History of Quantum Physics  

Quantum Mechanics in General > s.a. history of XX century physics; path integrals.
* Idea: First indication with Planck's quantum hypothesis, 1900; Patchwork theory developed by Einstein (photon), Bohr (atomic model), de Broglie (matter waves); Reworked from scratch by Heisenberg (matrix mechanics) and Schrödinger (wave mechanics) in 1925; 1925, Formulated in the Dreimännerarbeit by Born, Heisenberg and Jordan; Equivalence shown by Schrödinger in 1926; 1927, Hilbert-space formulation by John von Neumann; Group theory approach by Weyl; 2000s, Some call the development of Quantum Information Science the second quantum revolution.
@ General references: Peierls CP(64), reprint CP(09); Van der Waerden ed-67; Dirac 74; Mehra pr(76); Tagliaferri 77; Elsasser 78; Feuer 82; Mehra & Rechenberg 8287; Cline 87; Whittaker 87; Jammer 89; Darrigol Rech(90), 92; Stehle 94; Fano RNC(95); Duck & Sudarshan 00; Kleppner & Jackiw Sci(00)qp; Tegmark & Wheeler SA(01)feb-qp; Taketani & Nagasaki 02; Whitaker 06; Lindley 07 [1913-1927]; Perovic SHPMP(08) [equivalence of matrix and wave mechanics]; Darrigol SHPMP(09) [simplified arguments]; Capellmann a1606 [1900-1927].
@ Books, I: Newton 09; Baggott 11.
@ Planck: Giulini & Straumann qp/00; Kragh pw(00)dec; Studart RBEF(00)phy/01; Büttner et al SHPMP(03) [and Einstein]; Nauenberg AJP(16)sep; Passon & Grebe-Ellis EJP(17)-a1703 [Planck's radiation law and the teaching of quantum mechanics].
@ Bohr-Sommerfeld theory: Bucher a0802; Seth SHPSA(08) [Sommerfeld]; Giulini a1109-ch [Max Born's book]; Pelogia & Brasil EPJH(17)-a1708 [Ishiwara's 1915 article]; > s.a. Old Quantum Theory.
@ Bohr: Mehra FP(87) [discussions with Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger]; Caruso & Oguri ONCP(09)-a0806 [re Bohr's atomic model]; Kragh 12, a1309; Hon & Goldstein a1406 [Bohr's theory and previous ones]; Dorato a1608; Ford TPT(18)oct [his first 1913 paper].
@ Other early quantum theory: Darrigol HSPS(88), HSPS(91) [statistics and combinatorics]; Antoci & Liebscher AFLB(96)phy/97 [Wentzel's approach, precursor of Feynman's]; Steward 08 [r CP(12)]; Boffi a0806/QSF [1925–1927]; Fedak & Prentis AJP(09)feb [1925 Born & Jordan paper]; Jones 08 [r PT(09)may Eckert]; Bernstein a1202 [Sommerfeld argument for Planck's constant from the Wien displacement law]; Duncan & Janssen a2003 [1900–1927].
@ Schrödinger: Bloch PT(76)dec; Mehra 87, FP(87), FP(87), FP(88); Straumann qp/01-conf.
@ Heisenberg: Effros mp/04 [matrix mechanics].
@ Einstein: Pais RMP(79); Howard in(90) [pre-EPR]; Fine 96 [Einstein's position]; Campos phy/04 [photon in 1923]; Giulini in(05)phy; Norton SHPMP(06) [light quanta]; Straumann a1703 [1916 paper on the theory of radiation]; Yajnik a1905-BIPA [light, Bose and de Broglie]; Farouki & Grangier a1907-conf, Stacey a2003-conf [Einstein-Bohr debate].
@ Majorana: Drago & Esposito FP(04)phy [and group theory]; De Gregorio & Esposito AJP(07)sep-phy/06 [Fermi, Majorana, and teaching]; Esposito phy/06 [and path integrals].
@ Other people: Lochak in(84) [de Broglie]; Schücking PT(99)oct [Jordan]; Bokulich SHPMP(04) [Dirac vs Heisenberg]; Ram qp/05 [Planck's oscillator and Heisenberg's mechanics]; Pessoa et al PiP-phy/06 [1966 Tausk controversy]; Duncan & Janssen phy/06, phy/06 [Van Vleck], a0709 [Jordan, wave-particle duality for light]; Gottfried AJP(11)mar-a1006 [Dirac's contributions]; Duncan & Janssen EPJH(13)-a1204 [Pascual Jordan and John von Neumann].

