The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment and Paradox  

In General > s.a. correlations; quantum information; wigner functions.
* Idea: An argument that could be called Einstein's reality-locality-completeness theorem, since it proves that one of these three properties must be false for quantum mechanics.
* Remark: It is a paradox only if we assume that (e.g., in the decay π0e+e) Alice's measurement of the spin of one particle makes the spin of the other one an element of reality.
@ Reviews, books: Mermin PT(85)apr; Selleri ed-88; Roussel qp/03-in; Socolovsky qp/05; Gisin qp/07-fs; Szabó a0712-iep; Blaylock AJP(10)-a0902 [intro]; Reid et al RMP(09) [and applications]; Lesov a1101 [intro, and locality].
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@ Loopholes: Mermin in(86); Feldmann FPL(95)qp/99.

EPR-Type Experiments > s.a. foundations; history; relativistic quantum mechanics.
* Idea: Have a source emitting two photons together in opposite directions (atomic cascade), with polarizations measured "far" from the source along two directions, each chosen at random among three possible directions at 120o from each other; Quantum mechanics and local hidden variables theories give different and incompatible predictions for the correlations between the
* Results: Experiments of A Aspect et al at Orsay have confirmed the quantitative predictions of quantum mechanics regarding Bell's inequalities, thus ruling out theories with local hidden variables.
& Experimental groups, 1987: J F Clauser & S Freedman (Berkeley); R Holt & F M Pipkin (Harvard); E S Fry & R C Thompson (Texas A&M); A Aspect & collaborators (Orsay); 1999: N Gisin et al (Genève).
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@ Single particle: Hessmo et al PRL(04) [photon].
@ Experiments: Zhao et al FP(08) [even-based computer simulation]; Ichikawa et al PLA(08) [using meson decay]; Bar-Gill et al PRL(11)-a1009 [ultracold bosonic gases]; Gallicchio et al PRL(14)-a1310 [using cosmic photons]; Del Santo SHPMP(17)-a1701 [Popper's thought experiment]; Handsteiner et al PRL(17) [Bell inequality test using real-time observations of Milky Way stars]; Rauch et al PRL-a1808 [cosmic test]; > s.a. experiments in quantum mechanics.
@ And locality: Cohen PRA(97); Accardi & Regoli qp/00-conf; Jacobs & Wiseman AJP(05)oct-qp [as a story]; Smerlak & Rovelli FP(07)qp/06 [relational view of quantum mechanics]; Tresser qp/06 [no locality assumption]; Griffiths AJP(11)sep-a1007; > s.a. locality.

Related Topics > s.a. bell's inequalities; entangled systems.
@ General references: Rarity & Tapster PRL(90); Sinha & Sorkin FPL(91) [sum-over-histories account]; Hagley et al PRL(97) [with atoms]; Thompson qp/97/PRL [critique]; Svozil NJP(06)qp/02 [simultaneous measurements]; Bertlmann et al PLA(04)qp [meson pairs]; Takei et al PRA(06) [time-gated]; Ding et al HEPNP-hp/07 [in high-energy physics]; Matzkin qp/07, replaced by a0808 [model based on random local interaction]; Floyd a1001 [in terms of quantum trajectories, entanglement and non-locality].
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@ And hidden variables: Michler et al PRL(00) [non-contextual]; Hofer qp/01/PRL [simulations, with local hidden variables].

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