Locality in Quantum Field Theory  

In General > s.a. locality; localization; observables; quantum field theory; quantum particles and states.
* Physics in a bounded region: It cannot be discussed in terms of subspaces of the full Hilbert space \(\cal H\), because fields there generate \(\cal H\) when acting on the vacuum (> see Reeh-Schlieder theorem); One can use local algebras of operators.
* Non-local theories: For example, a non-local version of QED; Observables in quantum gravity have to be non-local.
> Types of theories: see generalized quantum field theories [non-local]; types of quantum field theories [ultralocal, locally covariant].

Specific Theories > s.a. light [standstill]; non-commutative field theories.
* Non-locality in quantum gravity: It has been suggested by Markopoulou & Smolin that in a transition from an early quantum geometric phase of the universe to a low-temperature phase characterized by an emergent spacetime metric, locality might have been "disordered", with a mismatch between micro-locality and macro-locality.
@ Quantum gravity, non-locality: Ahluwalia PLB(94); Prugovečki FP(96)gq; Giddings PRD(06)ht [and strings], PRD(06)ht [argument from black hole physics]; Markopoulou & Smolin CQG(07)gq [lqg states]; Sorkin in(08)gq/07 [at scales larger than \(l_{\rm P}\)]; Smrz NCB(06); Arzano et al MPLA(10)-a0806 [and hidden entanglement, unitarity]; Prescod-Weinstein & Smolin PRD(09)-a0903 [and effective dark energy]; Giddings PRD(13)-a1211 [and quantum black-hole evolution]; Weinstein a1211-FQXi [and correlations]; Dittrich et al CQG(14)-a1404 [and discretization independence]; Barvinsky MPLA(15)-a1408 [and cosmology]; Giddings JHEP(15)-a1503 [and Hilbert space structure, entanglement]; Azimov IJMPA(16)-a1508-proc; Donnelly & Giddings PRD(16)-a1607 [implications of diffeomorphism invariance, relational approaches]; Maziashvili & Silagadze JPCS-a1812; > s.a. entanglement; non-commutative geometry; quantum regge calculus; spacetime foam.
@ Quantum gravity, recovering locality: Hardy a0804-in [formalism locality]; Amelino-Camelia et al PRL(11) [taming non-locality by giving up absolute coincidence of events]; Engelhardt & Fischetti IJMPD(17)-a1703 [in holographic theory, all or nothing recovery]; > s.a. approaches to quantum gravity.
@ QED: Valentini in(90); Moussa & Baseia PLA(98) [single particle in cavity QED]; > s.a. photon; QED phenomenology.
@ Fermions: Oeckl QSMF(16)-a1307 [free fermions]; > s.a. localization.
@ Other theories: Buchholz & Fredenhagen LNP(82) [gauge theory, and particle states]; Chernitskii in(02)qp/03 [and unified theory]; Balachandran et al PRD(08)-a0708 [twisted quantum field theory]; Fewster & Verch AHP(12)-a1109 [scalar field, dynamical locality]; Benini a1503-PhD [Abelian gauge theories]; Calmet et al EPJC(15)-a1505 [non-locality due to general relativity]; Aste & Frensel a1510 [localization properties and causality aspects of massless and massive scalar particles]; > s.a. deformed special relativity.
> Lattice theories: see ising model [with non-local links]; lattice field theory [localization in random lattices].

References > s.a. approaches to quantum field theory [general boundary].
@ General references: Muller & Butterfield PhSc(94)sep; Gottschalk LMP(99)mp/04 [in terms of Wightman functions, in momentum space]; Chernitskii qp/01; Brunetti et al CMP(03)mp/01 [generally covariant locality]; Bostelmann JMP(05)mp/04; Wanng JMP(98)qp/05 [non-locality]; Kahn & Thaler JHEP(12)-a1202 [locality in theory space, and dimensional reduction]; Brunetti et al RVMP(14)-a1206 [in algebraic quantum field theory]; Lin AP(12)-a1211 [instantaneous spatially-local measurements in relativistic quantum field theories]; Pavšič a1705.
@ Physics in a bounded region: Reeh & Schlieder NC(61); in Haag 92; Strohmaier et al JMP(02)mp [in curved spacetime].
@ Related topics: Tommasini ht/01, ht/01 [and correlations]; Rejzner a1906-proc [groups with causality].
> Online resources: Wikipedia page on the Reeh-Schlieder theorem.

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