Wave-Function Collapse in Quantum Mechanics  

In General > s.a. classical limit of quantum theory.
* Idea: When a quantum measurement is performed, and a certain eigenvalue of the corresponding operator observed, the wave function "suddenly" turns into a corresponding eigenvector; a.k.a. quantum-state reduction; Wigner suggested that conscious observation causes collapse.
* "Reality": Is this a physical process, or is it just related to our knowledge and description of the system? The results on non-local correlations in moving frames make it more difficult to consider the projection postulate as a compact description of real collapses of the wave function.
> Related topics: see collapse as a dynamical process [including state recovery]; decoherence; locality and localization; measurement; quantum experiments.
> Online resources: see SEP page.

And Relativity, Covariant Form > s.a. causality violations.
* Status: Some relativistic models entail excitation of nuclear states which exceeds that of experiment.
* And causality: Despite some claims, it is well known that the process of wave packet reduction cannot be used for superluminal communication.
* Hellwig-Kraus reduction: The wave function is collapsed along the boundary of the past of the measurement.
@ General references: Aharonov & Albert PRD(81) [non-local measurements without violating causality]; Mielnik FP(90) [collapse cannot be consistently introduced]; Pearle in(90), in(92); Finkelstein PLA(00) [projection]; Ghirardi qp/00; Srikanth qp/01, Gambini & Porto PLA(02)qp/01, NJP(03) [covariant]; Zbinden et al PRA(01) [non-local correlations in moving frames]; Myrvold SHPMP(02) [compatible]; Socolovsky NCB(03); Byun FP(04); Jadczyk AIP(06)qp; Blood a1004 [relativistic consistency]; Wen a1008 [and path integrals]; da Silva et al IJMPB(13)-a1012 [observer independence]; Lin AP(12)-a1104 [atom + quantum field model]; Bedingham et al JSP(14)-a1111; Ohanian a1703 [past-light cone collapse]; Myrvold PRA(17)-a1709 [need for non-standard degrees of freedom].
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@ Relativistic GRW mechanism: Tumulka JSP(06)qp/04, AIP(06)qp, FP(07)qp/06; Conway & Kochen FP(06) [not possible], FP(07)qp [reply to comments].

* Spontaneous collapse models: They add a non-linear noise term to the Schrödinger equation and extract definite measurement outcomes either from the wave function (mass density ontology) or the noise itself (flash ontology); They can be Markovian or non-Markovian.
@ Models: Bussey PLA(93) [phonon model]; Assing & Hilbert a1405 [damped, driven]; Ho et al NJP(16)-a1504 [classically driven mechanical oscillator].
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@ Tests of collapse models: Bahrami et al PRL(14) [non-interferometric]; Adler & Vinante PRA(18)-a1801 [bulk heating effects]; Chelvaniththilan a2010.

References > s.a. axioms [projection postulate]; many-worlds interpretation; quantum information (transfer).
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@ And measurement: Gambini qp/98; Gangat PRA(13)-a1303 [observing controlled quantum state collapse]; Bera & Bera a1910 [quantum measurement without collapse]; > s.a. types of measurement [continuous].
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