In General > s.a. astrophysics; cosmology; history of astronomy.
@ General references: Audouze et al 94 [atlas]; Coles CQG(02)in [extragalactic].
@ Status / future: NS(90)sep29, 38-42; PW(91)jan, p33; Seery et al ap/98-conf; Gilmozzi SA(06)may [future telescopes]; Myers a0904-rp [upcoming "Era of Great Surveys"]; Norris PoS-a1009; news pw(10)aug, ps(10)oct [Astro2010 Decadal Survey]; Chilingarian & Zolotukhin ASP-a1012 [computing skills bottleneck]; news pt(15)aug [30-m-scale telescopes]; Harwit 19 [and history].
@ Purpose of astronomy: Davoust ViA(95)ap; Bahcall ap/97; Rosenberg et al IAU-a1311.
@ Books, I: Harrison 87; Kippenhahn 87; Lightman 92; Bartusiak 93; Pasachoff et al 94 [objects]; Longair 96; Odenwald 00, 03 [astro café]; Christian & Roy 17 [Q&A].
@ Books, II: Shu 82; Friedlander 85; Zeilik 93; Kaufmann 94; Fix 95; Morrison et al 95; Pasachoff 95; Chaisson & McMillan 99; Kutner 03; Roy & Clarke 03 [IIb]; Barbieri 07 [IIb]; Bennett et al 09; Unsöld & Baschek 11; Greenstein 13; Pasachoff & Filippenko 19.
@ Books, III: Hoyle 75 [and cosmology]; Shipman 80 [especially black hole and cosmology]; Acker & Jaschek 86.
@ Data management: Norris IAU(05)ap; Borne a0909-rp [future, astroinformatics]; Ball & Brunner IJMPD(10) [data mining and machine learning]; Gray & Woan a1103-proc [data preservation]; Marshall et al ARAA(15)-a1409 [citizen science]; news pt(18)apr [irreproducible astronomy].
@ Sociology: Lahav ap/01-in [surveys]; Salucci a1004/JCOM [astrophysics by Facebook]; Davenport et al a1403, Pritchard et al A&G(14)-a1412 [survey on gender at conference talks]; Tenn JAHH-a1612 [AstroGen project]; Humphreys pt(18)feb [Margaret Burbidge and women in astronomy].
@ Training, careers: Forbes Merc-a0805 [aspiring professional astronomers]; Loeb a1008-conf [safe and risky topics], a1507 [career opportunities].
@ Observational topics: Soffel & Langhans 13 [reference systems: astrometry, motions, timekeeping]; de Grijs et al SSR(17)-a1706 [consistent distance scale]; Høg a1707 [astrometry, history]; Heifetz & Tirion 17 [constellations].
@ Space travel: Mullane 97; Hoang & Loeb ApJ(17)-a1706 [forces on a relativistic spacecraft].
@ Related topics: AS 78(90)407 [cartoons]; Andernach ap/98-proc [internet resources]; Ifland 98 [celestial navigation]; Gaither & Cavazos-Gaither 02 [quotations]; Price et al AER(06)ap [Slacker Astronomy Podcast]; Heydari-Malayeri ap/07, a0911 and website [etymological dictionary]; West IAU-a0905 [public perception of astronomers]; Fabian a0908, Kellermann et al PoS-a0912 [serendipity and discoveries]; Courvoisier IAU(11)-a1012 [astronomy, space science and geopolitics]; Fleisch & Kregenow 13 [mathematics]; Loeb a1405 [examples of beliefs leading to wrong strategic decisions]; > s.a. chaos; computation [data management]; gravitating matter.
> Related topics: see orbits [celestial mechanics]; stars; units.
> Online resources: Astronomy Picture of the Day site and Starship Asterisk*; Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics website; Unified Astronomy Thesaurus site; Wikipedia page.

