Magnetic Monopoles  

Abelian / Dirac Monopoles > s.a. QED [flux quantization, curved spacetime].
* History: 1931, First proposed by Dirac; 14 feb 1982, Event with monopole signature seen in Blas Cabrera's SQUID; 2003, Team from Japan, China and Switzerland claim they have found indirect evidence, based on the anomalous Hall effect; 2010, Still no confirmation.
* Idea: Particles that carry isolated N or S magnetic poles; Solutions of ∇ · B = 0, with B not of the form ∇ × A; They are characterized by H2(\(\mathbb R^3\) \ {0};\(\mathbb R\)) = H2(S2;\(\mathbb R\)) = \(\mathbb R\).
* Classification: The gauge group is U(1), so monopoles are classified by U(1)-bundles P over \(\mathbb R\) \ {0}, homotopic to S2, i.e., by elements of π1(S1) = \(\mathbb Z\), the integer n (magnetic charge) being evaluated by calculating the characteristic class c1(P), and integrating it over S2:

C1 = −\(1\over2\pi\)tr S2 F = n .

* Coupling strength: Since ge/\(\hbar\)c = n/2, from e2/\(\hbar\)c = 1/137 we get g2/\(\hbar\)c = (137/4) n2, an enormous value.
* Particle trajectories: A charged particle will spiral inward to a minimum distance, then outward; There are no bound states.

References > s.a. gravitational collapse; electromagnetism; solutions and phenomenology.
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Non-Abelian Monopoles > s.a. symplectic structures.
* Idea: Classical soliton solutions in gauge theories, with non-abelian (e.g., color) magnetic charge; Most known exact solutions are static.
* In Yang-Mills-Higgs theory: SU(2)-valued pairs (A, φ), with A a connection and φ a scalar field, with energy

E = \(1\over2\) d3x [B2 + ()2 + λ(φ2C2)] ,

where B:= ∇ × A + [A, A] and := ∇φ + [A, φ]; One way to obtain solutions is to minimize E with the constraint φ2 = C2, which gives the Bogomolny Equation, with the BPS solutions.
@ General references: 't Hooft NPB(74); Polyakov JETPL(74); Goddard & Olive RPP(78); Freund IJTP(78); Hitchin CMP(82); Díaz & Lázaro-Camí a0811; Evslin JHEP(18)-a1801 [spiked, with two charged scalar Higgs fields].
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@ And sigma models: Witten PRD(79); Forgács et al PRL(80).
@ Quantization: Auzzi et al NPB(04)ht, Konishi proc(04)ht [quantum and topological aspects]; Qandalji IJTP(06)ht/05 [Dirac, axial gauge].
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