Quantum-Gravity Phenomenology: Gravitation and Astrophysics  

Gravitation in General > s.a. action for general relativity [corrections]; cosmological effects; quantum-gravity phenomenology; semiclassical general relativity.
* Examples: The initial state of the universe; Correlations between cosmological and microscopic parameters; Amplitude-birefringent gravitational wave propagation.
@ General references: Amelino-Camelia et al IJMPD(10)-a1007-GRF; Rinaldi MPLA(12)-a1201 [rev]; Calcagni AdP(13)-a1209 [observational effects from quantum cosmology]; Woodard IJMPD(14)-a1407-in [and inflation, rev]; Liu et al EPJC(16)-a1607 [consequences of quantum metric fluctuations].
@ Vacuum excitations / fluctuations: Modanese RNC(94)ht [correlations], NPB(00)gq [dipolar], in(02)gq/00; Jaekel & Reynaud AdP(95)qp/01; Starodubtsev ht/03 [around Kodama's Chern-Simons state]; Modanese CQG(07) [with large virtual masses]; Yang PDU(16)-a1506.
@ Low-energy effective theory: Donoghue PRD(94) [leading corrections]; Giulini & Kiefer PLA(94) [attractivity of gravity]; Burgess LRR(04)gq/03; Hamber & Williams PLB(06)gq [constraints on corrections]; Tartaglia & Capone IJMPD(08) [internal viscosity and strain distributions, and cosmology]; Bjerrum-Bohr et al JHEP(14) [corrections to the gravitational potential]; Accettulli et al PRD(20)-a1911 [no corrections from quadratic curvature terms]; & J Doboszewski [classical limit]; Casadio & Kuntz a2003 [corrections to the gravitational potential]; Padmanabhan PLB(21)-a2011 [mesoscopic effective action]; > s.a. effective quantum field theory; kaluza-klein theory.
@ Black holes: Padmanabhan MPLA(99) [and cosmology]; Gibson ap/03 [lP instability and turbulence?]; Vidotto et al a1609-proc [primordial black holes and tunneling into white holes]; Oeckl PLA(18)-a1804 [black hole to white hole transition]; Maselli et al a1811 [probing near-horizon quantum structures with gravitational waves]; Carballo-Rubio et al a1908 [singularity regularization and macroscopic consequences]; Borissova & Eichhorn a2012 [singularity resolution]; > s.a. asymptotic safety; black-hole thermodynamics; gravitational waves from compact binaries; phenomenology of higher-order gravity.
@ Gravitational collapse: Modesto IJTP(08)gq/06; Kowalski-Glikman & Starodubtsev gq/06 [and perturbation theory]; Kraus & Mathur IJMPD(15)-a1505-GRF [horizon avoidance]; Bonanno et al FP(18)-a1710 [and singularities]; > s.a. 3D quantum gravity.
> Other effects: see constraint equations; differential geometry; entropy; inertia; modified newtonian gravity; quantum equivalence principle; wormholes.

Gravitational Waves > s.a. gravitational waves, compact sources and propagation.
@ General references: Calcagni et al JCAP(19)-a1907 [gravitational-wave astronomy]; Calcagni a2012-ch [rev, difficult but possible].
@ Background: Polarski & Roche MPLA(05)gq [and lightcone fluctuations]; Gasperini IJMPD(15)-a1508-GRF [vacuum energy density]; Calcagni & Kuroyanagi JCAP(21)-a2012 [detectability, in various theories].
@ Propagation, dispersion: Bojowald & Hossain PRD(08)-a0709 [lqg corrections]; Moffat a1406 [and superluminal velocities].
@ Propagation, birefringence: Alexander et al PRD(08)-a0712 [from string theory, Chern-Simons]; Yunes & Finn JPCS(09)-a0811 [and LISA].
@ Interferometry: Amelino-Camelia Nat(99)mar, PRD(00)gq/99, PLB(00)gq/99, gq/00, Nat(01)gq [noise]; Adler et al PLB(00)gq/99 [against]; Ng & van Dam FP(00)gq/99; Ng ht/00-proc, PRL(01)gq/00; Hogan PRD(08)-a0712 [holographic noise]; Vermeulen et al a2008 [twin tabletop interferometers].
@ Related topics: Ma PLA(98) [Károlyházy hazy spacetime]; Grain & Barrau PRL(09)-a0902 [spectrum]; Kent FP(13) [decay of wave coherence]; Calmet et al EPJC(16)-a1607 [modes with complex mass, effective field theory techniques]; Das et al PRD(19)-a1807; Guerreiro CQG(20)-a1911 [gravitationally induced revivals].

Astrophysics > s.a. black-hole phenomenology; diffusion; entanglement phenomenology.
@ In the Solar System: Page IJMPD(10)-a1007.
@ Stars: Amelino-Camelia et al IJMPD(12)-a0906 [Chandrasekhar model of white dwarfs]; Santos PRD(10)-a0909 [effective R2 term in the action and stars]; Wang et al JHEP(10)-a1006, PLB(12) [equations of state and compact-star configurations]; Calmet et al a1909 [corrections to star metric]; Kianfar et al a2103.
@ Planck stars: Barrau & Rovelli PLB(14)-a1404 [phenomenology]; Christodoulou et al a1605 [tunneling time].
@ Other astrophysics: Biller et al PRL(99)gq/98; Sarkar MPLA(02)gq-conf; Amelino-Camelia & Kowalski-Glikman ed-05; Reuter & Weyer IJMPD(06) [scale dependence of G]; Rodrigues et al JCAP(10)-a0911, PoS-a1301 [renormalization and corrections to galaxy rotation curves]; Estes et al ApJ(17)-a1607 [pulsar-black hole binaries]; Haggard & Rovelli IJMPD(16)-a1607-GRF; Kavic et al a1805 [bh-ns binaries]; > s.a. photon phenomenology [including GRBs].
> The trans-planckian issue: see black-hole radiation; early-universe cosmology; inflation; higher-order gravity.

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