Inflation and Planck-Scale Physics  

In General > s.a. friedmann equation [quantum gravity corrections]; quantum-cosmology phenomenology.
* Idea: Issues studied include the possible emergence of an inflationary epoch from a quantum gravity instanton–tunneling solution or a bounce, and the predictions for the perturbation spectrum in various approaches to quantum gravity.
* Motivation: Inflation has been used to try to avoid the initial Big-Bang singularity by giving bounce solutions.
@ General references: Brandenberger & Martin MPLA(01)ap/00, PRD(05)ht/04; Niemeyer PRD(01) [cutoff]; Danielsson PRD(02)ht; Shankaranarayanan CQG(03)gq/02; Burgess et al JHEP(03)ht/02; Alberghi et al PLB(04)gq/03; Cremonini PRD(03)ht [quantum-deformed wave equation]; Tsamis & Woodard CQG(09)-a0807 [simplified model]; Jackson & Schalm PRL(12) + news physorg(12)mar [inflationary power spectrum]; Conlon JCAP(12)-a1203 [quantum-gravity constraints]; Romania et al LNP(13)-a1204; Brandenberger & Martin CQG(13)-a1211 [rev]; Kleban et al JCAP(16)-a1508 [energy scale of inflation].
@ Primordial inflation: Vilenkin PRD(83); Moss & Wright PRD(84); Hawking & Page NPB(88).
@ Emergence from quantum cosmology: Hawking & Turok PLB(98)ht, gq/98, Turok & Hawking PLB(98)ht [Hartle-Hawking proposal]; Linde PRD(98)gq, Bousso & Linde PRD(98)gq [tunneling]; Garriga PRD(00)ht/98; González-Díaz ht/98, PRD(99)ht/98; Unruh gq/98; Vilenkin PRD(98)ht; Barvinsky et al MPLA(99)gq; Hawking & Hertog PRD(02)ht; Luzzi PhD(06)-a0705 [WKB approximation]; Biswas IJMPD(13)-a1308-GRF; > s.a. cosmological perturbations; early-universe cosmology; inflationary phenomenology [decoherence and classicality].
@ GUP approach: Hassan & Sloth NPB(03)ht/02; Tawfik et al GRG(13)-a1208.
@ And no-boundary proposal: Huang NPB(07)ht/05 [chaotic]; Hawking a0710-talk [volume weighting]; Hartle et al PRD(10)-a1001, PRL(11)-a1009 [eternal inflation]; Hwang & Yeom JCAP(14)-a1311.
@ Pre-big bang inflation: Maggiore & Sturani PLB(97) [fine tuning].
@ Other quantum-gravity effects: Tsamis & Woodard NPB(96)hp, AP(97)hp/96, AP(98); de Barros et al CQG(99) [Schwinger-DeWitt]; Pinto-Neto & Colistete PLA(01) [graceful exit]; Woodard NPPS(02)ap/01; Hogan ap/02-conf [information bounds and fluctuations]; Weinstein & Akhoury ht/03, ht/03; Guzmán et al PRD(04) [supersymmetric quantum cosmology]; Bachmann & Kempf gq/05 [on cmb]; Tsamis & Woodard CQG(05)gq [quantifying acceleration]; Kahya & Woodard PRD(07)-a0709 [corrections to inflaton self-mass]; Woodard IJMPD(14)-a1407-in [rev]; Mohammadi et al AP(17)-a1505 [effects of a minimal length]; > s.a. phenomenology and tests of lorentz violation; early-universe cosmology [trans-planckian issue].

