The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment and Paradox  

In General > s.a. entanglement; quantum correlations; quantum information; wigner functions.
* Idea: An argument that could be called Einstein's reality-locality-completeness theorem, since it proves that one of these three properties must be false for quantum mechanics.
* Remark: It is a paradox only if we assume that (e.g., in the decay π0e+e) Alice's measurement of the spin of one particle makes the spin of the other one an element of reality.
@ Reviews, books: Mermin PT(85)apr; Selleri ed-88; Roussel qp/03-in; Socolovsky qp/05; Gisin qp/07-fs; Szabó a0712-iep; Blaylock AJP(10)-a0902 [intro]; Reid et al RMP(09) [and applications]; Lesov a1101 [intro, and locality].
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@ Loopholes: Mermin in(86); Feldmann FPL(95)qp/99.

EPR-Type Experiments > s.a. foundations; history; relativistic quantum mechanics.
* Idea: Have a source emitting two photons together in opposite directions (atomic cascade), with polarizations measured "far" from the source along two directions, each chosen at random among three possible directions at 120° from each other; Quantum mechanics and local hidden variables theories give different and incompatible predictions for the correlations between the measured values.
* Results: Experiments by A Aspect et al at Orsay have confirmed the quantitative predictions of quantum mechanics regarding Bell's inequalities, thus ruling out theories with local hidden variables.
& Experimental groups, 1987: J F Clauser & S Freedman (Berkeley); R Holt & F M Pipkin (Harvard); E S Fry & R C Thompson (Texas A&M); A Aspect & collaborators (Orsay); 1999: N Gisin et al (Genève).
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@ And locality: Cohen PRA(97); Accardi & Regoli qp/00-conf; Jacobs & Wiseman AJP(05)oct-qp [as a story]; Smerlak & Rovelli FP(07)qp/06 [relational view of quantum mechanics]; Tresser qp/06 [no locality assumption]; Griffiths AJP(11)sep-a1007; > s.a. locality.

Related Topics > s.a. bell's inequalities; entangled systems.
@ General references: Rarity & Tapster PRL(90); Sinha & Sorkin FPL(91) [sum-over-histories account]; Hagley et al PRL(97) [with atoms]; Thompson qp/97/PRL [critique]; Svozil NJP(06)qp/02 [simultaneous measurements]; Bertlmann et al PLA(04)qp [meson pairs]; Takei et al PRA(06) [time-gated]; Ding et al HEPNP-hp/07 [in high-energy physics]; Matzkin qp/07, replaced by a0808 [model based on random local interaction]; Floyd a1001 [in terms of quantum trajectories, entanglement and non-locality].
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@ And hidden variables: Michler et al PRL(00) [non-contextual]; Hofer qp/01/PRL [simulations, with local hidden variables].

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