Brane World: Cosmology  

In General > s.a. acceleration; cosmological-constant problem; entropy; quintessence; string phenomenology.
* Phenomenology: 2000, Carroll showed that if the number of extra dimensions n ≤ 2, and with some model for matter (gauge field + cosmological constant), there are no stable models; Expects this to be true more generally; 2003, Models seem to have difficulties producing a reasonable inflation.
* Models: Randall-Sundrum models have an AdS bulk; Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati (DGP) models have a flat, non-compact bulk.
@ Intros, reviews: Carter IJTP(01); Langlois PTPS(02)ht-proc; Brax & van de Bruck CQG(03)ht; Maartens LRR(04)gq/03; Brax et al RPP(04)ht; Calcagni ht/04-proc [inflation, phenomenology]; Coley CJP(05)ap; Langlois PTPS(06)ht/05; Wands AIP(06)gq; Cline PoS-a0704; Steinhardt & Turok 07.
@ Bounce solutions: Kanti & Tamvakis PRD(03); Setare EPJC(06)ht [from self-gravity correction to Friedmann equation].
@ DGP models: Dvali et al PLB(00)ht; Lue PRP(06); Gregory et al JHEP(07); Gregory PTPS(08)-a0801 [fatal flaws]; > s.a. Galileon Field.
@ DGP models, constraints: Battat et al PRD(08)-a0805 [Solar System]; Xia PRD(09); Gong et al MNRAS(11)-a1008 [excluded by supernova data]; Haranas et al ApSS(12)-a1304 [radar signal delay].
@ Other models: Maggiore & Riotto NPB(99)ht/98; Cline et al PRL(99) [FLRW + Λ]; Ida JHEP(00); Kaloper et al PRL(00)ht; Starkman et al PRD(01)ht/00 [FLRW × compact hyperbolic]; Medved ht/02 [AdS black hole bulk]; Carroll & Guica ht/03 [football-shaped extra dimensions]; Barrow & Tsagas PRD(04)gq/03 [Gödel-type]; Gibbons et al PRL(05) [colliding branes]; > s.a. bianchi models; types of spacetimes [Einstein universe].
@ Constraints: Hannestad PRD(01)hp; Fairbairn & Goobar PLB(06)ap/05 [from supernova surveys]; Palma PRD(06)ht/05; Alam & Sahni PRD(06); Fay A&A(06)ht; Dicus & Repko ap/06 [supernovas and DGP]; Rebouças MG11(08)ap/07 [non-trivial topology and DGP].
@ Quantum cosmology: Koyama & Soda PLB(00); Bouhmadi & González-Díaz PRD(02); Boyarsky et al PRL(05)gq/04 [in 5D Schwarzschild-AdS]; Lehners PLB(15)-a1504 [new non-singular ekpyrotic instantons].
@ Related topics: Youm PRD(01), PRD(01) [variable c]; Maia et al CQG(05)ap/04 [dark energy]; Godłowski & Szydłowski GRG(04)ap [and supernova data]; Gergely PRD(05)gq/04 [no swiss cheese]; Ponce de León GRG(06)gq/04; Antoniadis et al MG11(08)gq/07 [and singularities]; Greene & Levin JHEP(07) [stabilization and dark energy]; news pw(08)jan [liquid He-3 analog of brane collision]; Nelson & Sakellariadou PLB(09) [spacetime dimensionality and brane collisions]; Astashenok et al ApSS(13)-a1301 [and standard FLRW cosmology]; Olmo & Rubiera-Garcia a1405 [effective f(R) gravity]; > s.a. FLRW spacetime; cosmological perturbations.

