Phys 417 Modern and Radiation Laboratory — Spring 2019

Phys 417 is an introductory Modern/Radiation Physics Laboratory to accompany the Modern Physics course Phys 317/328. The lab covers some basic measurements in Modern Physics such as the photoelectric effect, electron spin resonance, the acceleration nnd motion of electrons in a B field. The lab then proceeds with experiments in alpha , beta, and gamma ray spectroscopy.

Experiments are performed with the basic nuclear instrumentation. Calibration and error analysis are emphasized. The lab should be taken after Phys 315/317, or with consent of the instructor.

You will be required to write lab reports and make presentations of your data. Some knowledge of word processing, Excel Spread sheets, and Graphical Analysis is required.

You are requred to keep a spiral bound Lab NoteBook

Instructor:   Dr. Cremaldi

Office:  Room 202A Lewis Hall

Text:   Primary : Website and handouts

Supplemental :  Experiments in Modern Physics 2nd Ed - Melissinos &Napoitano (supplemental),
                        Atomic Nuclei and Their Particles, 2nd, E. J. Burge

Time :       1-3 M W

Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 MT or by Appointment

Goals: To perform fundamental experiments in modern and radiation physics while learning electronic instrumentation and experimental procedures. Emphasis is placed on analysis of data with proper error handling techniques.

Grading Policy:

30% laboratory reports/presentations,  notebook(10%)
30% 1 midterm and/or quizzes
30% 1 final

A 100-90
B 90-80
C 80-70
D <70