FLRW Quantum Cosmology  

In General > s.a. minisuperspace; models in canonical quantum gravity; quantum cosmology [including third quantization].
* Factor ordering: Different ones have been used for the a part of the kinetic term in the scalar constraint, such as, at least for k = 0, (a3)−1 aa [Page JMP(91), Leclerc CQG(07)gq], a−1/4 πa a−1/2 πa a−1/4 [DeWitt PR(67)], and a−1/2 πa a−1/2 πa [Christodoulakis & Zanelli PLA(84)].
@ General references: Kiefer NPB(90); Louko & Ruback CQG(91) [spatially flat]; Perlt & Pohle PLB(91); Dalarsson MPLA(95); Mallett CQG(95); Pollock IJMPD(96) [open universe and causality horizon]; Hossain CQG(04)gq/03 [Hubble operator]; Glinka NAP-a0711 [many-particles approach]; Gerhardt CQG(09)-a0806; Barvinsky JCAP(11)-a1012 [path integral]; Wetterich PRD(17)-a1603 [correlation function for the metric]; Gerhardt Symm(19)-a1908 [results from canonical quantum gravity].
@ Factor-ordering ambiguity: Steigl & Hinterleitner CQG(06)gq/05; Demaerel & Struyve a1904 [and singularity avoidance].
@ Wheeler-DeWitt equation: Hartle et al JCAP(14)-a1207 [inflation with Λ < 0]; Vieira & Bezerra PRD(16)-a1603 [solutions].
@ Histories approach: Anastopoulos & Savvidou CQG(05)gq/04; Craig & Singh PRD(10)-a1006 [+ scalar, Wheeler-DeWitt quantization, decoherence functional].
@ With gup: Battisti & Montani PLB(07)gq, AIP(08)-a0709, IJMPA(08)-a0802 [minimal length]; Farag Ali & Majumder CQG(14)-a1402 [minimal length and maximal energy].
@ Affine quantization: Fanuel & Zonetti EPL(13)-a1303, Bergeron et al PRD(14)-a1305 [singularity avoidance].
@ Singularity avoidance: Padmanabhan PRD(83) [conformal factor as degree of freedom]; Lemos CQG(91) [FLRW model + dust], PRD(96) [k = 0 FLRW metric + m = 0 scalar]; Kim PLA(97)gq [with massless scalar, de Broglie-Bohm]; Bojowald PRL(01)gq; Husain & Winkler PRD(04)gq/03; Pinto-Neto et al PRD(12) [Wheeler-DeWitt quantization]; Bouhmadi-López et al PRD(14)-a1312 [type-IV singularities]; Donoghue & El-Menoufi PRD(14)-a1402 [non-localities from quantum loops of massless particles]; Falciano et al PRD(15)-a1501 [in the Bohmian approach to WDW quantization]; > s.a. semiclassical cosmology.
@ Time evolution: Feinberg & Peleg PRD(95)gq [scalar, and Wheeler-DeWitt operator]; Hinterleitner CQG(02) [dust-filled]; Battisti & Montani NCB(07)gq [evolutionary quantization]; Roser & Valentini CQG(14)-a1406 [in York time].
> Related topics: see boundary conditions in quantum cosmology [tunneling].

Loop / Connection Representation (LQC, LQG) > s.a. lqc models [including bounce]; inflationary models; semiclassical cosmology.
@ General references: Barbero & Ryan PRD(96)gq/95; Chakraborty GRG(97); Bojowald CQG(00)gq/99, CQG(00)gq/99, CQG(01)gq/00, CQG(01)gq/00, PRL(01)gq [initial conditions], CQG(02)gq, CQG(02)gq, GRG(03)gq; Chakraborty & Chakraborty NCB(00); Hinterleitner CQG(01); Ashtekar et al ATMP(03)gq; Bojowald & Morales-Técotl LNP(04)gq/03; Hossain CQG(05)gq [energy conditions and stability]; Mielczarek & Szydłowski PRD(08)-a0801 [corrections]; Chattopadhyay et al a1403; Kisielowski CQG(20)-a1911 [new approach].
@ k = −1 model: Vandersloot PRD(07)gq/06; Szulc CQG(07)-a0707 [with Λ < 0]; Singh & Vidotto PRD(11)-a1012 [k = ±1 and exotic singularities].
@ k = 0 model: Kamiński & Lewandowski CQG(08)-a0709 [with massless scalar]; Broda PRL(11) [with radiation]; Livine & Martín-Benito PRD(12)-a1204 [group-theoretical quantization]; Fernández-Méndez et al PRD(14)-a1401 [and perturbations].
@ k = 0 model with Λ > 0: Kamiński & Pawłowski PRD(10)-a0912; Mielczarek & Piechocki PRD(10)-a1001 [observables], PRD(11)-a1011 [quantum of volume].
@ k = +1 model: Singh & Toporensky PRD(04)gq/03 [singularity avoidance]; Szulc et al CQG(07)gq/06; Ashtekar et al PRD(07)gq/06; Corichi & Karami PRD(11)-a1105; Corichi & Karami CQG(14)-a1307 [effects of inverse volume corrections]; Dupuy & Singh a1608 [quantization ambiguities].
@ With matter: Xiong & Zhu PRD(07)gq [tachyon]; Wei & Zhang PRD(07)-a0705 [quintom and h-essence energies]; Nelson & Sakellariadou PRD(07)-a0706, PRD(07) [lattice refinement]; Pawlowski et PRD(14)-a1404 [Maxwell field, radiation-dominated]; > s.a. Phantom Field.
@ Effective dynamics: Date & Hossain CQG(04)gq [effective H]; Banerjee & Date CQG(05)gq [and discreteness]; Mielczarek et al JCAP(09)-a0906 [closed FLRW + scalar field + Λ]; Qin et al GRG(13) [with scalar field, effective Hamiltonian from path-integral formulation]; Diener et al CQG(14)-a1402 [lqc, bounce, numerical simulations]; Bojowald & Simpson CQG(14)-a1403 [factor-ordering ambiguities]; > s.a. higher-order gravity.
@ Related topics: Mora gq/00 [quantum-gravity effects as inflaton]; Sami et al PRD(06)gq [future singularity]; Bianchi et al PRD(10) [spin-foam approach]; Vidotto CQG(11)-a1107 [many-nodes/many-links spin foam]; > s.a. first-order actions [Plebański form].

