References on Modern Cosmology  

Introductions, Reviews > s.a. brane cosmology; cosmological history; cosmological models [standard model] and history of models.
@ I, all readers: Rees SA(99)dec; issue SA(01)jan; Starkman & Schwarz SA(05)aug [discrepancies]; Kamionkowski a0706-ch; Silk NS-a1404 [conundrums].
@ Status, reviews: Turner in(94)ap/97, NPPS(97)ap; Silk ap/99-in; Rees ap/99-proc; Ellis GRG(00); Lukash ap/00-conf; Cotsakis & Leach LNP(02)gq/01; Narlikar & Padmanabhan ARAA(01); Turner IJMPA(02)ap-proc, AHP(03)ap/02-proc; Hawking ap/03-talk; Peebles ap/03-conf; Freedman & Turner RMP(03)ap; Sakharov & Hofer ETH(03)ap; Trodden & Carroll ap/04-ln; Primack NAR(05)ap/04-in; Maroto & Ramírez ap/04-in; Lesgourges ap/04-ln; García-Bellido hp/04-talk, ap/05-ln; Fabris gq/04-ln; Padmanabhan gq/05-in, AIP(06)ap; Linder JPCS(06)ap/05; Brandenberger PoS-ht/07; Zee MPLA(07); Kolb a0709-ln; Primack NPPS(07); Efstathiou NCB(07)-a0712-proc [future]; Peebles NCB(07)-a0712-in; Turner PT(08)dec; Blanchet a0902; Martinez & Trimble ASP-a0904; Starkman et al MNRAS(10)-a0909 [observational status]; Peebles & Nusser Nat(10)jun-a1001 [clues from nearby galaxies]; Suto a1007-proc; de Vega et al a1007-conf, a1009-conf [highlights]; Cohen-Tannoudji & Hudlet a1101-proc [cosmology, thermodynamics, and gravity]; Nieuwenhuizen et al JC(11)-a1108 [round-table discussion]; Peebles a1203-conf; Verde yr-a1504; Fazio ed-18 [encyclopedia, 4vv]; Silk FP(18); Lincoln TPT(20)mar [the Hubble tension].
@ Emphasis on observations: Leclercq et al proc(14)-a1403-ln [limits, methodology].
@ Fundamental physics emphasis: Rubakov yr(15)-a1504-ln, Bambi & Dolgov 15 [particle physics aspects]; Kunze a1604-ln; Padmanabhan CRP(17)-a1611 [rev]; Schäfer MNRAS-a1701-conf; Solliday Symm(17) [particles and cosmology, I]; Tkachev a1802-ln; Salucci et al a2011.
@ Non-specialist intros: Peebles AJP(69)apr; PW(96)sep; Dolgov hp/03-conf; Gleiser IJMPD(04)ap-conf; Elizalde gq/04; Roos a0802-en; Hamilton SHPMP(13)-a1304; Luminet Cosm-a1604 [evolution of ideas on the origin of the world]; > s.a. physics teaching.

Books and Lecture Notes
@ I, all readers: Merleau-Ponty & Morando 71; Calder 77; Durham & Purrington 83; Trefil 83; Pagels 85; Gratton 87; Fang & Li 89; Chaisson 90; Singer ed-90; Lightman 91; Hetherington ed-93; Rowan-Robinson 93, 99; Silk 94; Lemonick 95; Mather & Boslough 96; Gribbin 98; Hogan 98; Delsemme 98 [including life]; Padmanabhan 98; Schulman 99; Harrison 00; Rees 00; Lidsey 00; Gribbin 01 [astronomy/cosmology, coffee-table book]; Kirshner 02; Rees 03; Clark & Clark 04; Singh 04; Glendenning 04, 07; Silk 06; Gribbin 07; Giovannini 08; Luminet 08; Duncan & Tyler 08 [text]; Bartusiak 09; Nussbaumer & Bieri 09; Swimme & Tucker 11; Griffiths 13; Ostriker & Mitton 13 [r PT(14)mar]; Woolfson 13; Siegel 15; Lyth 16; Sanders 16 [dark matter, MOND].
@ II, undergraduate level: Contopoulos & Kotsakis 87; Roos 94; Silk 94; Linder 97; Bernstein 98; Liddle 99; Livio 00 [acceleration and cosmological constant]; Raine & Thomas 01; Glendenning 04; Hawley & Holcomb 05; Sidharth 09; Kisslinger 14; Siegel 15; Ryden 16; Pössel a1712-ln; Perlov & Vilenkin 17 [r PT(18)].
@ III, graduate level: Peebles 71; Hoyle 75; Rees 95; Narlikar 02; Padmanabhan 02; Dodelson 03; Khlopov & Rubin 04; Gonzalo 05; Mukhanov 05; Weinberg 08; Rich 10; Gorbunov & Rubakov 10; Baryshev & Teerikorpi 11; Ellis et al 12; Bronnikov & Rubin 12; Einasto 13; Caldarelli a1611-ln; Calcagni 17 [and quantum cosmology]; Montani et al 17; Jones 17; Rubakov a1804-ln.

