Entanglement of Quantum States  

In General > s.a. Coherence; correlations; quantum experiments and foundations; types of quantum states [separable].
* Idea: One of various quantities used to characterize non-local, stronger-than-classical correlations in quantum systems, even when isolated from one another; Two subsystems are entangled if the total wave function is not factorizable, which means that values cannot be assigned to a complete set of observables for each individual system; It is the "spooky action at a distance" that disturbed Einstein so much.
* History: 1935, Concept of "Verschränkung" introduced by E Schrödinger when physicists were debating the EPR paradox; 2000, Long the subject of discussion by philosophers of quantum theory, it has recently come to play an essential role for physicists in their development of quantum information theory; Entangled state of 4 particles, and between Be atoms achieved; 2001, Entangled state of two trillion-atom gas clouds achieved; 2003, Two solid-state superconducting qubits entangled over 0.7 mm (earlier only micron scale); 2003, Effects seen in the bulk properties of a magnetic salt crystal [@ news pw(03)sep]; 2004, 3- and 4-photon entanglement produced, beating the diffraction limit [@ news pw(04)may]; 2005, Entangled states of 6 Be atoms and 8 Ca atoms [@ news pw(05)dec]; 2007, A notion of generalized entanglement has emerged, defined through expectation values of preferred observables, without reference to a subsystem decomposition; 2007, entanglement sudden death observed [@ news pw(07)may]; > s.a. history of quantum theory.
* Uses: It allows teleportation and quantum key distribution, which are impossible in the classical world; > s.a. entanglement phenomenology.
* And non-locality: It is often assumed that the most non-local states are the maximally entangled ones; This is not the case.
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@ For general probabilistic theories: Holik et al a1202 [informational invariance]; Aubrun et al a1910 [and state superposition]; > s.a. indefinite causal relations.
blue bullet Specific aspects: see phenomenology and measures of entanglement; entanglement in field theory and spacetime; examples of systems.

Related Topics > s.a. hidden variables; phase transitions; quantum statistical mechanics [entanglement thermodynamics]; wigner functions.
* Interpretation: In topological theories entanglement of subsystems can be given an intuitive interpretation in terms of "strings" connecting them; More generally, the density matrix of a mixed state can be represented by cobordisms of topological spaces.
@ Subsystem-independent: Barnum et al PRL(04)qp/03, Viola & Barnum qp/07-proc [based on observables].
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