Inflationary-Universe Phenomenology  

In General > s.a. inflation / astronomical objects [B field]; chaos in gravitation; cosmological acceleration; Curvaton.
* Predictions: Scale-invariant power spectrum at low l; Peak in the power spectrum of cmb inhomogeneities at 1° (corresponding to the largest inhomogeneities at recombination time); Further "rebound" peaks depend on details of the early universe (like the harmonic content of a musical instrument!).
* 2000: Confirmation of 1° peak in the cmb power spectrum from Boomerang (which also saw R = 0) and Maxima.
* 2001: DASI at NSF's South Pole station saw second and third peaks; More data (including on cmb polarization) are expected soon from these experiments and CBI & MAP; Later, look at agreement with observation of gravitational waves from earlier times.
* 2004: Inflationary cosmology has provided a predictive and phenomenologically very successful scenario for early-universe cosmology, [but] attempts to implement inflation using scalar fields lead to models with serious conceptual problems [R Brandenberger].
* 2006: Agreement improves with cmb polarization results, which show departure from flat Harrison-Zel'dovich spectrum.
* 2007: The basic predictions of inflation (regarding the cmb) are all supported by the data; The predicted deviation from a scale-invariant spectrum and the production of primordial gravitational waves have not been well tested yet, but can be by future experiments.
* 2014: The detection of cmb polarization by BICEP2 provides a more direct conformation of inflation.
@ Reviews, status: Turner NYAS(95)ap; Liddle CQG(02)ap/01; Gold & Albrecht PRD(03)ap [cmb, future]; Lue et al ap/03 [post-WMAP]; Tegmark JCAP(05)ap/04 [parameter probabilities]; Martin IJMPA(05)ap/04-in; Brandenberger ap/04-proc [+ string gas cosmology]; Kinney AIP(07)-a0706 [post-WMAP3]; Zhang SCpma(17)-a1702 [and expansion rate].
@ And cmb: Liddle ap/98-proc; Kamionkowski & Kosowsky ARNPS(99)ap; Sakellariadou ap/99-proc; Kinney et al PRD(01)ap/00; Gangui Sci(01)ap; Gangui et al PRD(02) [non-Gaussianity]; Leach & Liddle MNRAS(03)ap/02; Kinney ap/04-proc [WMAP]; Alabidi & Lyth JHEP(06)ap [WMAP3]; Hamann et al PRD(07)ap/06; Hinshaw pw(06)may [polarization]; Boyanovsky et al PRD(07)ap [WMAP3, new vs chaotic inflation]; Gümrükçüoğlu et al JCAP(07)-a0707 [in Bianchi I background]; Lesgourgues et al JCAP(08)-a0710 [WMAP and SDSS]; Agulló et al PRL(09)-a0901 [scalar and tensor power spectrum], GRG(09)-a0909 [qft effects]; Watanabe et al MNRAS(11)-a1011 [anisotropic inflation]; Tsujikawa PTEP-a1401; Cheng & Huang IJMPD(15)-a1404 [constraints from BICEP2 and WMAP 9-year data]; Martin et al JCAP(14)-a1407 [the next generation of cmb missions].
@ And BICEP results on polarization: Dent et al PLB(14)-a1403; Miranda et al PRD(14)-a1403; Caligiuri & Kosowsky PRL(14)-a1403; Dodelson PRL(14)-a1403; > s.a. cmb polarization.
@ Tests, predictions: White & Silk PRL(96)ap; Kamionkowski ap/98-proc; Liddle ap/99-proc; Viana NAR(01)ap/00-ln; Boyle & Steinhardt PRL(08)-a0810 + Kosowsky Phy(10) + news wired(10)dec; Winitzki a1003 [observability of number of e-folds].