Inflationary Fluctuations in Quantum Gravity > see inflationary phenomenology [perturbations].
@ General references: Starobinsky JETPL(01)ap [robustness of perturbations]; Easther et al PRD(02)ht [spectrum]; Danielsson JCAP(06)ht/05 [spectrum and expansion]; Kim MPLA(07)ap-conf [effects of quantum fluctuations]; Martin LNP(08)-a0704 [Schwinger effect analogy, review]; Kamenshchik et al a1804.
@ Effect of minimal length: Ashoorioon et al PRD(05) [GUP]; Kempf & Lorenz PRD(06)gq; Chatwin-Davies et al a1612 [covariant UV cutoff].
@ And lqc / lqg: Calcagni & Cortés CQG(07)gq/06 [with scalar]; Mulryne & Nunes PRD(06) [power spectrum from superinflation]; Grain AIP(10)-a0911 [gravity-wave production]; Bojowald & Calcagni JCAP(11)-a1011 [full set of cosmological observables]; Bethke & Magueijo PRD(11)-a1104 [chiral asymmetry in the the vacuum energy and fluctuations]; Bojowald et al JCAP(11)-a1107 [power spectra of scalar and tensor perturbations]; Bojowald CR(15)-a1509 [difficulties]; Zhu et al JCAP(16)-a1510 [with inverse-volume corrections, and Planck data]; > s.a. inflation.
@ Other Planck-scale physics: Martin & Brandenberger PRD(01)ht/00, PRD(02)ht, PRD(03)ht; Niemeyer & Parentani PRD(01) [models with no effects]; Kempf & Niemeyer PRD(01), Easther et al PRD(01) [with cutoff], PRD(02); Danielsson PRD(02) [cmb anisotropies]; Sriramkumar & Padmanabhan PRD(05)gq/04 [vs perturbation spectrum]; Ren et al IJMPD(09)ap/06; Koh & Brandenberger JCAP(07) [in non-commutative spacetime]; Seahra et al JCAP(12)-a1207 [and polymer quantization]; Romania et al in(13)-a1204, CQG(13) [enhancement of primordial gravitational waves]; > s.a. quantum-cosmology phenomenology.

In Various Approaches to Quantum Gravity > s.a. asymptotic safety; quantum cosmology phenomenology; quantum spacetime.
@ And lqg: Tsujikawa et al CQG(04)ap/03; Nunes PRD(05)ap; Germani et al PRD(07)gq [highly improbable]; Zhang & Ling JCAP(07)-a0705; Agulló et al PRL(12)-a1209 + news ns(12)oct + Singh Phy(12) [quantum gravity extension of the inflationary scenario].
@ And lqc: Copeland et al PRD(08)-a0708 [super-inflation]; Nelson a0708-proc [probability of inflation]; Artymowski et al JCAP(09)-a0807 [corrections, and cmb]; Wu et al JCAP(09) [tachyonic, inverse-volume corrections]; Mielczarek PRD(10)-a0908; Mielczarek et al PRD(10)-a1003; Barrau PoS-a1011; Linsefors & Barrau PRD(13)-a1301 [prediction]; Mielczarek JCAP(14)-a1311 [inflationary power spectrum]; Bolliet et al CQG(17)-a1701 [duration of inflation]; Bhardwaj et al PRD(19)-a1812 [conditions for slow-roll inflation to arise]; > s.a. quantum-gravity phenomenology.
@ Higher dimensions: Mazumdar PLB(99); Arkani-Hamed et al PRL(03)ht [5D gauge theory]; Madriz & Bellini PLB(04)gq [non-compact Kaluza-Klein]; Greene et al PLB(11)-a1001 [large-volume, possibly braneless extra dimensions]; Yusofi & Mohsenzadeh IJTP(10)-a1006.
@ String theory: Easther et al PRD(01)ht, PRD(03)ht/01 [strings and perturbations]; Kachru et al JCAP(03)ht; Cline ht/05-conf [rev]; Brandenberger CJP(06)ht/05-conf; > s.a. string phenomenology.
@ Brane world: Lidsey & Seery PRD(06)ap/05 [test of holographic inflation]; Tye LNP(08)ht/06 [intro + review]; > s.a. brane cosmology.
@ Other models or theories: Martinec & Moore JHEP(14)-a1401 [1+1 Liouville gravity + matter model]; Hassan et al PRD(15)-a1409 [polymer quantized scalar field]; Myrzakulov et al PRD(15)-a1412 [higher-derivative quantum gravity]; Bellini PDU-a1509 [back-reaction effects from geometrical scalar field]; Anselmi et al a2005 [Weyl-squared term effects]; > s.a. fractals in physics [multifractal spacetime].
> Related topics: see minisuperspace and FLRW quantum cosmology; non-commutative cosmology.

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