History of Particle Physics and Field Theory  

Theoretical Aspects, Particle Physics in General > s.a. history of XX-century physics and quantum physics [including quantum field theory].
* Idea: The failure to construct a relativistically invariant position eigenstate was a contributing factor in the demise of the so-called relativistic quantum mechanics, in favor of quantum field theories (> see locality).
* 1930s: Jordan introduced annihilation and creation operators (who first realized that everything is made of field quanta), viewed with suspicion by Pauli.
* 1947: The short paper Hans Bethe published after the Shelter Island meeting, a calculation of the Lamb shift that showed good agreement with the experimental value, convinced the experts that QED was physically correct and no radically new theory was needed.
@ Particle physics: Segrè 80; Brown & Hoddeson ed-83; Pickering 84; Pais 86; Riordan 87; Bernstein 89; Hovis & Kragh AJP(91)sep; Ezhela et al ed-96; Zichichi RNC(98); Weinberg 03; Rajasekaran phy/06 [structure of matter]; Weinberg PT(11)aug; Bernstein AS(12)mar; Henley & Ellis ed-13 [and nuclear physics]; Weinberg IJMPA(13); Iurato a1402 [especially cosmic-ray physics and muon anomalous magnetic moment]; blog pt(14)aug [1970s]; Narison 16; Schnitzer a2012 [the role of crucial calculations, 1955-1985].
@ Renormalization: Brown ed-93; Huang IJMPA(13)-a1310; Brézin JSP(14)-a1402-talk; Peskin JSP(14)-a1405 [Ken Wilson and strong interactions].
> Specific topics: see casimir effect; chern-simons theory; p-adic strings; regularization.

Gauge Theory and the Standard Model > s.a. particle physics.
@ Gauge theories, Yang-Mills theory: 't Hooft RMP(00), Veltman RMP(00) [Nobel lectures]; De Rújula hp/04-ch [Yang-Mills theories]; Marateck phy/06 [and Feynman diagrams], phy/06 [Yang-Mills paper]; Huang 07; Salisbury SHPMP(09)-a0904-proc [Léon Rosenfeld's work on local gauge symmetries]; Marateck NAMS-a1111; Yang PT(14)nov [and Maxwell's equations]; Kibble a1412 [standard model]; Scholz a1607 [precursor, Weyl and automorphisms]; Slavnov a1511-conf; 't Hooft NPB(16)-a1604 [renormalization].
@ QED: Schweber 94; Dyson PT(05)oct [Bethe]; Kinoshita IJMPA(06) [Tomonaga]; Esposito phy/06, FP(07)phy/06 [Majorana manuscripts]; Baym & Ozawa PNAS(09)-a0902 [Bohr's argument for electromagnetic field quantization].
@ QCD: Adler hp/04/PT; Gross RMP(05) [Nobel lecture]; Greenberg a0803-proc [discovery of color degree of freedom]; Tkachov a0904 [quarks, Struminsky's 1965 paper], comment Petrov a0908, follow-up Tkachov a0912; Cao 10; Karl IJMPA(10) [and confinement]; Ali & Kramer EJPH(11)-a1110 [impact of quark and gluon jets]; Leutwyler MPLA(14)-a1211-ln [strong interactions]; Fritzsch MPLA(13)-proc; Cao MPLA(14); Gell-Mann MPLA(14); Crewther IJMPA(15)-a1412-in [understanding of neutral pion decay]; Ellis a1608 [contributions of Guido Altarelli]; de Rújula a1610-conf, a1910; > s.a. lattice QCD.
@ Quarks: Zweig IJMPA(10)-a1007 [Gell-Mann]; Gell-Mann IJMPA(13); news sn(14)jan [50th anniversary]; Glashow IJMPA(14), Fritzsch IJMPA(14) [50 years]; Ellis a1409-ch [discovery of gluons]; Ravndal IJMPA(15)-a1411-in [work with Feynman on the parton model]; Petrov a1412, a2001; > s.a. hadrons; QCD phenomenology.
@ Weak interactions: Lee IJMPA(01); Lesov a0911; Mohapatra IJMPA(12); Maiani RNC-a1303 [Cabibbo theory]; Rajasekaran Res(14)-a1403.
@ Electroweak theory: Aczel SA(10)nov [Weinberg and the electroweak theory]; Kibble a1502-conf [symmetry breaking]; Peskin a2003-proc [precision theory].
@ Other interactions, high-energy physics: Straumann hp/96-ln; O'Raifeartaigh 97; 't Hooft ht/98; Jackiw phy/04 [contributions by Jackiw]; Polyakov ht/04-ch; Rajasekaran phy/06-conf [Indian contributions]; Schroer EPJH(10)-a0712 [contributions by Swieca].
@ Specific types of particles: Rosenfeld PTPS(68) [meson]; Brown PT(86)dec [Yukawa and the meson]; > s.a. photon.
@ Specific theoretical topics: Petrov a0908 [quark color, Soviet contribution]; Pietschmann EPJH(11)-a1101 [current algebra]; Karaca SHPMP(13) [construction of the Higgs mechanism and emergence of the electroweak theory]; Mättig & Stöltzner a1806 [Higgs particle discovery, epistemic attitudes].
@ Specific periods: Brown et al PT(88)nov [1950s]; Corrigan a0810 [1969, graduate education]; Maiani & Bonolis EPJH(17)-a1705 [1958-1993, esp Italy].
> Other specific theories: see electromagnetism; dirac fields in curved spacetime.
> Other specific topics: see connection; higgs boson; neutrinos; spin; symmetries and symmetry breaking.