Fluctuations > s.a. cosmological perturbations.
* Idea: In inflationary theory, the inhomogeneities in the universe are of quantum-mechanical origin; Quantum theory produces small fluctuations in the energy density (~ 10−60); Those fluctuations expand outside H−1, become classical when virtual quanta are pulled apart by expansion, keep growing because of gravity (one needs a changing equation of state), and reenter the horizon now being of order 1.
@ General references: Guth & Pi PRL(82); Lidsey et al RMP(97) [and inflaton potential]; Zimdahl PRD(97); Polarski PLB(99)gq/98; Huterer & Turner PRD(00)ap/99; Stewart PRD(02) [slow-roll approximation]; Wands ap/02-talk; Lyth hp/02-talk; Habib et al PRL(02)ap [spectrum], PRD(05)ap [precise predictions]; Kunze JHEP(06)ap [stochastic inflation]; Byrnes & Wands PRD(06) [scale-invariant, chaotic inflation]; Casadio et al JCAP(06) [comparison equations]; Parker ht/07/PRD; Powell & Kinney JCAP(07)-a0706 [limits on resolution]; Barceló Phy(08) [re primordial power spectrum]; Agarwal & Bean PRD(09) [constraints on inflation]; Langlois ch(10)-a1001-ln [rev]; Giddings & Sloth PRD(11)-a1104 [semiclassical methods]; Agulló et al PRD(11) [need to perform renormalization]; Sasaki a1210-proc.
@ Specific types: Pasechnik & Vereshkov gq/04 [gauge-invariant, dilaton and gravitation]; Langlois JPCS(08)-a0809 [from multi-field inflation]; Cannone et al JCAP(15)-a1409 [tensor fluctuations]; Kehagias & Riotto JCAP(17)-a1705 [massive higher-spin fields].
@ Quantum fluctuations: Langlois ht/04-ln, Martin LNP(05)ht/04; Heyl JPA(07)gq/06 [and particle creation]; Nambu PRD(08)-a0805 [entanglement]; Lim PRD(15)-a1410 [quantum discord of cosmological perturbations]; Collins & Vardanyan JCAP(16)-a1601 [scalar and tensor fluctuations]; Glavan et al EPJC(18)-a1710 [as dark energy]; Kamenshchik et al PRD(18)-a1804 [with a non-semiclassical wave function of the universe]; > s.a. perturbations [transition to classicality].
@ The fine tuning problem: Boyle et al PRL(06)ap/05; Miao & Woodard JCAP(15)-a1506 [worse than commonly believed].
@ Decoherence: Campo & Parentani PRD(05)ap [partial]; Burgess et al PRD(08)ap/06; Martineau CQG(07)ap/06; Kiefer et al CQG(07)ap/06; > s.a. bell's inequalities.
@ Large-scale structure: Liddle ap/96-proc; Kamionkowski ap/02-in [rev]; Wands NPPS(05) [curvaton scenario]; Lyth & Liddle 09.
@ Non-Gaussianity: Maldacena JHEP(03)ap/02 [3-point function]; Bartolo et al PRP(04) [theory and observation]; Battefeld & Easther JCAP(07) [in multi-field inflation].
@ Non-equilibrium: Boyanovsky & de Vega ap/00-proc; > s.a. pilot-wave quantum theory.
> Related topics: see gravitational radiation; inflation and planck-scale physics; quantum field theory in curved backgrounds and effects [particle creation].

Other References > s.a. observational cosmology; early-universe cosmology; supersymmetry.
@ And topological defects: Vilenkin PRD(97); Magueijo et al AIP(99)ap; Sakellariadou ht/07-conf.
@ Transition to present universe: Peebles & Vilenkin PRD(99)ap/98 [and quintessence].
@ Particle production: Chung et al PRD(00) [resonant]; Elgarøy at al JCAP(03)ap [constraints].
@ Variation of constants: Vanchurin et al PRD(00)gq/99; Garriga & Vilenkin PRD(01)gq.
@ Difficulties: Penrose pr(89); Borde & Vilenkin gq/94 [steady state]; Vachaspati & Trodden PRD(00)gq/98 [homogeneity]; Jones-Smith et al a0907 [interpretation of observational data]; Ijjas et al PLB(13)-a1304 [trouble from Planck data].
@ Other topics: Gunzig, Géhéniau & Prigogine Nat(87)dec, comment Brout & Spindel Nat(89)jan, reply Gunzig Nat(89)jan [black-hole formation]; Gordon & Malik PRD(04)ap/03 [and "curvaton" model]; Tsujikawa et al PRD(04)ap [braneworld]; Pereira & Pitrou CR(15)-a1509 [isotropization]; > s.a. inflation [phase transitions and bubble collisions].

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