In General > s.a. foundations of quantum mechanics / Entropic Dynamics; Hardy's Thought Experiment.
* Idea: The impossibility of a hidden-variable model of quantum theory wherein the representation of measurements does not depend on the context of the measurement (see the Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem); The simplest proof is considered to be Hardy's.
@ General references: Clifton AJP(93)may; Svozil qp/99 [model], AIP(05)qp/04 [and counterfactuals]; Appleby PRA(02) [existential]; Steane JPA(07)qp/06 [and unitarity and time reversal]; Bishop & Atmanspacher FP(06); Kupczynski AIP(07)-a0710; Karakostas JGPS(07)-a0811 [and non-separability]; Kurzyński et al PLA-a1111 [emergence of non-contextuality in macroscopic systems]; Hermens SHPMP(11); Liang et al PRP(11) [Specker's parable of the overprotective seer]; Griffiths SHPMP(13)-a1201 [Hilbert-space quantum mechanics is non-contextual]; Fields IJGS(13)-a1201 [in classical physics]; Acín et al CMP(15)-a1212 [general combinatorial formalism]; Durham in(15)-a1307-FQXi [as Wheeler's universal regulating principle]; Asadian et al PRL(15)-a1502 [in phase space]; Dzhafarov & Kujala in(16)-a1508 [dialog]; Griffiths PTRS(19)-a1902 [Bell vs global contextuality, measurement]; Garola a1905 [non-contextual interpretation]; Jones a1906 [causal and probabilistic approaches]; Kupczynski a2005-ln [and quantum paradoxes]; Abramsky & Soares Barbosa a2011-proc [logic]; Budroni et al a2103 [rev, and Kochen-Specker theorem]; Shahandeh PRXQ(21) [and characteristics of a physical theory]; > s.a. logic.
@ Resource theory: Kocia & Love NJP(18)-a1711 [and orders of \(\hbar\), in the Wigner-Weyl-Moyal formalism]; Amaral a1904.
@ Mathematical formulation: Abramsky et al a1502 [cohomology]; Carù EPTCS(17)-a1701; Döring & Frembs a1910 [in the language of presheaves].
@ Proofs: Ghirardi & Wienand FP(09)-a0904; Vidick & Wehner PRL(11) [example of large violation of non-contextuality in quantum mechanics]; Cabello et al PRL(13)-a1310 [simple Hardy-like proof]; de Ronde a1606 [physical and philosophical meaning].
@ Quantification: Grudka et al PRL(14)-a1209 [contextuality measures]; Durham Info(14)-a1409 [order-theoretic]; Amaral et al PRA(15)-a1507 [and absolute maximal contextuality]; Simmons a1712 [quantum mechanics is not as contextual as other possible theories]; Kujala & Dzhafarov a1903.
@ And non-locality: Kurzyński et al PRL(14); Abramsky EATCS-a1406; Zhan et al PRL(16) + news PhysOrg(16)mar [non-locality and contextuality never appear together]; Liu et al PRL(16)-a1603 [non-locality from local contextuality]; Cabello a1801 [physical origin].
@ State-independent contextuality: Cabello a1201; Cabello & Terra Cunha PRA(13)-a1212 [with identical particles].
@ Non-contextual inequalities: Bub & Stairs a1006 [use of the Klyachko inequality]; Cabello et al a1010 [as an axiom, and other theories]; Amselem et al PRL(12)-a1111 [and test].
@ Theoretical models: Chen et al PRA(13) [for a relativistic spin-1/2 particle, an electron in a Coulomb potential]; Laversanne-Finot et al JPA(17)-a1512 [Hilbert spaces of arbitrary dimensions]; Acacio de Barros et al a1707, Gangopadhyay & Srikanth PS(19)-a1907 [and indistinguishability]; Svozil a2103 [types]; Schmid et al PRXQ(21) [and generalized probabilistic theories]; > s.a. approaches to quantum gravity.
@ Related topics: Raussendorf PRA(13)-a0907 [and quantum computation]; Dressel et al PRL(10)-a0911, Dressel & Jordan PRA(12)-a1110 [contextual values of observables]; Dzhafarov et al LNCS(16)-a1504 [contextuality by default]; Acacio de Barros et al a1511 [and negative probabilities]; Kunjwal a1612 [and Kochen-Specker theorem]; Lostaglio PRL(18)-a1705 [and quantum fluctuation theorems]; Shrapnel & Costa Quantum(18)-a1708 [and causal structure].

Experiments > s.a. quantum foundations.
@ References: Svozil PRA(09)qp/04; Cabello et al PRL(08)-a0804 [with neutrons]; Nambu a0805 [non-entangled photons]; Cabello PRL(08)-a0808; Bartosik et al PRL(09)-a0904 [in neutron interferometry]; Pan & Home PLA(09)-a0912 [and subensemble mean values]; Cabello PRA(10)-a1002 [inequality]; Kurzyński et al PRL(12)-a1201 [simplest contextual inequality]; Zu et al PRL(12) + Paris & Paternostro Phy(12) [state-independent experimental test on a single photonic qutrit]; Soeda et al PLA(13) [in macroscopic magnetization measurements]; Winter JPA(14)-a1408; Cabello PRA(16)-a1603.

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