Early-Universe Cosmology  

In General > s.a. astronomy; inflation; kaluza-klein theory; observational cosmology; standard cosmological model.
* Goals: Explain the matter/antimatter asymmetry and the growth of inhomogeneities to become galaxies (by models for the formation of these inhomogeneities and proposals for dark matter).
* Features: The main paradigm that has emerged is that of inflationary universe (uses GUTS, symmetry breaking, etc).
* Classical modifications: They include oscillating universes and bounces.
@ I: Wilczek SA(80)dec [matter/antimatter]; Morris 93 [dark matter]; Hu & White SA(04)feb [acoustics]; Tegmark ap/05-ess; Hooper 19.
@ Reviews: Dolgov & Zel'dovich RMP(81); Lindley et al AJP(88)jun [RL]; Salam IJMPA(89); Ellis in(95), NPPS(96)ap; Liddle ap/96-proc; Wilczek hp/96-conf; Lukash in(96)ap/99; Akerib et al eConf-hp/02; De Vega ap/03-ln; Ellis ap/03-ln, eConf-ap/03, eConf-ap/03; Ratra & Vogeley PASP(08)-a0706 [rev]; Langlois proc(10)-a0910; Brandenberger AIP(10)-a1003, PoS-a1103; Brandenberger a1204-proc [inflation and its main alternatives]; Allahverdi et al a2006 [the first 3 s].
@ Texts: Gibbons et al ed-83; Kolb et al ed-86; Kolb & Turner 87; Domínguez & Quirós 88; Börner 93; Padmanabhan 96 [problems]; Peacock 99; Peter & Uzan 09; Gorbunov & Rubakov 11 [perturbations and inflation, r CP(12)], 11 [big bang]; Montani et al 11 [from quantum cosmology].
@ Conceptual: Azhar & Butterfield a1606-ch [and scientific realism]; > s.a. cosmology references and pre-big-bang models [origin of the universe].
@ And gravitational waves: Bethke 15 [PhD dissertation]; > s.a. cosmological tests of gravity; gravitational-wave background.
@ Pre-big-bang cosmology: Gasperini ht/99-proc [and duality]; Veneziano ht/99-talk; Feinstein RMF(01)gq-ln [review].
@ Related topics: Brandenberger & Magueijo hp/99-ln [unconventional ideas]; Volovik PRP(01)gq/00 [superfluid analogy]; Pessah et al PhyA(01)gq, Pessah & Torres PhyA(01)gq [and non-extensive statistical mechanics]; Aldrovandi et al EPJC(08)-a0810 [equation of state and inflation]; Tsamis & Woodard PRD(09)-a0904 [perfect-fluid phenomenological model]; Tsamis et al JCAP(10)-a1006 [stochastic samples vs vacuum expectation values]; Mureika & Stojković PRL(11)-a1102 + news space(11)apr [1D beginning]; Giovannini PLB(12) [Reynolds number]; news na(17)oct [flux tube networks and the evolution of the universe]; Truini et al a2012 [mathematical quantum model]; > s.a. types of black holes [microscopic] and primordial black holes.
> Other specific features: see critical phenomena; dark matter; GUTs; monopoles; particle effects; QCD phenomenology.

Quantum Gravity, the Trans-Planckian Issue and Pre-Big Bang > s.a. brane world; quantum cosmology; string phenomenology.
* Trans-planckian challenge: The issue appears when we trace fluctuations with presently physical wavelengths backwards in time until they cross the Planck scale, the limit of validity of conventional quantum field theory; One concludes that unknown ultraviolet physics left an imprint in the observable cosmological fluctuations. This issue is usually addressed within the inflationary context, but it is much broader.
* Ekpyrotic cosmology: Based on brane world cosmology as pre-big bang scenario.
@ References: Ginsburg, Mukhanov & Frolov JETP(88) [and fundamental length]; Vaudrevange & Kofman a0706 [trans-planckian issue in Milne universe]; Basilakos et al JCAP(10)-a1009 [quantum-gravity corrections]; > s.a. quantum-gravity phenomenology.
@ Trans-planckian challenge: Ellis et al PRD(14)-a1310 [sub-Planckian physics based on no-scale supergravity]; Burgess et al a2011 [and Effective Field Theory]

