Particle Statistics  

Identical Particles > s.a. correlations; Gibbs Paradox; Permutations [more general theories]; Quasiset Theory; representations in quantum theory.
@ Conceptual: Sudarshan AJP(75)jan; Dieks Syn(90); Pešić AS(02); Hilborn & Yuca BJPS(02) [philosophical]; Milotti a0705 [Fermi's views]; Monaldi SHPMP(09) [history]; French & Krause 10 [Identity in Physics]; Reyes-Lega JPA(11)-a1112 [geometry]; Caulton PhSc(13)-a1409, a1409 [and individuation]; Krause a1708 [and Newtonian space and time]; Dieks & Lubberdink a1902-in [distinguishable]; Acacio de Barros et al a1906 [new ontology]; Saunders SHPMP(20)-a2007 [and early quantum theory]; news SA(20)sep [applications].
@ General references: Tikochinsky & Shalitin AJP(90)jan [(anti)symmetrization]; Pesic AJP(91)nov [and formulation of quantum mechanics]; Redhead & Teller BJPS(92); Leinaas & Myrheim IJMPA(93), Leinaas ht/96-ln [algebraic]; York AIP(00)qp; Philippe et al mp/02/JPA [survey]; French & Rickles qp/03-in; Goldstein et al JPA(05)qp/04 [all particles identical]; Niven PLA(05)cm/04 [MB, BE, and FD, combinatorial]; Omar CP(05)qp [rev]; Herbut qp/06; de la Torre & Mártin EJP(09) [and counting of states]; Lubberdink a0910; Reyes-Lega JPA(11) [geometry]; Neori & Goyal AIP(13)-a1211 [on the Symmetrization Postulate]; Goyal a1309 [informational approach, no generalized statistics]; Seglar & Pérez EJP(15)-a1411 [two kinds of solutions]; Wang et al PLB(20)-a1602 [and spacetime surgery]; Krause a1703 [and Newtonian spacetime]; Karczewski et al PRL(18)-a1706 [generalized probabilistic description]; van Enk a1810 [exchange symmetry vs actual exchange]; Karczewski et al PRA(19)-a1812 [multipartite indistinguishability]; Acacio de Barros & Holik Ent-a2007 [and negative probabilities].
@ Classical indistinguishable particles: Saunders SHPMP(06)qp/05 [reason for classical / quantum difference]; Gottesman cm/05; Dieks & Lubberdink FP(11)-a1002 [classical particles and the quantum world]; Töppel & Aiello PRA(13)-a1302 [half fermions and half bosons]; Dieks FP(14)-a1405.
@ Special cases: Peshkin PRA(03)qp/02, qp/03 [spin-0]; Wechsler a0811 [particles that "never met"]; Jakovac a1102 [identical composite objects]; Töppel et al NJP(12)-a1108 [photons, degree of indistinguishability].
@ Entanglement: Ghirardi & Marinatto FdP(03)qp/02-proc, FdP(04)qp, PRA(04)qp, OS(05)qp; Sasaki et al PRA(11); Iemini & Vianna PRA(13)-a1211 [and quantum correlations]; Balachandran et al a1205, PRL(13)-a1303; Killoran et al PRL(14); Cunden et al IJQI(14)-a1402 [and spatial separation]; Benatti et al OSID(14)-a1403 [two approaches]; Ma et al NJP(14)-a1408 [entanglement duality]; Caulton a1409; Mondal JHEP(16)-a1501 [unified formulation for distinguishable and indistinguishable particles]; Lo Franco & Compagno SRep(16)-a1511 + news pw(16)feb [from information theory]; Benatti et al OSID(17)-a1709; Compagno et al PTRS(18)-a1802 [multiparticle probability amplitude]; news pw(18)jun [from spatial overlap]; Lourenço et al PRA(19)-a1905; Morris et al PRX-a1908; Benatti et al PRP(20)-a2007 [rev]; > s.a. entangled systems; Resource Theory.
@ And path integrals: Devreese et al FP(01).
@ Conventionality of indistinguishability: Belousek FP(00); Teller & Redhead FP(00).
@ Other conceptual: Redhead & Teller FP(91) [in favor of Fock space, as opposed to tensor-product Hilbert space]; de la Torre & Martín EJP(09)-a0808 [entropy]; Morganti SHPMP(09); Jantzen PhSc(11)jan [permutation symmetry is incompatible with particle ontology]; Holik et al a1305 [logical structures]; > s.a. Identity of Indiscernibles [Leibniz Principle]; Indistinguishability; Individuality; particles [discernibility, existence].

Fermions and Bosons > s.a. Bosons; fermions [including fermions without fermions]; spin-statistics theorem; statistical mechanics.
* Idea: In 3+1 or more dimensions standard particle statistics holds, which states that the wave function for two or more identical particles must be either symmetric (bosons, satisfying Bose-Einstein statistics) or antisymmetric (fermions, satisfying Fermi-Dirac statistics) under particle permutation, ψ \(\mapsto\) (−1)2s ψ; Exchanging them twice must lead to the same ψ.
@ General references: Klepikov SPU(87); Bach PLA(90); Dasgupta & Roy PLA(90); Bourdeau & Sorkin PRD(92); Arnaud et al AJP(99)mar [Fermi-Dirac statistics, illustration]; Cahill ht/06 [rotations and statistics]; Biswas Res-a1402 [Fermi-Dirac statistics, historical and pedagogical]; Zhou a1604 [statistics from Maximum Entropy].
@ Related topics: MacKenzie et al TMP(94) [quantum configuration space]; Brody & Hughston PRS(99)gq/97 [geometrical]; Isakov et al PLB(98) [observable algebra, 1D]; Oeckl JGP(01)ht/00 [and quantum groups]; Rajagopal cm/06 [superstatistics].
> Related topics: see angular momentum; Boltzmann Statistics; composite quantum systems; Configuration Space; entanglement; foundations of quantum mechanics; locality [correlations]; uncertainty relations.

Special Systems and Applications of Particle Statistics > s.a. generalized particle statistics [including anyons, fractional statistics, parastatistics].
@ Quantum field theory: Celeghini et al JPA(95)ht [quantum field theory]; Greenberg PoS-a1102 [quantum statistics and the quark model].
@ Many-particle interference: Tichy et al NJP(12) [emerging complexity]; Dittel et al PRL(18)-a1801, PRA(18)-a1801 [totally destructive].
@ Other experiments, tests, effects: Choubey & Kar PLB(06) [neutrinos, from supernovas]; Roos et al PRL(17)-a1706 [with a pair of distant atoms].
@ In curved spacetime: Goodison & Toms PRL(93)ht; Scipioni MPLA(95).
@ On discrete sets: Aneziris IJTP(94); Lulek & Lulek JPA(96) [finite sets]; Kornyak LNCS-a1107-conf, JPCS(12) [modeling of finite quantum systems]; Harrison et al CMP(14)-a1304 [n-particle quantum statistics on graphs]; > s.a. discrete geometry.
@ On other types of spaces: Ghilardi & Guadagnini NPB(01) [2+1 dimensions]; > s.a. graphs in physics.
@ Other systems: Strominger PRL(93) [black holes]; Alexanian & Balachandran PLB(02)ht/01 [geons]; > s.a. gas.
> Applications: see quantum technology; Szilard's Demon.

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