Positive-Energy Theorem  

In General > s.a. energy conditions.
* Idea: If Σ is an asymptotically flat non-singular spacelike hypersurface, and the dominant energy condition is satisfied, then the total energy-momentum p is a future-directed timelike or null vector; Furthermore, p = 0 iff the spacetime is flat in a neighborhood of Σ.
* Motivation: Originally the motivation for a positive-energy theorem came from the Newtonian physics observation that only positive masses are seen; A result of this type is also required by the stability of the theory; Otherwise, for example, in thermodynamics one could get a perpetual motion machine by pumping energy out of a black hole (? : Nester).
* Rem: We do not have positive-energy theorems for spacetimes with a positive cosmological constant.
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page.

References > s.a. asymptotic flatness at null infinity [positivity of the Trautman-Bondi mass]; Penrose Inequality.
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Extensions > s.a. de sitter spacetime [asymptotically de Sitter]; energy [asymptotically FLRW spacetimes]; quasilocal energy; teleparallel.
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@ Related topics: Chruściel CQG(86); Yip CMP(87); Zhang & Zhang CMP(00) [time symmetric]; Zhang et al PRD(05) [with angular momentum contribution]; Okikiolu CMP(09) [negative-mass theorem for surfaces of positive genus]; Lee & LeFloch a1408, Shibuya a1803 [manifolds with distributional curvature].

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