General Aspects > s.a. cosmology [beginning, future]; particle physics; probability in physics.
@ Challenges, problems: Bolotin et al a0904; Famaey & McGaugh JPCS(13)-a1301.
@ From Newtonian theory: Callan et al AJP(65)feb; Norbury EJP(98)phy; Jordan AJP(05)jul-ap/03; > s.a. cosmological models [Newtonian cosmology].
@ Inflation and the multiverse: Kinney ap/03-ln; Vilenkin JPCS(10)-a0908; Vilenkin a1108-talk [and the "principle of mediocrity"]; > s.a. inflation; multiverse.

Conceptual and Philosophical Aspects > s.a. origin and pre-big-bang models.
@ Books: Munitz 90 [I]; Kragh 04 [history, philosophical and religious context]; Wesson 10; Harwit 13 [and historical, I]; Silk & Barrow ed-tbp; Mangabeira Unger & Smolin 14 [and time, r CQG+(16) Barbour]; Chamcham et al ed-17; Barnes & Lewis 20 [How to Beat the Big Bang].
@ Philosophical: Leslie ed-90; Grünbaum PhSc(93)dec [origination], FP(96), BJPS(00) [theology]; Zinkernagel SHPMP(02)ap/01 [unity of science]; Klee BJPS(02) [argument by design]; Ellis ap/06-in [issues]; Grujić FS(07)-a0709 [epistemic questions]; Amaral Vieira in(11)-a1110 [how philosophy helps cosmologists]; Zinkernagel SHPMP(14)-a1404 [intro to special issue]; Butterfield SHPMP-a1406 [under-determination of theoretical hypotheses in modern cosmology]; Merritt a1703 [and conventionalism]; Kragh a1706-in [origin]; > s.a. history of cosmology [sociology]; inflation; quantum cosmology.
@ Cosmology as a science: McCabe SHPMP(04)gq/05 [structure of general-relativistic cosmology]; Goenner AdP(10)-a0910 [what kind of science?]; Krauss IAU-a1002 [impact upon culture]; Bertolami JIA-a1110 [cosmology as a form of archaeology]; Kragh a1208 [cosmology as a science, and testability]; López-Corredoira SHPMP-a1311 [sociology of cosmology]; Chaisson NS(14)-a1405 [applications to human society]; Sahlén in(17)-a1812 [inference].
@ Conceptual: Ribeiro & Videira Ap(98)phy [dogmatism]; Wahsner IJMPA(02) [on the universe as a system]; Mbonye gq/03 [self-regulating dynamics]; Coule GRG(04) [issues re infinite space]; McCabe SHPMP(05)gq/05 [creation]; Baryshev AIP(06)ap/05 [conceptual problems...???]; Horvath C&H-a0809 [dark matter, dark energy, and paradigm shift]; Hogg a0910-conf [certainty and plausibility]; Srednicki & Hartle a1004-conf [xerographic distribution]; Norton PhSc(10)oct [spurious results from poor logic]; Melia AusP-a1205 [proposed picture]; Hwang JKAS(12)-a1206 [assumptions and limits]; Soler & Alfonseca a1301 [on the idea of infinite repetitions of histories in space]; Ribeiro a1308-proc [epistemological perspective]; Page a1412-proc; Barrow a1503-ch [aspects of the issue of generality]; Neves FS(19)-a1811 [degree of scientificity]; Yargic & Franzmann a1910 [philosophical principles and theoretical challenges]; Alexander et al a2104 [the universe as an autodidactic system].

Online Resources > s.a. Internet Encyclopedia of Science pages; Wikipedia page; WMAP introduction pages.
> 2007 Discover interview with Janna Levin; 2009 talk by Larry Krauss video.

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