Various Types of Matter
@ Scalar: Blyth & Isham PRD(75); Page JMP(91) [minimal vs conformal coupling]; Mena Marugán CQG(94)gq, PRD(94)gq [wormhole bases]; Embacher NPB(96)gq [massive]; Mostafazadeh JMP(98)gq/96; Błaut & Kowalski-Glikman PLB(97)gq [massless]; Gurovich et al GRG(01)gq/00; Mostafazadeh AP(04)gq/03, CzJP(04)gq/03 [interpretation]; Ita CQG(08)gq/07; Almeida et al G&C(15)-a1501 [unitarity]; Husain & Qureshi PRL(16)-a1508 [time, cosmological constant and vacuum energy]; Gielen & Turok PRL(16)-a1510 + news ns(16)jul [and radiation, bounce]; Kaya a1901; Damour & Vilenkin PRD-a1907 [oscillating, quantum instability]; > s.a. path-integral quantum gravity.
@ Scalar, lqg: Bojowald & Hinterleitner PRD(02)gq [massless]; Alexander et al PRD(04)ht/03 [inflation]; Hinterleitner & Major PRD(03)gq [Lorentzian]; Green & Unruh PRD(04)gq [massless]; Ashtekar et al PRL(06), PRD(06)gq, PRD(07); Bojowald & Kagan PRD(06)gq [non-minimal, and inflation]; Taveras PRD(08)-a0708 [using semiclassical states of the full theory]; Martín-Benito et al PRD(09)-a0909; > s.a. semiclassical cosmology.
@ Scalar, polymer quantization: Mena et al PRD(11)-a1108 [various prescriptions]; Mantero et al a1806 [semiclassical]; Mandini et al a2006 [and lqc].
@ Scalar + other: Christodoulakis & Zanelli PLA(84) [+ fermion]; De Lorenci et al PRD(97)gq [+ dust]; Khvedelidze & Palii CQG(01)gq [+ spinor]; Paliathanasis & Vakili GRG(16)-a1512 [+ vector].
@ Dust: Pinto-Neto et al PLA(05)gq [+ radiation]; Amemiya & Koike PRD(09)-a0910 [gauge-invariant, relational observables]; Ali et al a1811 [and cosmological constant, Path Integral Monte Carlo approach]; Demaerel et al a1901.
@ Radiation + cosmological constant: Monerat et al PRD(06)gq/05 [Λ < 0]; Maydanyuk et al a1301 [Λ > 0]; Kuzmichev & Kuzmichev APPB(13)-a1307 [+ scalar field].
@ Other fluid: Ortiz et al PLA(05) [pfluid + supersymmetric matter]; Małkiewicz a1008 [fluid]; Letelier & Pitelli PRD(10)-a1010 [n-dimensional]; Oliveira-Neto et al IJTP(13) [stiffluid and cosmological contant]; Rashki & Jalalzadeh GRG(17)-a1612 [Weyl-Wigner-Groenewold-Moyal deformation quantization].
@ Chaplygin gas: Pedram et al IJTP(07)-a0705; Pedram & Jalalzadeh GRG(10) [with cosmological constant].
@ Other matter: Isham & Nelson PRD(74) [fermions]; Moniz CQG(02) [non-Abelian Born-Infeld]; Dąbrowski et al PRD(06)ht [phantom field]; Glinka G&C(09)-gq/06; Gerhardt CQG(09)-a0903 [massive Yang-Mills field]; Gerhardt CQG(10)-a0907 [Yang-Mills field].

In Other Theories of Gravity
@ References: Garattini a1512-MG14 [distorted general relativity – Gravity's Rainbow, Varying Speed of Light Cosmology, Generalized Uncertainty Principle deformations and Hořava-Lifshitz gravity]; Paliathanasis et al PRD(16)-a1511 [Brans-Dicke theory, with a perfect fluid]; > s.a. modified theories of quantum gravity; non-commutative cosmology; quantum cosmology.

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