Modifications and Violations of Lorentz Invariance: Phenomenology  

Particle Physics > s.a. anomaly [chiral]; causal sets; CPT; dirac fields; instantons; particle statistics; spinning particles.
* Possibilities: It can by expected to lead to violations of causality, locality and unitarity, and to modified photon dispersion relations (and also for gravitons and other particles), from \(\omega^2 = c^2k^2\) to \(\omega^2 = c^2k^2 + ak^4 + \ldots\).
@ General references: Bluhm et al PRD(98)hp [Penning traps]; Cowsik & Sreekantan PLB(99) [bounds]; Chkareuli et al NPB(01)hp, PRL(01)hp [non-observability]; Amelino-Camelia IJMPD(03)gq [lP2 effects on particles]; Lämmerzahl et al PRD(05)gq [charge non-conservation]; Cardone et al EmPh(03)ht/05-in [DSR and electron mass]; Ferreira & Moucherek IJMPA(06)ht [Dirac equation]; Altarev et al PRL(09) [spin precession of ultracold neutrons]; Hossenfelder PRL(10)-a1004 [violation of locality]; Coutant et al PRD(12)-a1111 [impossibility of superluminal travel]; Liberati ch(13)-a1203-ln [review]; Liberati & Mattingly a1208-proc [theory and observational constraints]; Bailey et al PRD(13)-a1309 [limits from Gravity Probe B]; Blas & Lim IJMPD(14)-a1412 [preferred time direction]; Sakstein & Solomon PLB(17)-a1705 [baryogenesis].
@ Statistical mechanics: Colladay & McDonald PRD(04); Araújo & Reis a2005 [partition function for interacting quantum gases].
@ Interactions, scattering: Carmona & Cortés PLB(00)hp [T beta-decay]; Colladay & Kostelecký PLB(01)hp [standard-model cross sections]; Baccetti et al JHEP(12)-a1111 [kinematical threshold theorems]; Santos & Khanna IJMPA(18)-a1801 [Bhabha Scattering in gravitoelectromagnetism].
@ Neutrinos: Blasone et al EPL(05)hp/03 [mixing]; Battistoni et al PLB(05) [atmospheric, muon production]; Hooper et al PRD(05)hp [and CPT]; Grossman et al PRD(05); Arias et al PLB(07)hp/06 [oscillations]; Jacob & Piran nPhys(07)hp/06 [tof measurements]; Ellis et al PRD(08)-a0805; Mattingly et al JCAP(10)-a0911; Scully & Stecker APP(11)-a1008 [from ultra-high-energy cosmic rays]; Lingli & Ma APP(13)-a1109 [speed anomaly]; Katori MPLA(12) [MiniBooNE neutrino oscillation excesses]; Maccione et al JCAP(13) [threshold constraints]; Dai et al EPJC(17)-a1701; Huang et al PRD(19)-a1906 [IceCube data, and CPT].
@ Wave dispersion: Amelino-Camelia et al JCAP(03)ht/02 [in \(\kappa\)-Minkowski]; Xiao & Ma IJMPA(09); Carmona et al CQG(18)-a1702.
@ Electrodynamics: Kostelecký & Mewes PRL(01)ht, PRD(02)hp [vacuum birefringence]; Vankov & Stanev PLB(02)ap; Tobar et al PRD(05)hp/04, err PRD(07)hp; Altschul PRD(05)ht, PRL(06), PRD(06) [synchrotron radiation, inverse Compton]; Kostelecký & Mewes PRL(07)ap [and the cmb]; Altschul PRD(07) [inverse Compton radiation]; Biteau & Williams ApJ(15)-a1502 [pair-creation threshold]; de Brito et al PRD(16)-a1605; > s.a. modified electrodynamics.
@ Radiative corrections: Arteaga et al IJTP(04); Pérez & Sudarsky PRL(03)gq, GRG(05) [limits, from dimension-5 operators]; Crichigno & Vucetich PLB(07)ht/06 [large effects and fine tuning].
@ Threshold effects: Mattingly et al PRD(03); Jacobson et al PRD(03)hp/02, PRD(03)hp/02; Lehnert PRD(03); Heyman et al PRD(04)gq/03 [in DSR].
@ Photons: Kaufhold & Klinkhamer NPB(06), PRD(07)-a0704 [vacuum Cerenkov radiation]; Camacho & Macías GRG(07)gq [thermodynamics of photon gas]; Jacob et al PRD(10)-a1004 [dispersion in relatively boosted frames]; Alfaro et al IJMPA(10)-a0904 [and CPT, photon mass]; Shao & Ma MPLA(10); Borges et al PLB(16)-a1601 [higher-derivative operators and wave propagation]; > s.a. quantum-gravity phenomenology; wave phenomena [virtual particles and evanescent waves].