Observation Methods > s.a. cosmic microwave background; gravitational-wave detection; matter in the universe
@ General references: Krisciunas ap/99-en [history]; Bradt 04 [II/III]; Anchordoqui APPB(05)ap/04-conf [neutrons, neutrinos, ...]; Sutton 11, Kitchin 13 [techniques]; Mickaelian a1511-conf/BA [surveys over the entire electromagnetic spectrum]; Gallaway 16 [astrophysics]; Appenzeller AN(16)-a1702 [technological progress]; news pt(18)may [status of the 2020 decadal survey].
@ Amateur astronomy: O'Meara 10 [observing the Solar System with binoculars]; Consolmagno & Davis 11 [small home telescopes]; Kaler 12 [the bright sky]; Carter 15 [stargazing for beginners]; Inglis 17 [the Milky Way]; & s.a. Jim Shickley's page on astronomy with binoculars.
@ Astronomical spectroscopy: Massey & Hanson ch(13)-a1010; Hearnshaw 14.
@ Virtual observatories: Borne ap/00-proc, ESO(01)ap/00; Djorgovski ap/02-ch [and small telescopes], & Williams ap/05-proc [rev]; Lawrence in(09)-a0905; Hatziminaoglou a0911-proc.
@ Particle astronomy: Lipari PRD(08)-a0808 [protons and neutrinos]; > s.a. cosmic rays; neutrino astronomy.
@ Multimessenger astronomy: Vecchi a1105-proc [and Antares]; Christensen et LIGO & Virgo a1105-proc, Weinstein et LIGO & Virgo CQG(12)-a1112-proc [gravitational waves]; van Putten & Rossi a1203; Ando et al RMP(13)-a1203 [gravitational waves and neutrinos]; Hughes a1405-proc [gravitational waves, astronomy and cosmology]; Ghosh & Nelemans proc(14)-a1406 [electromagnetic and gravitational-wave data]; Aartsen et al (LIGO-Virgo and IceCube) PRD(14)-a1407 [gravitational waves and neutrinos]; Clark et al ApJ(15)-a1409, Regimbau et al ApJ(15)-a1410 [gravitational waves and GRBs]; Rosswog IJMPD(15)-a1501 [compact binary mergers]; Fan & Hendry a1509-ChSci [rev]; Yancey et al ApJ(15)-a1510 [gravitational-wave sources]; Lee et al SCPMA(15)-a1602; Santander a1606-in [rev]; blog pt(17)oct [the era begins]; Modestino a1902 [before GW170817]; Kalogera et al a1903-wp [future observations]; Vitale a2011 [rev]; Harwit 21; > s.a. cosmological expansion rate; nuclear physics.
@ Interferometry: Høg a1408-in [from space, a dream]; Wentz & Saha MNRAS(15)-a1411 [intensity interferometers, observing the Hanbury Brown-Twiss phase]; Lacki a1501 [generalization to arbitrary transform telescopes].
@ Quantum telescopes: Kellerer A&G(14)-a1403; Kurek et al OL(16)-a1508; Khabiboulline et al a1809.
@ Related topics: Lowman & Lester PT(06)nov [observatories on the Moon?]; Hickson AS(07)#3 [liquid-mirror telescopes]; Merrifield & Saari A&G(09)-a0906 [telescope time allocation]; Djorgovski proc(09)-a0907 [Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics and virtual worlds]; Bland-Hawthorn & Kern PT(12)may [photonics in astronomy]; Laslandes et al JEOS(12)-a1209 [active optics]; Staley PhD(13)-a1404 [lucky imaging]; Parry & Moore a1501-proc [Dual Plane Imaging].
blue bullet At various scales: see radio astronomy; astronomy in other wavelength ranges [infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-ray]; gamma-ray astronomy.

Astronomy Education
* Idea: Can one buy one or more sets of IR glasses, and look at objects with them before discussing astronomy?
@ General references: Gurr PT(92)aug; Bailey & Slater AJP(05)aug [astronomy education research, RL]; Borne et al a0909-rp [and data science]; Bailey & Nagamine AJP(12)jun [adoption of learner-centered instructional strategies].
@ Introductory courses: Zeilik et al AJP(97)oct, AJP(99)oct [conceptual approach]; Prather et al AJP(09)apr [national essessment study], PT(09)oct [teaching intro classes]; Schombert a1008 [and grade inflation]; McLin a1304-eConf [using current cosmological ideas]; Olson TPT(15)oct [astronomy and humanities]; Burin TPT(16)jan [daytime outdoors activities].
@ Specific topics: Price & Grover AJP(01)feb [cosmological expansion]; Krisciunas et al AJP(12)may-a1109 [cosmological distance ladder, the first three rungs]; Goodman et al a1201 [WorldWide Telescope program]; Sparavigna a1202 [problems on the solar system, ancient astronomy]; Allen et al a1307 [measuring cosmic distances, rev]; Forringer TPT(14) [guided inquiry exercises on Hubble plots and the Big Bang]; Gangui RLAEA-a1504 [parallel globe]; Arcadias & Corbet a1505 [animations produced by students, vimeo]; Wallace et al AJP(16)may-a1603 [extrasolar planet detection via microlensing]; Zingale et al a1606 [computational skills]; Montmerle et al IAU(16)-a1607 [public naming of planets and satellites].
@ Undergraduate labs: Huebner & Reynolds 96; Cadmus AJP(99)aug [age of the universe]; Sigismondi AJP(02)nov [angular size of Sun]; Rubbo et al AJP(07)jul [simulated gravitational wave signals]; Jacobi et al AER(08)-a0809 [effectiveness of night labs]; Krisciunas AJP(10)aug-a1001 [eccentricity of Moon's orbit]; Sigismondi a1106 [examples of activities], in(00)-a1107 [pinhole astronomy and the 1st and 2nd Kepler laws]; Lahaye EJP(12) [eccentricity of Earth's orbit]; Camino & Gangui TPT(12)-a1305 [latitude]; Mandal et al a1601 [building affordable, portable college-level radio telescopes].
@ Popular astronomy: Whiting 10 [books written from 1833 to 1944].
@ Outreach: Dang & Russo CAP-a1507; Clarkson et al a1606 [sustained programs].
@ Mobile apps: Fraknoi AER(11) [list].

"Innocent light-minded men, who think that astronomy can be learnt by looking at the stars
without knowledge of mathematics will, in the next life, be birds." – Plato, Timaeus.

"As far as astronomy is concerned, it must be confessed that we do appear to be fast reaching the limits of our knowledge".
– Simon Newcomb, in an 18 November 1887 speech at Syracuse University [@ see Carter & Carter PT(10)jan].

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