Quantum Information Theory  

In General > s.a. information; entanglement; quantum correlations; quantum mechanics; Resource Theory.
* Idea: Quantum information theory includes that of quantum measurement; In fact, according to a developing viewpoint, quantum mechanics really is a theory of information; The quantum information in a state includes quantum correlations (entanglement and quantum discord); > s.a. formulations of quantum mechanics.
* History: 2013, The field is now established, no longer emerging.
* Quantum no-hiding theorem: If information is missing from one system (which may happen when the system interacts with the environment), then the information is simply residing somewhere else in the Universe; In other words, the missing information cannot be hidden in the correlations between a system and its environment.
* No-information-without-disturbance theorem: Those observables that do not disturb the measurement of another observable must be trivial.
* No-free-information theorem: Those observables that can be measured jointly with any other observable must be trivial; > s.a. probability in physics.
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Special Topics > s.a. axioms for quantum theory; information in physical theories [including transfer, transmission]; quantum causality [information causality].
* Channel capacity: The capacity of the bosonic channel with thermal noise and linear loss hinges on the bosonic minimum output entropy conjecture, which states that the vacuum input gives the minimum output entropy for a channel with thermal noise, and was proved in 2009; It implies that the bosonic channel attains its capacity for coherent state inputs.
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@ Other topics: Pati PRA(02) [impossible operations]; Valentini Pra(02)qp-proc [subquantum information]; Peres qp/03/FP [and EPR]; Benatti et al CMP(06)qp/05 [entropy and complexity]; Cabello FP(06) [communication complexity]; Buscemi NJP(09)-a0901 [information shredding]; Vlasov a0903 [and nanotechnology]; Lloyd et al a0906 [bosonic minimum output entropy conjecture proof]; Goldstein FP(10)-a0907 [and Bohmian mechanics]; Plekhanov a0909, 12 [isotope-based]; Kofler & Zeilinger ER(10)-a1301 [and randomness]; Samal et al PRL(11) + news physorg(11)mar [no-hiding theorem confirmed experimentally]; Berta PhD-a1310 [quantum side information]; Gupta et al a1410-ln [functional analysis]; Modi et al PRL(18) + news PhysOrg(18)jun [no-masking theorem]; Trindade et al IJGMP(20)-a2003 [formulation based on algebraic spinors]; > s.a. clifford algebra.
> Other topics: see categories in physics; complexity; entropy [including Shannon and Rényi]; Erasure; Lieb-Robinson Bounds; uncertainty relations.

Online Resources > see Quantiki.

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