Particle Astrophysics > s.a. tests of lorentz violation.
@ GRBs: Kahniashvili et al PLB(06)ap; Kostelecký & Mewes PRL(06)hp [polarization]; Fermi GBM/LAT a0908; Xiao & Ma PRD(09)-a0909; Zhang & Ma APP(14)-a1406; Ganguly & Desai a1706 [GRB 160625B, critical assessment].
@ Cosmic and gamma rays: González-Mestres ap/96-proc, ap/96-conf [superluminal], hp/99-conf, hp/99-conf, AIP(01)ap/00, ht/02-conf [deformed group]; Bertolami NPPS(00)gq, & Carvalho PRD(00)gq/99; Aloisio et al PRD(00)ap; Stecker & Glashow APP(01)ap; Amelino-Camelia PLB(02); Lieu ApJL(02); Stecker APP(03)ap, IJMPA(05)ap/04; Jacobson et al PRL(04)ap/03 [γs and electrons]; Gagnon & Moore PRD(04)hp; Stecker & Scully APP(05)ap/04 [UHECR]; Basu & Mattingly CQG(05)ap [non-systematic]; Galaverni & Sigl PRL(08)-a0708 [only third-order (at least) effects viable]; Jacob & Piran JCAP(08) [arrival delays]; Maccione & Liberati JCAP(08)-a0805 [Auger data]; Bietenholz PRP(11)-a0806 [rev]; Bi et al PRD(09)-a0812 [ultra-high-energy]; Maccione et al JCAP(09)-a0902; Daniel et CTA Consortium a1501-proc; Martínez-Huerta & Pérez-Lorenzana PRD(17)-a1610 [cosmic ray propagation].
@ Cosmic rays: Coleman & Glashow PRD(99)hp/98 [GZK]; Stecker & Scully NJP(09)-a0906 [UHECR]; Saveliev et al JCAP(11)-a1101 [chemical composition]; Cowsik et al PRD(12)-a1206; Aloisio et al a1408-proc.
@ Gamma rays: Laurent et al PRD(11)-a1106 + news ns(11)jul [and vacuum birefringence].

Gravitation and Cosmology > s.a. Čerenkov Effect [gravitational]; cosmological acceleration.
@ Gravitation: Gorbunov & Sibiryakov JHEP(05)ht [from branes]; Eling et al PRD(07)ht [violation of generalized second law of black-hole thermodynamics]; Betschart et al NPB(09)-a0811 [black-hole thermodynamics]; Bluhm a1302-GR13; Barausse & Sotiriou CQG(13)-a1307 [black holes]; Bailey proc(14)-a1309 [rev]; > s.a. black-hole radiation; tests of lorentz invariance.
@ Dark matter: Audren et al JCAP(15)-a1410 [bounds]; Ivanov a1605-proc [constraints].
@ Other cosmology: Moffat IJMPD(93)gq/92 [causality problem]; González-Mestres ap/95, NPPS(96)ap [superluminal particles and cosmological evolution]; Bertolami & Mota PLB(99)gq/98, gq/99-conf [string theory and magnetic fields]; Carroll & Lim PRD(04)ht [slowdown]; Soda & Kanno gq/06-proc [brane world]; Khajeh et al PLB(07) [particle creation]; Avelino et al PRD(09)-a0903 [dynamics of inflation]; Campanelli et al PLB(09) [primordial magnetic fields]; Khosravi GRG(11)-a1002 [particle creation]; Leon et al MPLA(17)-a1611 [cmb polarization]; Bonder & León PRD(17)-a1704 [cmb anisotropies and inflation].
@ Perturbations, structure formation: Lim PRD(05)ap/04 [and cmb]; Li et al PRD(08)-a0709.
@ Bounds: Gurzadyan et al MPLA(05) [anisotropy of c, cmb]; Lambiase PRD(05)ap [from nucleosynthesis]; Kahniashvili et al PRD(08)-a0807 [WMAP]; Bailey a0911-conf; Sfarti MPLA(10) [anisotropy of c, Mansouri-Sexl theory]; González-Mestres AIP(10)-a1012; Samajdar a1906-conf [from gravitational waves].

Other Areas of Physics
@ Condensed matter physics: Ajaib a1403.

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