Dark Energy  

In General > s.a. cosmological constant [including history] and models; cosmology [future]; varying constants.
* Idea: A component of the content of the universe with negative pressure, which accelerates its expansion; May be a cosmological contant or may be dynamical; The name seems to have been introduced by M Turner.
* Status: 2003, Various methods give −1.22 < w < −0.78 at 95% c.l.; 2004–2005, Analysis still favors a cosmological constant – other models give as good a fit, but are not as simple (1-parameter) or physically motivated – with quintessence a second possibility; 2006, Evidence from Brad Schaefer's analysis of distant GRBs that it may be changing; 2006, Evidence from supernovas at z = 1 consistent with constant dark energy; 2007, Supernova survey gives w = −1.07 (+0.09−0.09 stat, 1 σ) (± 0.12 sys); 2009, Observations are still consistent with a cosmological constant; 2015, First data from the Dark Energy Survey.
* Plans: 2006, Two satellites planned, DES (possible launch 2008–2009) and SNAP (launch after 2010).
@ I: Turner ThSc(00)nov; Kirshner 02; Caldwell pw(04)may; Conselice SA(07)feb; Linder & Perlmutter pw(07)dec [future]; Perlmutter SA(08)apr; news PhysOrg(12)nov [hints that dark energy is dynamic]; Lincoln & Nord TPT(14)sep; news Cosmos(17)sep [timescape, Wiltshire's alternative].
@ General references: Finelli et al PRD(07)ap/06 [light bending]; Heavens et al MNRAS(06)ap [3D cosmic shear]; White RPP(07)-a0704, response Kolb RPP(07)-a0708 [and astronomy]; Dobado & Maroto ASS(09)-a0802-proc [intro]; Ellis conf(09)-a0811; Daly AIP(09)-a0901; Greenhill et al a0902-rp; Sami CS(09)-a0904 [primer]; Ruiz-Lapuente ed-10 [theory and observations]; news ns(12)dec [Einstein-Schrödinger correspondence]; Heymans Phy(15) [Dark Energy Survey]; Ziaeepour a1411-Hab [and phenomenology]; > s.a. gas; topological defects.
@ Reviews: Carroll ap/01-ch; Peebles & Ratra RMP(03); Lima BJP(04)-ap/04; Sahni LNP(05)ap/04 [and dark matter]; Frampton ap/04-talk; Padmanabhan CS(05)ap/04; Linder NAR(05)ap/04-conf, ap/05-conf; Bean et al ap/05-rp; Weinberg NAR(05)ap-proc; Padmanabhan ap/05-proc, AIP(06)ap; Barnes et al PASA(05)ap; Copeland et al IJMPD(06)ht; Straumann MPLA(06)hp; Polarski AIP(06)ap; Carroll NJP(06); Padmanabhan GRG(08)-a0705; Linder AJP(08)mar-a0705 [RL]; Turner & Huterer JPSJ(07)-a0706; Capozziello IJGMP(07)-a0706; Stubbs IJMPD(07)-a0712 [and fundamental physics]; issue GRG(08)feb; Zhao MPLA(08) [and modified gravity]; Padmanabhan ASL(09)-a0807-in; Wanas a0809-conf; Frieman AIP(08)-a0904-ln; Harvey EJP(09); Kesavan MSc(09)-a0908; issue NPPS(09)194 [proc]; Linder a1009-ch; Amendola & Tsujikawa 10; Wang 10 [r PT(11)jun]; Matarrese et al ed-11; Durrer PTRS(11)-a1103-talk [what we really know]; Li et al CTP(11)-a1103, FoP-a1209; Capozziello & Lambiase NAP-a1304; Polarski IJMPD(13); Mortonson et al PDG-a1401; Gleyzes et al IJMPD(14)-a1411 [unifying description]; Novosyadlyj et al a1502-book; Huterer & Shafer RPP(18)-a1709.