Ekpyrotic Scenario > s.a. early-universe cosmology; inflationary scenarios [alternatives]; universe from nothing.
* Idea: A cosmological scenario without an initial singularity, proposed in 2001 by Steinhardt, Khoury, Turok and Ovrut; The hot big bang is produced in an otherwise empty, static universe by the collision of a brane in the bulk with a bounding orbifold plane.
* Phenomenology: It claims to solve the horizon, flatness and monopole problems by postulating a slowly contracting phase of the universe prior to the big bang, and to generate a nearly scale-invariant spectrum of perturbations without the superluminal expansion of inflation, but with significant non-gaussian corrections.
@ General references: Khoury et al PRD(01)ht; Kallosh et al PRD(01)ht [criticism], Khoury et al ht/01 [response]; Hwang PRD(02)ap/01 [power spectrum]; Räsänen NPB(02)ht/01 [brane collisions]; Martin et al PRD(02)ht/01 [bounce]; Räsänen PhD(02)ap [primer]; news pw(08)jan [new version]; Lehners PRP(08)-a0806 [and cyclic].
@ New Ekpyrotic Cosmology: Buchbinder et al PRD(07)ht; Buchbinder et al JHEP(07)-a0706 [initial conditions].
@ Perturbations: Brandenberger & Finelli JHEP(01)ht [effective field theory]; Durrer ht/01; Garriga & Tanaka PRD(02)ht/01; Lyth PLB(02)hp/01 [bounce]; Martin et al PRD(03)ht/02; Peter et al ht/02-proc; Lehners et al PRD(07)ht, AiA(10)-a1001 [non-gaussianity].

Phenomenology, Tests > s.a. branes [astrophysics]; brane world gravity; modified general relativity [signature change]; gravitational instantons.
@ General references: Coley CQG(02) [no chaos in Bianchi IX]; Germani & Sopuerta ASS(03)ht/02 [varying G and Λ].
@ And big bang: Blanco-Pillado et al PRD(04)ht/03 [colliding bubbles].
@ And inflation: Mazumdar & Wang PLB(00); Huey & Lidsey PLB(01), PRD(02)ap; Kyae & Shafi PLB(02); Green & Mazumdar PRD(02)hp [hybrid]; Kallosh & Linde JCAP(03)ht [supersymmetry]; Tsujikawa et al PRD(04) [constraints]; Ho & Hsu a1404 [and BICEP2]; > s.a. inflationary scenarios.
@ Anisotropy: Koyama PRL(03), Ringeval et al ht/03/PRD [cmb]; Haghani et al PRD(11)-a1103 [anisotropy dissipation with Born-Infeld matter].
@ Tests: Calcagni JCAP(03)hp, JCAP(04)hp/03 [inflation]; Pires et al PRD(06) [lookback time]; Huang et al JCAP(06) [inflation].
> Other: see casimir force; collapse; dark matter; topological defects; topology change.

Randall-Sundrum Models > s.a. black holes; boundaries in field theory; branes; propagation of gravitational waves; tests of general relativity.
* Idea: The extra dimensions are compactified; The usual spacetime is a 4D hypersurface or brane, and the bulk spacetime is Anti-de Sitter; Need a large Λ < 0; First model motivated by claims that it solves the hierarchy problem; Second model, with hidden brane pushed to infinite distance, motivated by claims that it reproduces Newtonian gravity.
@ Theory: Randall & Sundrum PRL(99)ht, PRL(99)ht + pn(99)oct; Garriga & Tanaka PRL(00)ht/99 [and gravity]; Ichinose CQG(01)ht/00 [1 wall], PRD(02)ht/00 [wall + anti-wall]; Kakushadze PLB(01)ht/00 [gravity]; Campos & Sopuerta PRD(01)ht, PRD(01)ht; Mannheim ht/06-proc [propagators and causality].
@ Models: Padmanabhan & Shankaranarayanan PRD(01)ht/00 [4D Schwarzschild spacetime, de Sitter spacetime]; Barceló & Campos PLB(03)ht/02 [analogs]; Randall et al JHEP(05)ht [discretized]; Casadio et al CQG(15)-a1503 [minimal geometric deformation approach to spherically symmetric objects].
@ And cosmology: Barceló & Visser PLB(00)ht [in 5D-AdS]; Stoica et al PLB(00)ht; van de Bruck et al PLB(00)ht; Boehm et al PRD(01)ht [instability]; Campos & Sopuerta PRD(01)ap [Bianchi I & V]; Kanno PRD(05)ht [Hořava-Witten supersymmetric extension]; Dwornik et al SPP(14)-a1210 [and galactic rotation curves].

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