The Milky Way Galaxy  

In General > s.a. cosmic rays [propagation]; interstellar matter; local group [including satellites, DoS].
* Main properties: The disk is about 30 kpc across; It seems to have a bar structure, with only two main arms plus smaller ones.
* Motion: 2008, The generally accepted value of the rotational speed around us is 220 km/s, but 250 km/s may be a better value.
* Composition: The issue whether the disk or bulge is more metal-rich is much debated.
@ General references: Freudenreich AS(99)sep; news pw(09)sep [future 3-way merger]; Foster & Cooper ASP-a1009 [structure and dynamics, rev]; Freeman a1108-proc [structure and evolution]; Hammer et al EPJWC(12)-a1111 [comparison with other spiral galaxies]; Binney MNRAS-a1207 [dynamical models]; Honma et al PASJ(12)-a1211 [parameters]; Turner CJP(14)-a1310 [eclectic view]; Gnedin a1412-ln [physical processes].
@ Formation and evolution: van den Bergh & Hesser SA(93)jan; Wyse ASP-ap/00; Burkert ap/01-proc; Chiappini AS(01); Combes ap/05-in; Schlaufman et al ApJ(11)-a1104 [insight from cold halo substructure]; Lang et al MNRAS(13)-a1107 [satellite galaxy merger in the past?]; De Lucia a1203-conf [results of simulations]; Bland-Hawthorn et al 14 [origin, and Local Group].
@ Star formation history: de la Fuente & de la Fuente NA(04)ap; Peek ApJ(09)-a0904; Scowen et al a0904-rp; Wyse a0907-conf; news pw(11)aug [Milky Way stars born from intergalactic gas]; Snaith et al A&A(15)-a1411 from chemical abundances].
@ Mass: Cautun et al MNRAS(14)-a1405 [constraints from satellites]; Licquia et al a1407/ApJ [improved estimate of stellar mass].
@ Chemical evolution: Matteucci 01, AIP(06)ap; Prantzos EAS(07)ap/06, IAU(08)-a0809; Kobayashi & Nakasato ApJ(11)-a1012 [simulations with supernova feedback and chemical enrichment]; Kobayashi et al MNRAS(11)-a1102 [isotope ratios]; Ishigaki et al ApJ(12)-a1205; Guzman-Ramirez et al MNRAS(13)-a1303 [the 3He problem]; Brusadin et al A&A(13)-a1304 [galactic halo]; Anders et al A&A(14)-a1311; Nidever et al ApJ(14)-a1409; Matteucci et al a1705-conf.
@ Rotation curve: Bhattacharjee et al ApJ(14)-a1310 [out to 200 kpc]; Chemin et al A&A(15)-a1504 [comment on method]; Huang et al MNRAS(16)-a1604.
@ Peculiar motion: Blake & Wall Nat(02)mar [with respect to the average of faraway galaxies]; Singal MNRAS(19)-a1405 [using the redshift distribution of distant quasars].
@ Other topics: Karim et al CQG(03)gq/02 [metric and effects]; Debattista et al MNRAS(13)-a1301 [orientation of the symmetry axis].

