Experimental_Errors  Reading on Error Analysis   WeightedAvgExercise    Errors HW #0(soln)   

Fitting with errors

Lab Report     Short Lab Report

Current Grades


(1) The Photoelectric Effect Lab     PhotoElectricLabReport   PE Calculator      photomultiplier_tube    

(2)  Atomic Spectra      E085 Spectrophotometer Lab    SpectrographReport    NaSpectra   HgSpectra     Spect_flame     
IncandescentBulb     Spectroscopy HW #1   

(3) LED Lab         LED Calculator     DiodeBasics   CCDBasics  LightEmittingDiodeReport
PNJunction Devices and LEDs-. S. Kasap     

(4) Stephan's Law       StephansLawReport     StephanCalculator        BlackBodyRadiation                                         

(5) Franck-Hertz Experiment       Franck-Hertz Lab     Mercury Lamp Spectrum   What Really Happens  TEK_data_trace     

(6) Millikan Oil Drop Experiment     Millikan Calculator     MeteorCalculator                    

(7) Electron Charge-to-Mass Ratio    e/m Lab  EoMLabReport    e/m_calculator       Mass Spect HW(soln) #3

II. ELECTRONS in SOLIDS   Semiconductor HW #2     PhotoDiodes                  

(8) Keithley_Electron Charge    KeithleyLabReport    Charge Calculator                                                           

(9) Hall Effect LabReport    Hall Calculator    Hall Effect HW   

(10) High-Tc Superconductors       

(11) Electron Spin ResonanceReport      ESR g-2 Calculator     

(12) Experiments with a Geophone    GLab        FFT_Noise_Spectra         

Quiz on Part -1               Date: (Wed) March 27, 2019                   Review                         

Additionally review your HW assignments and Labs.


Topics in Nuclear Physics-wHW#7       Detector Basics         Nuclear Physics HW #7  

Nuclear Counting Errors     Geiger plateau w errors  

Ionization Counters           Ionizaion Counter HW #8   


(13)  X-rays   X-rayAnalysisLab     X-rayCalculator     XrayDataBooklet

(14) Beta Spectrometer   Tl-204 Beta Calculator        Sr-90_Beta_Calculator

(15) Angular Dependence of Cosmic Rays             CosmicCalculator    

Radioactive Decay Chains+HW3      Decay Chain Calculator     Chain Decay HW #9  

 Energy Loss of Particles in Matter           Energy Loss HW #10    

NIST PSTAR ESTAR ASTAR Stopping Power Curves

NIST XRAY Attenuation data   S

(16) Nuclear  Experiment I      Geiger Counter Lab      Geiger Lab #1 Calculator   LinearAbsCoef_Calculator          <=======

Barium Generator   BariumDecayData HW #11                             


Basics of Radiation Dosimetry

(17) Nuclear  Experiment II    ActivityCalculator       Gamma Ray Spectroscopy with a NaI detector                  <=======

Spectrum Cs-137      Spectrum Co-60     NaI Calibrator   Decay-Cs-137       Decay-C0-60

 Spectrum Unknown-1     Spectrum Unknown-2     Spectrum Cs-137(200s)   Spectrum Cs-137x(200s)   


(18) Nuclear Experiment III    Alpha Spectroscopy with a Si Surface Barrier Detector                      <=======

Spectum_Vacuum_Am241     Spectum_Air_Am241     Spectum_Vacuum_Po210     Spectum_Air_Po210

    Use Spectrum_Vacuum/Air_Am241 to determine -dE/dx for alphas where dx = 0.8cm
    Use Spectrum_Vacuum_Po210 to determine the resolution of the Surface Barrier detector

(19) Final Exam     May 8, 2019     FinalExamGuiide

 Ionizaion Counter HW #8                     HomeworkRadiation


Final Exam WednesdayMay 8, 2019 at noon: 3 hrs

On Final Exam Date please bring 3 Lab Reports, Calculator, Pencil, Paper,     FinalExamGuide.