)-a0708 [charge renormalization]; Frampton CQG(09)-a0808 [proton decay]; He et al PRD(11)-a1008 [corrections to gauge couplings]; Nemirovsky et al a1812 [spin, spherical symmetry and causality].
@ Experiments, proposed and carried out: Bonder & Sudarsky AIP(10)-a1003; Xiong a1101; Terrano et al CQG(11); Belenchia et al PRL(16)-a1512 [opto-mechanical quantum oscillators]; Marletto & Vedral PRL(17)-a1707, Bose et al PRL(17)-a1707, comment Anastopoulos & Hu a1804 [entanglement between massive particles].
@ Related topics: Page PLB(80) [particle transmutations]; Alfaro ht/05 [regularization]; Singh CQG(05)gq [short-scale equation of state]; Piazza FP(10)ht/05 [recovering position from matter dynamics]; Kirilin NPB(05) [corrections to spin effects]; Bilson-Thompson et al CQG(07)ht/06 [standard model particles]; Ralph PRA(07)-a0708 [unitarity]; Kowalski-Glikman & Starodubtsev PRD(08)-a0808 [effective kinematics]; Bittencourt et al PRD(21)-a2012 [non-local quantum correlations]; Haba a2104 [random walk]; > s.a. equivalence principle; green functions; hadrons [proton decay]; non-commutative geometry.

Particle Propagation and Dispersion Relations > s.a. causal sets; dispersion; hořava gravity; spacetime dimensionality [running].
@ General references: Kirzhnits & Chechin SJNP(71); Anandan GRG(94) [effects of superposition of geometries]; Jacobson et al PRD(02)hp/01; Myers & Pospelov PRL(03)hp, gq/04-proc; Amelino-Camelia et al IJMPD(04)ht/05 [and black-hole entropy]; Girelli et al CQG(07)gq/06 [from renormalization group]; Rinaldi proc(09)-a0711 [rev]; Zloshchastiev AIP(10)-a0906 [logarithmic correction to the quantum wave equation, and time]; Amelino-Camelia et al PRL(09)-a0911 [cold-atom-recoil experiments]; Noui proc(11)-a1003 [motion, toy model]; Amelino-Camelia et al PRD(13)-a1305 [from running of the spectral dimension]; Gallego Torromé et al PRD(15)-a1507 [spacetime is classical to a very high degree]; Kalaydzhyan PLB(15)-a1506 [accelerator tests]; Pipa et al JCAP(19)-a1801 [entanglement-induced deviation from geodesic motion]; Barcaroli et al proc(17)-a1801 [and phase-space geometry]; Brahma & Ronco PLB(18)-a1801 [framework, lqg and other approaches]; Guo et al a2007 [GUP and particle motion]; Lobo & Pfeifer a2011 [muon lifetime and Finslerian length measure]; > s.a. Chandrasekhar Limit; finsler geometry; klein-gordon fields.
@ Corrections to propagators: Kothawala et al a1002-MG12 [in constant-curvature backgrounds]; Curiel et al Symm(20)-a1910 [as sum over spacetime dimensions]; Padmanabhan a2006 [time-evolution operator]; Cherkas & Kalashnikov a2103 [correlator and loss of coherence].
@ In lqg: Alfaro et al PRL(00)gq/99, PRD(02)ht [neutrinos]; Amelino-Camelia et al PRD(04)gq [and black-hole entropy]; Bojowald & Paily PRD(12)-a1112 [deformed general relativity and effective actions]; Brahma et al PRD(17)-a1610 [and quantization ambiguities in lqg].
@ Cosmic rays: Alfaro & Palma PRD(02)ht/01 [lqg and GZK limit]; Aloisio et al APP(03)ap/02, ap/02-conf; Amelino-Camelia ap/02-conf; Alfaro & Palma PRD(03)ht/02, ht/05-conf [lqg and GZK limit]; Jankiewicz et al APP(04)hp/03 [and spacetime foam]; Aloisio et al NPPS(04)ap; Amelino-Camelia et al IJMPD(12)-a1207 [gravity-induced worldline fuzziness]; news sn(18)jul [neutrinos not slowed down].
@ Other cosmology: Biesiada & Piorkowska JCAP(07) [importance of model]; Jacob & Piran JCAP(08)-a0712 [time-of-flight]; Rosati et al PRD(15)-a1507 [in FLRW spacetime]; Fanizza et al PLB(16)-a1512 [in a realistic universe]; Amelino-Camelia et al nAstr(17)-a1612 [GRB neutrinos and photons].
@ And Lorentz invariance: Bojowald et al PRD(05)gq/04; Husain & Louko PRL(16)-a1508 [low-energy Lorentz violation].
@ Neutrinos, mixing and oscillations: Ahluwalia & Burgard PRD(98); Eichler PLB(99)ap/98; Lisi et al PRL(00)hp; Adler PRD(00)hp; Brustein et al PRD(02)hp/01; Lambiase MPLA(03)gq; Lambiase MPLA(03) [MSW effect]; Christian PRD(05)gq/04; Alexandre et al PRD(08)-a0712 [in stochastic spacetime foam]; Mavromatos et al PRD(08)-a0801 [and decoherence]; Singh Koranga IJTP(11); Sprenger et al CQG(11)-a1011, IJMPE(11)-a1111-conf.

Particle Interactions and High-Energy Physics
@ Interactions, scattering: de Souza ht/95 [modified electromagnetism from discreteness]; Spaans ht/98, gq/99 [topological]; Modesto & Rovelli PRL(05)gq [n-point functions, lqg]; Butt PRD(06)gq [corrections to QED scattering]; Toms Nat(10)nov-a1010 [corrections to quantum electrodynamics]; Grigore CQG(10); Quiros a1309 [compatibility of matter couplings]; Prinz a2004 [coupling to Standard Model, Feynman rules]; Kaplan & Kundu a2009 [causality constraints on large-N QCD]; > s.a. scattering.
@ Colliders: Hewett PRL(99) [Kaluza-Klein]; Giudice et al NPB(99), NPB(02); Ghosh et al MPLA(00) [branes and ]; Gingrich IJMPA(15)-a1509.
@ Hep: Demichev et al PLB(94); Banks & Fischler ht/99; Ellis et al PRD(01)ht/00 [string model]; Amelino-Camelia PLB(02)gq/01; Han & Willenbrock PLB(05)hp/04 [radiative corrections]; Feng et al GRG(04)ht-GRF [supersymmetric particles].
@ Hep and TeV-scale quantum gravity: Dvali IJTP(00); Choudhury et al PLB(02) [γγZZ]; Mathews et al NPB(05) [QCD, corrections to Drell-Yan processes]; Calmet MPLA(10)-a1005 [at the LHC, rev]; > s.a. black-hole formation; asymptotic safety [UV fixed point].
> Related topics: see covariant quantum gravity; matter phenomenology [parity, uncertainty relations, molecules, BECs]; modified newtonian gravity.

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