Cosmological Structure / Matter Distribution  

Observational Aspects, Models of Distribution > s.a. cosmological parameters; matter content.
* Idea: Luminous matter has a roughly fractal distribution up to 15–20 Mpc, while radiation is much more homogeneous and isotropic; They are distributed approximately the same way at galaxy cluster scales, and are possibly homogeneous on larger, super-horizon scales; We don't know why.
* Galactic vs cosmic abundances: The Milky Way and other galaxies and clusters appear to be missing most of their baryons, in that the ratio of the known baryonic mass to the gravitating mass (within the virial radius), is several times less than the cosmic ratio determined from WMAP.
* Fluctuation spectrum: There is a spectrum of density fluctuations (Zel'dovich spectrum?), but no consensus on its origin.
* Baryon acoustic oscillations: 2016, Mapped by the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), with data on 1.2 million galaxies.
@ General references: Einasto et al Nat(97)jan [120-Mpc periodicity]; Gott et al ApJ(05)ap/03 [complete map]; Sarkar et al MNRAS(09)-a0906 [analysis of SDSS DR6 data]; López-Corredoira et al A&A(10)-a1001 [(no) cross-correlation between WMAP and SDSS]; Samushia et al MNRAS(11)-a1006 [effects of cosmological-model assumptions on surveys]; Rasheed et al a1007/PNAS [explaining the baryon deficiency in clusters]; > s.a. observational cosmology.
@ Surveys: Moster et al ApJ(11)-a1001 [deep pencil beams, cosmic variance]; Thomas PRL(11) + news wired(11)jun [excess clustering on large scales]; Bahcall & Kulier MNRAS(14)-a1310 [distribution of mass vs light]; Ahn et al ApJS(14)-a1401 [DR10 from SDSS-III]; Bertacca et al JCAP(14)-a1405 [observed galaxy number counts on the lightcone]; Nusser IAU(16)-a1410 [out to 100 Mpc]; news pw(16)jul [BOSS with data from SDSS-III]; Ntelis & Ealet for Euclid a1805-conf [homogeneity scale and the dark sector].
@ Reviews: Sylos Labini CQG(11); Davis IJMPD(14).
@ Statistical methods: Kerscher LNP(00)ap/99; Shandarin IAU(04)ap; Gabrielli et al 10 [e1 r PT(06)dec]; > s.a. cmb.
@ Other methods: Masui & Sigurdson PRL(15) [proposal using the dispersion of fast radio bursts, FRBs, as "standard pings"].
> Related topics: see models in numerical general relativity; phenomenology of higher-order gravity [cluster density profiles]; universal expansion.

Specific Features > s.a. dark energy and dark matter distribution; galaxies [including LSR]; galaxy distribution [including voids].
* Cosmic web: A network of large-scale structure filaments predicted by the concordance Cold Dark Matter cosmological model; 2012, The thread-like structure has been traced by galaxy redshift surveys for decades, the intergalactic medium in low-redshift filaments has been observed in emission and absorption, and direct evidence for a dark matter filament has just been reported.
@ Cosmic web / network: Bond et al Nat(96)ap/95; Sousbie et al MNRAS(09)-a0809 [evolution]; Aragón-Calvo et al a0809 [spine], MNRAS(10)-a1007 [multiscale phenomenology]; Bregman a0906 [and X-ray telescopes]; Shandarin et al PRD(10)-a0912; Sousbie MNRAS(11)-a1009 [theory]; van de Weygaert et al in(11)-a1305, Pranav et al MNRAS(17)-a1608 [topology in terms of Betti numbers]; Hidding et al a1205-conf [geometrical formalism, using weighted Delaunay and Voronoi tessellations and the Burgers equation]; Benítez-Llambay et al ApJL(13)-a1211 [and dwarf galaxies]; news bbc(13)jan [quasar illuminates a nearby gas cloud tracing out filaments]; Hamaus PRL(14) [void-galaxy correlations]; Codis et al IAU(16)-a1409 [alignments of galaxies]; Einasto a1410-IAU [history, role of Yakov Zeldovich]; Vazza et al a1602-proc [detection at radio wavelengths]; Coutinho et al a1604 [the underlying network]; Jones & van de Weygaert IAU(16)-a1611 [theory]; Libeskind et al MNRAS(18)-a1705 [tracing]; Codis et al MNRAS(18)-a1803 [connectivity]; news sn(19)oct [new images]; > s.a. dark-matter distribution; galaxy distribution [including alignment and bulk flow].
@ Local void scenarios: Alexander et al JCAP(09)-a0712 [supernova and cmb data]; García-Bellido & Haugboelle JCAP(08)-a0807 [bounds], JCAP(09)-a0810 [proposed test]; Lavaux & Wandelt MNRAS(10)-a0906 [void-finding technique]; Yoo PRD(10)-a1009 [general-relativistic description of the matter power spectrum]; Sylos Labini & Pietronero JSM(10)-a1012 [statistics]; > s.a. effects on cosmological acceleration.
@ In favor of fractal: Coleman & Pietronero PRP(92); Pietronero et al ap/96-in; Durrer et al EPL(97)ap; Montuori et al ap/97-proc; Sylos Labini et al PRP(98)ap/97; Ribeiro & Miguelote BJP(98)ap; Durrer & Sylos Labini A&AL-ap/98 [and homogeneous FLRW models]; Sylos Labini ap/98-proc, ap/98-proc; Pietronero & Sylos Labini ap/98-proc; Célérier & Thieberger A&A(01) [curvature corrections], eConf-ap/05 [scale-dependent dimension]; Eckmann et al ap/03 [fractal dimension]; Joyce et al A&A(05)ap; Sylos Labini et al EPL(09)-a0805, EPL(09)-a0812 [fluctuations at all scales], AIP(10)-a0910; Sylos Labini EPL(11)-a1110 [very-large-scale correlations]; > s.a. fractals in physics.
@ Against fractal: Davis ap/96-in; Guzzo NA(97)ap; Cappi et al A&A-ap/98; Martínez et al MNRAS(98)ap.
@ And the cmb: Durrer & Sylos Labini A&AL-ap/98; Gawiser PhD(99)ap/00; news RAS(15)apr [supervoid aligned with the Cold Spot]; > s.a. cmb anisotropies.
@ Other specific features: Fumagalli et al Sci(11)nov + news pw(11)nov [two clouds of primordial gas seen]; Jelic-Cizmek et al a1806 [vorticity].

