Quantum Cosmology  

In General > s.a. cosmological effects of quantum gravity; formalism and techniques; models and phenomenology [including other theories].
* And quantum mechanics: Quantum cosmology is becoming a new basis for quantum theory; One cannot follow the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, because there are no classical observers here (measurement cannot have the same preferred role) and there is the problem of time; One possible way out is to take quantum mechanics seriously and include the observer (Everett, then extended by others); In some limit the Copenhagen interpretation then follows [for a criticism of this, @ Smolin pr(88)].
* Features: The topology of the universe is dynamical, especially before tP; It predicts fine tuning of the constants of nature.
> Online resources: see DAMTP page; Wikipedia page.

Conceptual Aspects and Interpretation > s.a. multiverse [including measure].
* Interpretation: The main general issue is what to make of the quantum state if all we can ever observe is one universe; Other issues are that we –the observers– are located inside the universe –the system–, and the problem of time and observables.
@ Interpretation: Tipler PRP(86), in(86); Drees IJTP(87); Wada MPLA(88); Page in(91) [density matrix]; Wald in(91) [and time]; Parentani PRD(97)gq; Dzhunushaliev CQG(98) [Kolmogorov's algorithmic complexity]; Rubakov gq/99-conf; Carter IJTP(04)ht-conf [anthropic]; Longpré & Kreinovich IJTP(08) [algorithmic information theory]; Castagnino et al a1412; Hartle & Hertog a1503-proc [first-person probabilities]; He et al PLB(15)-a1507; Bolotin FP(16)-a1512 [constructibility]; Shestakova Univ(20)-a1809 [Copenhagen interpretation, applicability]; > s.a. decoherence above; pilot-wave interpretation; Relational Formulation.
@ Other interpretations: Fink & Leschke FPL(00)qp; Page AIP(99)gq/00 [many-worlds]; > s.a. minisuperspace.
@ Philosophical aspects: Smith PhSc(88)mar; Smith & Weingard PhSc(90)dec; Craig BJPS(92), BJPS(93); Smith BJPS(94).
@ Other conceptual aspects: Sorkin IJTP(00)gq-talk [and fundamental structure]; Page a0907 [state of the universe and observations].

Other References > s.a. lqc; quantum gravity; path-integral quantum gravity; semiclassical cosmology.
@ First investigations: DeWitt PR(67); Wheeler in(68); Misner PR(69), in(70).
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@ Effective theory: Bojowald JPCS(12)-a1206, CQG(12)-a1209; Li et al PRD(18)-a1801 [effective Hamiltonian and dynamics from lqg]; Bojowald Univ(19)-a1906 [averaging volume for minisuperspace models, infrared renormalization].
@ Related topics: Hartle in(91)gq/05; Szydłowski & Golbiak G&C(10)ap/06 [Fomin's quantum cosmogenesis]; Krauss et al IJMPD(09)-a0810 [and late-time vacuum decay]; Czachor & Posiewnik IJTP(16)-a1312 [expansion and wavepacket spreading].

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