Specific Topics and Applications > s.a. many-worlds interpretation; QBism; time in quantum theory.
@ General references: Nilson in(76) [bibliography]; Kuhn 78 [early]; Squires 85 [fundamental physics]; Hoddeson et al RMP(87) [metals]; Milonni & Shih AJP(91)aug [zero-point energy]; Tomonaga 98 [spin]; Straumann qp/04-conf [exclusion principle]; Brush HSPBS(07) [photon]; Angelow a0710 [uncertainty relation]; Nanni a1501 [hydrogen atom]; Yajnik a1701 [photon].
@ Relativistic quantum mechanics: Kim & Noz Symm-a2008 [Dirac]; Esposito AP(12)-a1110 [Majorana and others]; Barley et al a2012 [Schrödinger].
@ Path integrals: Klauder qp/03; Sauer a0801-proc [Einstein and Feynman]; Kaiser 11 [and counterculture, parapsychology].
@ Entanglement, non-locality, correlations, Bell's theorem: Gilder 09 [I, rec]; Camilleri SHPMP(09) [entanglement and decoherence]; Hadjiivanov & Todorov BulgJP-a1506; Gillis IJQF-a1506 [Wiseman, Cavalcanti, and Rieffel's interpretation of Bell's work]; Arianrhod Cosm(17)oct.
@ Foundations, interpretations: Beller 99 [Copenhagen]; Freire HSPBS(05)phy [Bohm's], in(07)phy/06 [Wigner's role]; Bacciagaluppi & Valentini 09, comment Holland CP(11)-a1409; Nikolić AJP(08)phy/07 [Bohr and Bohm, hypothetical]; Herzenberg a0812 [Grete Hermann]; Osnaghi et al SHPMP(09) [Everett's]; Freire SHPMP(09) [around 1970]; Camilleri 09 [Heisenberg]; Pechenkin SHPMP(12) [early statistical interpretations]; Baracca et al SHPMP(17)-a1608 [Italy in the 1970s]; Bricmont a1703-conf [conceptual issues systematically misunderstood by physicists]; > s.a. foundations and interpretations [Copenhagen]; Dieks SHPMP-a1801 [Von Neumann, Bell and hidden variables]; Del Santo a2011-in [Post-War Italy]; Mohrhoff QS:MF-a2011 [Bohr, objectivity, and the irreversibility of measurements]; Drezet & Stock AFLdB(10/21) [1951 letter from David Bohm to de Broglie].
@ Experiments: Freire SHPMP(06)phy/05 [Bell's theorem and quantum optics]; Bromberg HSNS(08); van Dongen a1505-conf [the Einstein-Rupp experiments]; > s.a. experiments in quantum mechanics; Stern-Gerlach Experiment.
@ Applications: Esposito & Naddeo a1309 [quantum theory of the chemical bond].
> Other aspects: see aharonov-bohm effect; Hanbury Brown–Twiss Effect [photons]; locality; measurement; thermal radiation.

Quantum Field Theory > s.a. history of particle physics [including QCD, QED, standard model]; quantum field theory.
@ General references: Darrigol AP-P(84); Rüger HSPS(92) [infinities]; Schroer RVMP(95)ht/94, ht/98-JMP; Kaiser 05 [Feynman diagrams]; Close 11; 't Hooft a1503-in [from QED to grand unification]; Blum SHPMP-a2011 [how it became a scattering-based theory].
@ Specific people: Cini AP(03), Schroer EPJH(11)-a1010, Dittrich EPJH(15)-a1501 [Pascual Jordan's legacy]; Schroer a1612 [Rudolf Haag].
@ In curved spacetime: Parker & Navarro-Salas a1702, Grib & Pavlov IJMPA(20)-a2004 [early universe, particle creation].
> Other aspects: see anomalies.

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