Particle Production > s.a. astrophysics; graviton; particle cosmology; relativistic cosmologies.
* Inflation: Based on a cosmological phase transition as pre-standard model scenario.
@ Thermodynamic view: Kremer & Devecchi PRD(02)gq [and inflation]; Choudhury et al EPJC(19)-a1809 [out-of-equilibrium phenomena].
@ Related topics: Silk & Stodolsky PLB(06) [observable bursts]; > s.a. quantum field theory effects in curved spacetime.

Other Stages > s.a. baryogenesis [and leptogenesis]; nucleosynthesis.
* Decoupling: The period when the Universe was dark, stars had not yet formed, and the cosmic microwave background no longer traced the distribution of matter, in which the primordial soup evolved into the rich zoo of objects we now see.
@ General references: Loeb SA(06)nov, ap/07 [dark ages]; Diver & Teodoro MNRAS(08)-a0705 [electromagnetic consequence of decoupling].
@ Recombination to reionization: Loeb ASP-ap/99 [reionization]; Miralda-Escudé Sci(03)ap [dark age rev]; Sunyaev & Chluba a0710-proc; Wong et al MNRAS(08)-a0711; Loeb JCAP(09)-a0811 [reionization, stars and quasars]; Salvaterra et al MNRAS(11)-a1003 [and transition from Pop III to Pop II stars]; > s.a. milky-way galaxy [satellites]; observational cosmology.
@ Epoch of reionization: Bowman et al ApJ(07)ap/05, McQuinn et al ApJ(06)ap/05, Jelic PoS-a1008 [21 cm]; Zemcov et al a1101-proc [CIBER]; news sn(19)nov [how it might have happened].

Structure Formation > s.a. fluctuations; gravitational perturbations; sound; quantum field theory effects in curved spacetime.
* Main mechanisms: Amplification of quantum fluctuations in the early universe, which somehow become inhomogeneous classical fluctuations, and topological defects.
@ General references: news npr(18)mar [did dark matter make the early universe colder?].
@ Galaxies and structure: Peebles 80; Padmanabhan 93; Coles & Lucchin 95; Coles CP(96); Anninos LRR(01) [computational]; Barkana & Loeb PRP(01) [first stars and quasars]; Bernardeau et al PRP(02); Gill et al ap/02-proc [dark matter, simulation]; Rodriguez PhD(05)ap; Springel et al Nat(06)ap [rev]; Gao & Theuns Sci(07)-a0709 + pw(07)sep + BBC(07)sep [warm dark matter and filaments]; Loeb a0804-en [rev]; Tseliakhovich & Hirata PRD(10)-a1005 [dark matter and first structures]; news PhysOrg(12)nov [proposed solution to the missing-hydrogen problem]; Miedema a1601 [including small-scale structure].
@ Fluctuations: Sakellariadou IJTP(00) [initial quantum state]; Coles ap/02-ln [statistics]; Magueijo & Pogosian PRD(03)ap/02, Oaknin ht/03 [thermal vs quantum]; Shafieloo & Souradeep PRD(04)ap/03 [primordial spectrum and WMAP]; Magueijo PRL(08)-a0803 [with large speed of sound]; Sudarsky & De Unanue JPCS(09)-a0901 [new physics needed]; Agarwal et al IJMPD(13) [initial state]; > s.a. inflation [inhomogeneities].
@ Amplification of fluctuations: Steinhardt CQG(93); Grishchuk gq/96.
@ In various theories / scenarios: Koyama JCAP(06)ap [modified Friedmann equation]; Brandenberger MPLA(07)ht-in, PTPS(07)ht [string-gas cosmology]; Laszlo & Bean PRD(08)-a0709 [modified gravity]; Miedema & van Leeuwen a0805 [Einstein gravity in FLRW spacetime].
> Related topics: see cosmological quantum perturbations [quantum to classical]; dark energy; dark matter; modified newtonian dynamics; topological defects.

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