Specific Parts and Features > s.a. astronomical objects; astronomy [observation]; neutron stars [distribution]; star clusters.
* Magnetic field: Has B ~ 1 μG near our location, over lengths of ~ 1 kpc, and up to 1 mG near the center; > s.a. astronomical phenomena [parametrization].
* Surroundings: 2015, In the Milky Way halo there are about 150 globular clusters, star streams (possibly remants of dwarf galaxies) and clouds such as the Smith Cloud (an object containing several million solar masses of neutral and warm ionized gas, with its tip 2 kpc below the Galactic plane and currently losing material to the Milky Way); Farther out is a highly inclined Disk of Satellites (DoS) containing some 30 dwarf satellite galaxies, and a Vast Polar Structure (VPOS) of subsystems; > s.a. local group [including satellites].
@ Mass distribution: Gnedin et al ApJ(10)-a1005; Sofue a1307-ch.
@ Disk structure: Kuijken ap/95-conf, Sevenster MNRAS(99)ap [bar]; Englmaier et al a0812 [spiral arms]; Dickey et al ApJ(09)-a0901, Dickey a0901-proc [outer disk and and 21-cm absorption]; Reid et al a0902-rp [from precision radio astrometry]; Binney MNRAS(09)-a0910 [distribution functions]; Francis & Anderson PRS(09) [spiral structure, stellar streams]; Dierickx et al ApJL(10)-a1009 [thick disk and merger evidence]; Binney & McMillan MNRAS(11)-a1101 [star vertical and horizontal oscillations]; Sheehan JAHH-a1111 [W.W. Morgan, history]; Moore et al MNRAS(12)-a1204 [spiral arms and star formation]; Hou & Han A&A(14)-a1407 [spiral arms]; Carraro BAAA-a1502 [rev]; Zucker et al ApJ(15)-a1506 ["skeleton"]; Bovy et al ApJ(16)-a1509 [stellar population structure]; Amôres et al A&A(17)-a1701 [evolution].
@ Center: PW(94)oct, p37; Combes ap/97-proc; Melia AS(00); Genzel & Karas PIAU(06)-a0704 [rev]; news ns(10)sep [mysteriously few stars]; news ru(13)jan [outflows of charged particles and magnetic fields caused by star formation]; Sanders 13; Francis & Anderson MNRAS(14)-a1309 [distance from here]; > s.a. supermassive black holes [Sgr A*]; gamma-ray astronomy [galactic center]; astrophysical tests of general relativity; types of singularities [naked singularity?].
@ Bulge: Minniti & Zoccali IAU(07)-a0710; Cescutti & Matteucci A&A(11)-a1010 [history]; Ness & Lang a1603 [X shape].
@ Circumgalactic medium: Gupta et al ApJL(12)-a1205, news NASA(12)sep, Fang et al ApJ(13)-a1211 [hot gas]; Stern et al ApJ(16)-a1604 [cool gas].
@ Other halo: Newberg & Yanni ASP-ap/05; Widrow & Dubinski ApJ(05)ap [disk-bulge-halo model]; Bregman a0907-conf [disk-halo connection]; Petrov & Hensler a1103-proc [and accretion of dwarf satellite galaxies]; Kalirai Nat(12)jun-a1205 [inner-halo age]; Bochanski et al ApJL(14) [the most distant halo stars known, at d > 200 kpc]; Lockman IAU(15)-a1511 [Smith Cloud]; Figueras a1701-ch [outer regions]; Battaglia et al A&A(17)-a1710 [outer halo]; Deason et al a2002 [the galaxy spans 1.9 Mly]; > s.a. dark-matter distribution.
@ Magnetic field: Han ApSS(01)ap/00-proc; Jansson et al a0708-proc [from WMAP3]; Ferrière A&A(09)-a0908 [galactic center]; Kronberg & Newton-McGee PASA(11)-a0909; Brown ASP-a1012 [rev]; news ns(13)aug [galactic center]; > s.a. cosmic rays [anisotropy].
@ Magellanic Stream: Nidever et al ApJ(08)-a0706, ApJ(10)-a1009; For et al ApJ(14)-a1407; D'Onghia & Fox ARAA(16)-a1511.
@ High-velocity clouds, tidal streams: Olano A&A(04)ap/05 [and Magellanic Clouds]; Jin & Lynden-Bell MNRAS(08)-a0711 [distances]; Bekki et al ApJL(08)-a0711; Binney et al MNRAS(09)-a0902 [origin]; Heitsch & Putman ApJ(09)-a0904 [fate]; Lehner & Howk ApJL(10)-a0911 [distances, origin]; Eyre PhD(10)-a1010 [dynamics]; Casey PhD-a1405 [dynamics and chemistry]; > s.a. galaxies.
blue bullet Solar neighborhood: see solar system; interstellar matter [dust, local ISM].

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