Phenomenology and Evidence > s.a. Chameleon Field; dark-energy models and equations of state; dark energy and dark matter.
* 2008: Evidence that dark energy slowed down the growth of structure (galaxy clusters) significantly.
@ Evidence: Scranton et al ap/03/PRL [SDSS and WMAP analysis]; Straumann gq/03-talk [rev]; Alam et al JCAP(04)ap [dynamical]; Ishak FP(07)ap/05 [general discussion]; Trotta & Bower A&G(06)ap [surveys, rev]; news pw(06)nov, pw(06)nov [distant supernovas]; Bambi PRD(07) [Mpc-scale]; Sarkar GRG(08)-a0710 [critical view]; Bothun et al PLB(08) [precision observations without supernovas]; Chernin et al G&C(10) [evidence near the Milky Way]; Frieman PT(14)apr [upcoming Dark Energy Survey of 200 million galaxies]; Ho & Hsu APP(16)-a1501 [astrophysical force]; > s.a. acceleration.
@ Lab evidence and tests: Beck & Mackey PLB(05)ap/04 [proposal], refutation Jetzer & Straumann PLB(05); Frampton MPLA(06)ht/05 [re possible Josephson junction cutoff]; Corasaniti et al MNRAS(06)ap/05 [with ALPACA]; Fassbender et al SPIE(06)ap [VADER mission proposal]; Phillips et al SPIE(06)ap [JEDI proposal]; de Matos & Beck AiA(09)-a0707 [rotating superconductors]; Brax et al JHEP(09)-a0904 [collider constraints on interactions]; Fujii & Homma a0912, PTP(11)-a1006 [proposed lab searches]; Perl IJMPA(09)-a0809 [questioning the detection possibility]; Perl a1007 [proposal using atom interferometry]; > s.a. neutrons.
@ Other observations: Mersini-Houghton & Kelleher a0808 [radiation from black-hole binaries]; Honscheid & DuPoy a0810-conf [Dark Energy Camera]; Gould a0902-rp [wide-field imager in space]; Mortonson et al PRD(10), PRD(10)-a1004 [probes, figures of merit]; Joudaki & Kaplinghat PRD(12)-a1106.
@ Density: Wang & Mukherjee PRD(07) [and cosmic curvature]; Reichardt et al ApJL(12)-a1110 [bound on early dark energy density].
@ Distribution, and large-scale structure: Solevi et al MNRAS(06)ap/05 [from galaxy distribution]; Wang & Freese PLB(06) [density]; Takada PRD(06)ap [and redshift surveys]; Martín-Moruno et al GRG(09)-a0803 [accretion onto black holes]; Bhattacharya & Kosowsky PRD(08) [galaxy cluster peculiar velocities]; Blomqvist et al JCAP(08)-a0806, Cooray et al JCAP(10)-a0812 [inhomogeneities, from supernova observations]; Chapline a1004 [clumped into dark-energy stars]; Prescod-Weinstein & Afshordi a1010/ApJ [dark-matter haloes]; Grande & Perivolaropoulos PRD(11)-a1103 [constraints on inhomogeneities]; Bernal et al JCAP(16)-a1511 [homogeneous?]; Średzińska et al a1606-proc [tracing with quasars]; Ntelis & Ealet for Euclid a1805-conf [homogeneity scale].
@ Anisotropy: Appleby et al PRD(10)-a0912 [bounds]; Campanelli et al IJMPD(11)-a1103 [anisotropic model and observations].
@ And perturbations: Gordon NPPS(05)ap; Gordon & Wands PRD(05)ap; Polarski & Gannouji PLB(08)-a0710; Ballesteros & Riotto PLB(08); news an(08)dec [effect on galaxy clusters]; Dent et al PRD(09)-a0903 [scale dependence of the growth function]; Li et al PLB(11)-a1008; Anselmi et al JCAP(11)-a1106 [dark-energy clustering].
@ Structure formation: Linder & Jenkins MNRAS(03)ap; Speliotopoulos a0711; Alimi et al MNRAS(10)-a0903; Courtin et al MNRAS(11)-a1001; Lee MPLA(10); Novosyadlyj et al KPCB(14)-a1311 [stability, galaxies and galaxy clusters].

Related Topics > s.a. acceleration [including alternatives]; black holes [dark energy stars]; galaxies; neutrinos; spherical solutions.
@ And entropy, holography: Hsu PLB(04) [and entropy bounds]; Linder ht/04 ["dark entropy"]; Pavón & Zimdahl AIP(06)ht/05; Beltrán Almeida & Pereira PLB(06), Guberina et al PLB(06), Simpson JCAP(07)ap/06, Pavón JPA(07)gq/06-proc, Zimdahl IJMPD(08)-a0705 [holographic]; Medved GRG(09)-a0802; Setare IJMPD(09)-a0901 [from f(R) gravity]; Zhang et al IJMPD(11)-a1001; Durán et al JCAP(10) [observational constraints]; Viaggiu a1312; Wang et al PRP(17)-a1612 [rev]; Rodriguez-Benites et al a1905-conf; > s.a. entropy bounds; holography.
@ Interactions, particles: Amendola et al ApJL(03)ap/02; Böhmer & Harko FP(08)gq/06 [quanta]; DeDeo PRD(06); Ichiki & Keum a0803 [neutrinos]; Jiménez & Martín-Moruno a1004 [accretion onto black holes and wormholes]; del Campo et al IJMPD(11)-a1103; Clemson et al PRD(12)-a1109; Vagnozzi et al a1911 [dark energy-baryon scattering]; > s.a. gravitational waves.
@ Analysis, interpretation: Choudhury & Padmanabhan A&A(05)ap/03; Gong CQG(05)ap/04; Linder PRD(04)ap, PRD(04)ap; Linder PRD(07)-ap/06 [limits to z-resolution]; Clarkson et al JCAP(07) [need to include curvature as parameter]; Wang a0712-talk [observational approaches]; Clarkson AIP(10)-a0911; Bolejko A&A(11)-a1006 [determining its evolution from measurements]; Jiménez et al JCAP(12)-a1201 [effective Lagrangian].
@ Thermodynamics: Gong et al PRD(07)gq/06; Bilić FdP(08)-a0812-conf.
@ Other theory: Garriga & Vilenkin PRD(03)ap/02 [and anthropic principle]; Padmanabhan & Choudhury MNRAS(03)ap/02 [and supernova data]; Krauss & Chaboyer Sci(03)jan [and globular clusters]; Huey ap/04 [data-driven approach]; Brevik & Gorbunova GRG(05)gq [and viscosity]; Baccigalupi & Acquaviva PoS-ap/06 [and cmb lensing]; Neupane & Carter PLB(06) [relaxation and cosmological constant]; Durrer & Maartens GRG(08) [overview]; Antoniadis et al NJP(07) [dynamical screening of cosmological constant]; Pereira a0806 [negative chemical potential]; Frampton a1004 [universe as black hole]; Ahn et al PLB(11)-a1106 [and renormalization group flow]; Barboza et al PRD(15)-a1501 [constraints].
@ Modified Friedmann equation: Dvali & Turner ap/03; > s.a. cosmological models in general relativity and in modified theories [including Cardassian].

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