Particle Physics  

In General > s.a. astrophysics [astroparticle physics]; cosmology; experimental particle physics.
* Energy scales: Different energy scales are characterized by different effective physics; < 100 GeV, four distinct forces; 100–1016 GeV, standard model, SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1); 103–1016 GeV, perhaps N = 1 supersymmetry; 1016–1019 GeV, grand unified theory; > 1019 GeV, quantum gravity? string theory?
* Idea: The present theory is a beautiful framework based on quantum field theory, in which particles are just described by their couplings; They are "nothing more" than their couplings, and these are prescribed by their transformations under symmetry groups, plus some free parameters (coupling constants, masses and mixing angles); Another framework that has been used is the bootstrap theory.
* Particles: Described as (quantized) fields with values in some "internal" vector spaces, which carry (irreducible) representations of some symmetry groups; The choice of groups and spaces depends on the model, and the spaces group (known and predicted) particles into multiplets corresponding to preferred bases, the eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian or some other operator.
* Analogy: The relationship between fermions/matter and bosons/quanta is like the one between hockey players and puck.
* 1995: Announcement of the discovery of the top quark in two experiments at the Tevatron at Fermilab.
* 2012: After the discovery of a Higgslike boson, the next step is to study its interactions at the LHC and possibly the ILC, LEP3, or a muon collider.
* 2013: The first three years of the LHC experiments at CERN have ended with "the nightmare scenario"; All tests confirm the Standard Model of particle physics so well that we must now search for new physics without any experimental guidance; The supersymmetric theories, a privileged candidate for new physics, are nearly excluded.
* 2015: With the upgraded LHC about to start operating, many physicists hope that it will see signs of new physics; The main type is supersymmetry, the best current standard model extension and explanation for dark matter (it also supports superstring theory); New types of Higgs particles?

General References > s.a. history of physics; types of particles [including PDG review of particle properties].
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