Theory of Structure Formation > s.a. critical phenomena; dark matter; inflationary phenomenology; quantum cosmology; relativistic cosmology.
@ General references: Elizalde & Gaztañaga PLA(88); Bershadskii PLA(96) [fractal-homogeneity phase transition]; Guzzo ap/99-conf; Einasto ap/00-ASP; Sylos Labini & Pietronero ap/01-proc [complexity]; Ribeiro A&A(05)ap/04; Bregman a0906 [galactic vs cosmic]; Basilakos IJMPD(12)-a1202 [in the ΛCDM standard model]; Knobel a1208 [pedagogical introduction]; Jeong & Schmidt CQG(15)-a1407 [covariant and gauge-invariant observables for large-scale structure]; Castiblanco et al a1910-MG15 [rev].
@ Seeds of structure: Governato et al Nat(98)ap; León et al PRD(14)-a1410 [quantum collapse]; Cañate et al JCAP(18)-a1802 [semiclassical].
@ Non-linear regime: Tassev & Zaldarriaga JCAP(12)-a1109 [mildly non-linear]; Bernardeau a1311-ln.
@ Effective field theory: Carrasco et al JHEP(12)-a1206; Carrasco et al JCAP(14) [at 2 loops]; Senatore & Zaldarriaga JCAP(14)-a1404 [IR-resummed]; Senatore JCAP(15)-a1406 [collapsed objects, galaxies]; Baldauf et al PRD(15)-a1507 [at 2 loops, apparent scale dependence of the speed of sound]; Cyr-Racine et al PRD(16)-a1512 [ETHOS, effective theory of structure formation]; Bertolini et al JCAP(16)-a1604 [trispectrum]; > s.a. cosmological perturbations.
@ General-relativistic treatment: Adamek et al nPhy(16)-a1509 [simulations]; Ostrowski et al a1602-MG14; Al Roumi & Buchert a1602-MG14 [and gravitoelectromagnetism]; synopsis Phy(16) [results of numerical simulations].
@ Other theoretical approaches: van de Weygaert ap/02-conf, ap/02-proc [Voronoi-froth]; Wuensche et al PhyA(04) [and non-extensive statistics]; Hwang & Noh MNRAS(06)ap/05 [validity of Newtonian modeling]; Baker et al PRD(14)-a1310 [growth rate and modified gravity]; Frankel proc(14)-a1401-fs; Abolhasani et al JCAP(16)-a1509 [perturbative effective theory, systematic renormalization].
@ Numerical simulations: Musoke et al PRL(20), Hertzberg Phys(20) [post-inflationary universe].
@ Correlation functions: Buryak & Doroshkevich A&A(96)ap/95; Dodelson & Gaztañaga MNRAS(00)ap/99; Gaztañaga et al MNRAS(05)ap; Sylos Labini PoS-a0912 [super-homogeneity and inhomogeneities].
@ Skewness: Amendola & Quercellini PRL(04)ap [and the equivalence principle].
@ Scaling: Borgani PRP(95); Baugh et al MNRAS(04)ap [hierarchical, 2dF]; Jones et al RMP(04)ap [rev].
@ Continuous matter creation: de Roany & de Freitas Pacheco a1012; > s.a. Steady-State Cosmology.
> Related topics: see Copernican Principle and cosmological principle [homogeneity and isotropy]; early-universe cosmology; cosmological perturbation theory and perturbation phenomenology [including other theories of gravity and primordial inhomogeneities]; turbulence; voronoi tiling.

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