Supergravity – Versions and Phenomenology  

Versions of Supergravity Theory > s.a. topological field theories.
* Most promising: N = 1 in 10D, with super-Yang-Mills fields.
* N = 1: Fermions and bosons come in pairs; The irreducible representations of the supersymmetry algebra are doublets of spin 0-(1/2), (1/2)-1, (3/2)-2 (Majorana gravitino-graviton); There can be any number of these, but 1-(3/2) doublets give extended supergravity.
* N = 2: Unifies electromagnetism and gravity by adding a complex (Dirac) gravitino to the graviton, into one superparticle.
* N < 8: Generalized general relativity with 1 graviton and N gravitinos, rotating into each other under supersymmetry or global U(N).
* N = 8: It has been conjectured that the 4D theory may provide a suitable framework for a Theory of Everything, if its composite SU(8) gauge
fields become dynamical.
* N > 8: Phenomenology no good; Higher spins (> 2) and more than 1 graviton.
@ N = 1: Chee GRG(98), Fülöp CQG(94)gq/93 [self-dual and anti-self-dual]; Page ht/93 [inconsistency]; Bagger et al NPB(01)ht/00 [4D, Einstein-frame quantum inconsistency]; Ling & Smolin PRD(01)ht/00 [holographic].
@ N = 2: Ferrara & van Nieuwenhuizen PRL(76).
@ N = 8: Cremmer & Julia NPB(79); Kallosh PLB(81), Howe et al NPB(81) [existence of counterterms compatible with N = 8 supersymmetry]; De Wit & Nicolai NPB(82) [gauged version]; Bern et al PLB(07), PRL(09) + Nicolai Phy(09) [UV finiteness], PRL(07) [perturbative finiteness], a0902-ln; Drummond et al PRD(09)-a0901 [tree-level amplitudes]; Kallosh JHEP(10)-a1009 [ultraviolet finiteness]; Ferrara & Marrani a1106-proc [rev]; Dall'Agata & Zwirner JHEP(12)-a1205 [spontaneously broken, 1-loop effective potential].
@ N > 8: Nicolai & Samtleben NPB(98)ht [2D, N = 16]; Nishino & Gates CQG(00)ht/99 [type IIA*].
@ Broken supergravity and super-Higgs: Deser & Zumino PRL(77); Cremmer et al PLB(79).
@ Conformal supergravity: Fradkin & Tseytlin PRP(85); Lindström & Roček PRL(89); Chee & Jia GRG(01)gq/00 [Ashtekar variables].
@ Self-dual supergravity: Devchand & Ogievetsky NPB(95); Rosales-Quintero IJMPA(16)-a1505 [pure-connection formulation].
@ 11-dimensional: Deser ht/98-conf; Ling & Smolin NPB(01)ht/00 [as constrained topological field theory]; Miemiec & Schnakenburg FdP(06)ht/05 [rev]; Cederwall JHEP(10)-a0912 [manifestly supersymmetric action]; Figueroa-O'Farrill & Santi JPA(16)-a1511 [Lie-algebraic derivation]; > s.a. kaluza-klein theory.
@ Higher-order: Hurth et al PRD(97); Ketov AIP(10)-a0910, Liu et al JHEP(12)-a1201, Diamandis et al PRD(15)-a1509 [f(R)].
@ Topologically massive: Deser & Kay PLB(83); Gibbons et al CQG(08)-a0807 [solutions with one Killing spinor]; Routh PRD(13)-a1301 [Hamiltonian form].
@ MacDowell-Mansouri theory: García-Compeán et al PRD(99)ht/98 [dual]; Obregón et al PRD(12) [Immirzi parameter and θ ambiguity].
@ Other variants: Duff et al PRP(86) [Kaluza-Klein version]; Chandía et al AIP(99)ht [Chern-Simons version]; Julia & Silva JHEP(00)ht/99 [first-order]; Djeghloul & Tahiri MPLA(00)ht/02 [quantum action]; Binétruy et al PRP(01) [couplings]; Salgado et al PRD(02)gq/01 [Poincaré invariant 4D]; Allen ht/03-proc [Lorentz-violating]; van Nieuwenhuizen ht/04-proc [simple model]; Celi et al PRD(05)ht/04 [fake supergravity]; Giacomini et al CQG(07)ht/06 [3D]; Günaydin et al NPB(11) [magical supergravities in 6D]; Gallerati & Trigiante in(06)-a1809 [extended]; Baguet & Samtleben JHEP(16)-a1607 [E8(8) exceptional field theory].
> And other gravity theories: see 2D gravity and 2D quantum gravity; 3D gravity; Gauge Gravity; non-commutative and non-local gravity; unimodular gravity.

Solutions and Phenomenology > s.a. early-universe cosmology [no-scale supergravity].
@ Solutions: Gauntlett et al CQG(03) [5D]; Gutowski et al CQG(03) [6D]; > s.a. black holes and black-hole uniqueness and black-hole geometry [inequalities]; general-relativity solutions; gödel spacetime; instantons; monopoles; solitons; topological defects; wormholes.
@ And spacetime symmetries: Vandyck GRG(88), GRG(88), GRG(89), GRG(90), GRG(93); > s.a. symmetry.
@ FLRW cosmology: Bertolami & Schiappa CQG(99)gq/98 [N = 1]; Tkach et al CQG(99) [with complex scalar field]; Koehn et al PRD(14)-a1310 [non-singular bounce].
@ Other cosmology: Kallosh ht/02-conf [rev]; Ferrara et al a1605-proc [and inflation]; > s.a. AdS; bianchi I and bianchi IX models; cosmology [future]; inflationary scenarios; quintessence.
@ Quantization, perturbative: Bern et al PRD(08) [possible UV finiteness]; Modesto a1206 [non-local, power-counting super-renormalizable and tree-level unitary theory]; Garousi PRD(13)-a1303 [Riemann curvature corrections].
@ Related topics: Ferrara et al NPB(76) [matter couplings]; de Wit & van Zalk GRG(09) [and M-theory]; > s.a. positive-energy theorems.
> And particle physics: see grand unified theories; particle types [gravitino]; string phenomenology.
> Other phenomenology: see branes; supersymmetry phenomenology; topology in physics.

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