Non-Commutative Theories and Cosmology  

In General > s.a. non-commutative gravity [including cosmological black holes]; non-commutative spacetime.
@ Books: Marcolli 18.
@ Cosmological constant: Yang a0711 [from fluctuations, emergent gravity]; Mena et al a0802; Singh GRG(08)-a0805 [classical-quantum sduality]; Garattini & Nicolini PRD(11)-a1006; Garattini a1102-proc.
@ Inflation: Chu et al MPLA(01)ht/00; Alexander et al PRD(03)ht/01; Lizzi et al JHEP(02)ht; Tsujikawa et al PLB(03) [inflation and the cmb]; Marcolli et al CMP(11)-a1005 [spectral action, with different cosmic topologies]; Li & Zhang PRD(13)-a1304 [reexamination after the Planck results]; Calmet & Fritz a1506 [phenomenology].
@ Solutions and theoretical aspects: Estrada & Marcolli a1203 [non-commutative mixmaster cosmologies]; Ghaneh et al MPLA(12) [signature change].
@ Phenomenology: Marcolli & Pierpaoli a0908 [early universe]; Sakellariadou AIP(09)-a0910; Nelson & Sakellariadou PRD(10); Sakellariadou JPCS(11)-a1010, PoS-a1101; Marcolli IJGMP(11); Sakellariadou JPCS-a1203 [summary]; Sakellariadou JPCS(13)-a1301; Kuhfittig JModP(17)-a1703 [dark matter and dark energy]; > s.a. friedmann equation; inflation and Planck-scale physics.
> Related topics: see cmb polarization [BICEP2 results]; non-commutative theories [astrophysics, including cosmic rays and cmb spectrum]; theories of the cosmological acceleration.

Quantum Cosmology > s.a. discrete models.
@ General references: Pimentel & Mora GRG(05)gq/04 [string theory quantum cosmology].
@ FLRW models: Fabi et al PRD(08)-a0808 [corrections]; Oliveira-Neto et al a1206, a1401; > s.a. friedmann equation.
@ Bianchi I models: Guzmán et al IJMPD(07); Socorro et al IJTP(09)-a0910 [with scalar field, Λ and fluid]; Rosenbaum et al PRD(14)-a1401; Juárez & Martínez a1403 [coherent states]; > s.a. bianchi-I models [Kasner].
@ Other Bianchi models: Vakili et al CQG(07)gq; Agüero et al IJTP(07)gq [Bianchi II]; > s.a. bianchi IX models.
@ Kantowski-Sachs models: García-Compeán et al PRL(02)ht/01; Barbosa & Pinto-Neto PRD(04)ht; Bastos et al PRD(08)-a0712, IJMPA(09)-a0904 [phase-space non-commutative].
@ Other quantum cosmology: Zejak & Dragovich a0708 [minisuperspace]; Mena et al IJMPD(09)gq/07 [WKB-type approximation]; > s.a. relativistic cosmology; quantum cosmology.

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