Foundations of Quantum Theory  

General Issues > s.a. quantum mechanics / formulations; information; interpretations; quantum measurement; realism; sub-quantum theories.
* Idea: There are several big conceptual issues in quantum mechanics, related to each other, such as Does a quantum state represent reality or our knowledge of reality? Quantum mechanics has holistic aspects that we have a difficult time understanding.
* History: The intuitive, local realism view of physics was challenged by the EPR "paradox" (1935) about reality, locality and completeness, Bell's inequality (1964) about reality and locality, the Hardy-Jordan experiment (1993) tested by Torgerson et al [@ PLA(95), PLA(96)], GHZ states of N > 2 particles.
* Status: Quantum mechanics has passed all experimental tests so far, many more than it had originally been designed to pass, from the structure of matter to the dynamics of stars and the quantum Hall effect; The problems lie in the interpretational aspects.
@ Early papers: Einstein et al PR(31); Eddington 46 [and Durham qp/06-PhD].
@ Overviews, books: Mugur-Schächter 64; Redhead 87; Gibbins 88; d'Espagnat 89; Jauch 90; Wimmel 92; Sonego AFLB(92); Hawking ed-11; O'Reilly a1109 [outsider view]; Hájíček Ent(13)-a1212 [rev]; Jennings & Leifer CP(15)-a1501 [no classical reality]; Sivasundaram & Nielsen a1612 [survey]; Chiribella & Spekkens a1805; Weinberg 18; Drummond OP(19)-a2001 [understanding].
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@ Paradoxes: Peres FP(84); Selleri 90; Aharonov & Rohrlich 05; Kryukov a0708; Rohrlich a0708-en [and errors]; Shkliarevsky a1012 [knowledge and reality].
@ Completeness: Page PLA(82); Kunstatter & Trainor PLA(84); Ford & Mantica AJP(92)dec; Benioff PRA(99)qp/98 [+ validity, consistency]; Marchildon FP(04)qp [incompleteness]; Magnus BJPS(04) [inconsistency of "bare theory"]; Garola qp/05 [and notions of truth]; Skrebnev a1106 [incompleteness, and microcanonical ensembles]; Frauchiger & Renner nComm(18)-a1604, comments He a1810, Relaño a1810, Tausk a1812, Sudbery a1905, Losada et al PRA(19)-a1907, Muciño & Okon a2006 [against universal validity]; Fortin & Lombardi a1904.
@ Quantum theory is fine as is: Englert EPJC(13)-a1308 [no measurement problem or other foundational matters to settle].
@ Related topics: Angelidis JMP(93) [local extension]; Tartaglia EJP(98)qp [instruction kits]; Bub SHPMP(00) [nature of quantum mechanics]; Lyre qp/03-in ["ur-theory"]; D'Hondt & Panangaden qp/05-proc [quantum knowledge]; Mugur-Schächter a0801 [infra quantum mechanics]; Paterek et al NJP(10) [and logical independence]; Brassard & Méthot FP(10) [inconsistency of quantum mechanics]; Perisic NQ(10)-a1005; Aerts ScSt(13)-a1110 [and the human cognitive realm]; Kauffman a1410; Montina MPLA(15)-a1412 [and quantum communication complexity]; Chiatti a1412 [Bohr model and quantum leap]; da Costa & de Ronde a1609 [biased metaphysical interpretation of the formalism?]; Gisin & Fröwis a1802-PTRS, Adesso et al PTRS(18)-a1806 [and applications].
> Related issues: see axioms; causality; Complementarity; Counterfactuals; contextuality; determinism; experiments; Free Will; locality; Ontology; photons; physical theories [towards a principle theory approach] and foundations of physics; probabilities in quantum theory; quantum cosmology; Reality; semiclassical; Trajectories.

Individual Particle or System > s.a. interpretations [including ψ-Epistemic Theories and ψ-Ontic Theories]; mixed states.
@ General references: Hoyt AJP(68)apr; Hartle AJP(68)aug-a1907; Peres AJP(74)oct, van Heerden AJP(75)nov, Peres AJP(75)nov [state of single system?]; Barut FP(90); Aharonov & Vaidman JPA(91), PLA(93); Ballentine FP(92); Anandan FPL(93); Nussinov FP(98)qp/96; Hegerfeldt FdP(98)qp/97-conf; Komar in(99); Ax & Kochen qp/99; Zhu & Shan qp/00; Zeh in(04)qp/02; Gao IJQC(11)-a1001; Klein a1207 [no basis for individuality interpretation]; Wallden FP(13)-a1211 [and the co-event formulation]; Ghirardi & Romano JPCS(13)-a1302; Sorkin JPCS(13)-a1304; Zeh ZN-a1304; Szczepański a1510 [properties of quantum objects]; Weinbaum a1604 [from individuals to individuation]; Gao a1611-in; Chen a1810; Bindini & De Pascale a1907 [from wave functions to single electron densities]; Grangier a2003; Cabaret et al a2103 [status of the wave function].
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@ Observations, perception: Inamori a1507 [the observed world]; Khrennikov a1807 [use Hertz's Bild conception and reject the observational viewpoint]; Hansen & Wolf a1810 [formal statements vs experience]; García-Pintos & del Campo a1907.
@ Related topics: Paul AJP(85)apr [photon polarization example]; Audretsch et al PLA(97)qp [visualizing]; Kadin qp/06 [interpreted as analogous to magnetic domain]; Longpré & Kreinovich IJTP(08) [and quantum cosmology, algorithmic information theory]; Herbut SHPMP-a1307 [degree-of-presence].

General References > s.a. correlations; quantum mechanics.
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@ Collections: Ballentine ed-88; Schommers ed-89; Miller ed-90; Garola & Rossi ed-95; Fuchs & Mermin qp/01; Khrennikov qp/03-proc; Elitzur et al ed-05.
@ Philosophical: Reichenbach 44; Cushing & McMullin ed-89; Butterfield BJPS(92); Schommers 95; Busch SC(01)qp-conf; Davies BJPS(05); Hartle JPA(07)qp/06-fs [quantum physics and human language]; Shkliarevsky a0809 [non-classical epistemology]; MacKinnon 12 [role of language]; Del Santo SHPMP-a1811 [Popper, Feyerabend]; > s.a. Epistemology; philosophy of physics; philosophy of science.
@ References: Ballentine AJP(87)sep [RL]; Cabello qp/00.

"It's a bad sign [...] that those physicists who are happy about quantum mechanics,
and see nothing wrong with it, don't agree with each other about what it means," — Steven Weinberg

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