Beyond the Standard Model > s.a. GUTs; unified theories.
* String theory: The original phenomenological theory described hadrons as elongated strings, because of the long range forces indicated by the Regge trajectories; With strings considered as fundamental (anomaly cancellations), it became extremely popular in the mid-1980s, and made grandiose claims; Then decrease of interest (J Ehlers: It is in danger of losing contact with thought experiments!), until duality and M-theory came along.
@ General references: O'Raifeartaigh & Straumann RMP(00)hp/98 [Kaluza-Klein theory].
@ Quantum gravity: Rovelli gq/00-MG9; > s.a. history of relativistic physics.
@ Supersymmetry: Ramond EPJC(14)-a1401 [the early years (1966-1976)]; Jarlskog a1503 [early roots]; > s.a. supergravity; supersymmetric field theories.
@ String theory: Di Vecchia LNP(08)-a0704 [1968-1974]; Freund a0708-conf [two-component hadronic duality precursor]; Di Vecchia & Schwimmer LNP(08)-a0708 [beginning]; Schwarz a0708-ln; Ramond a0708-ch; Shapiro a0711-ch; Musto a0801-ch; Goddard a0802-ch [from dual models]; Cremmer a0812-ch; Yoneya a0901-ch [and gravity]; Nielsen a0904-conf [and Veneziano model]; Schwarz a1201-ln [and supersymmetry]; Cappelli et al ed-12; Rickles 14; Itoyama PTEP(16)-a1604 [early history, Veneziano, Nambu]; Castellani a1802-in [and scientific methodology].

Experimental Aspects > s.a. experimental particle physics.
@ General references: Amaldi PRP(84) [and nuclear physics]; Taubes 86 [Z and W]; Dahl 97 [electron]; Krige Isis(01) [heavy bosons]; Giacomelli phy/06-conf [bubble chambers]; Samios IJMPA(10) [1950s & 1960s, Gell-Mann and discoveries]; Melissinos 12; Navarro 12 [electron]; Thomas HSNS(12) [interpretive methods, 1930-1950]; Tannenbaum EPJH(16)-a1608 [the search for the W and the Higgs].
@ Facilities, experiments: Stevens HSPBS(03) [accelerators]; Holmes a1109-conf [Tevatron proton-antiproton collider]; Shiltsev a1307-ch [the first colliders]; Maiani & Bonolis EPJH-a1705 [LHC timeline].
@ Cosmic-ray physics: Xu & Brown AJP(87)jan; Cronin EPJH(11)-a1111 [1953 cosmic-ray conference at Bagnères de Bigorre and beginning of subatomic physics]; > s.a. cosmic rays.

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