Quantum Black Holes  

Approaches and Issues > s.a. horizons [including isolated horizons]; quantum black-hole radiation; types of black holes.
@ General references: Buonanno et al NPB(95)gq [effective Lagrangian]; David et al PLB(97) [scattering]; 't Hooft gq/97 [complementarity]; Hsu PLB(02)gq [intrinsic P]; Bojowald et al PRL(05)gq [mass threshold]; York & Schmekel PRD(05)ht [path integral, and blurred horizons]; Kim et al MPLA(10)-a0709 [and information]; Kong & Yoon a1003 [based on the Einstein-Kaufman pseudotensor]; Dvali et al a1106 [quantized masses]; Dvali & Gómez a1307 [group-theoretic approach]; Davidson & Yellin PLB(14)-a1404 [wave packet]; Zonetti PRD(14)-a1409 [affine quantization]; Corda AIP(15)-a1503 [model of Bohr-like quantum black hole]; 't Hooft a1902-ln [new approach, pedagogical]; Pithis a1903-PhD [lqg and group field theory]; Corda & Feleppa a1912 [as a gravitational H atom].
@ Schwarzschild black holes: Kuchař PRD(94)gq; Mäkelä gq/96; Hollmann PLB(96)gq [and Taub-NUT, group quantization]; Böhmer & Vandersloot PRD(08)-a0807 [stability of interior]; Vakili IJTP(12)-a1102 [Noether-symmetry approach]; Mäkelä Ent(11)-a1107 [discrete constituent partition function]; Jalalzadeh & Vakili IJTP(12)-a1108 [interior]; Kohli a1110; Duch & Kostecki a1110/CMP; Brustein & Medved FdP(17)-a1607 [collapsed polymer model]; Ben Achour et al EPL(18)-a1803 [polymer model]; > s.a. Kruskal Extension; schwarzschild spacetime [corrections, extensions]; thermodynamics.
@ Rotating black holes: Frodden et al a1212, Brahma et al PRL(21)-a2012 [in loop quantum gravity].
@ Reissner-Nordström black holes: Moniz MPLA(97)gq; Christodoulakis et al PRD(14)-a1309 [via conditional symmetries]; Casadio et al JHEP-a1503 [inner horizon].
@ Canonical: Gegenberg & Kunstatter PRD(93) [spherical solutions of Wheeler-DeWitt equation]; Pollock IJMPD(94); Kastrup PLB(96)gq; Brotz PRD(98)gq/97; Bojowald et al PRD(00)gq/99 [group]; Gour PRD(00)gq/99; Vaz PRD(00)gq/99; Casadio PLB(01)gq [evolution]; Husain & Winkler CQG(05)gq/04 [horizon operators, spherical + scalar]; Krasnov & Rovelli CQG(09)-a0905 [in the full theory]; Bojowald et al CQG(11)-a1105 [spherical horizons]; Brustein & Hadad PLB(12)-a1202.
@ Canonical, interior: Chiou PRD(08)-a0807 [discreteness corrections]; Brustein & Medved JHEP(15)-a1505 [state]; > s.a. black-hole geometry [classical].
@ In lqg: Zhu CQG(05)gq/04 [evolution]; Modesto IJTP(10)-a0811 [spacetime structure]; Peltola & Kunstatter PRD(09)-a0811, PRD(09) [interior]; Brännlund et al PRD(09)-a0901 [with cosmological constant]; Modesto & Prémont-Schwarz PRD(09)-a0905 [self-dual]; Röken CQG(13)-a1207; Gambini & Pullin PRL(13)-a1302; Gambini et al CQG(14)-a1310; Gambini & Pullin AIP(15)-a1312 [spherically symmetric, intro]; Ben Achour et al a1406 [analytical continuation]; Barbero & Pérez a1502-in [rev]; Mäkelä PRD(16)-a1604 [phase transition]; Olmedo Univ(16)-a1606 [rev]; Ben Achour et al a1607 [rotating]; Heidmann et al PRD(17)-a1612 [semiclassical]; Perez RPP(17)-a1703 [rev]; Ashtekar et al PRL(18)-a1806, comment Bojowald a1906 [Kruskal black holes, effective quantum theory]; Pigozzo et al a2001 [and Barbero-Immirzi parameter]; Bojowald Univ-a2009 [rev]; > s.a. models in canonical quantum gravity [spherical initial data evolution, axisymmetry].
@ Pilot-wave interpretation: Kenmoku et al PRD(98)gq/97 [spherical symmetry], IJMPA(00)gq/98, G&C(00) [Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter]; Acacio de Barros et al PLA(05) [+ massless scalar].
@ Horizon fluctuations: Lifschytz & Ortiz NPB(95)ht; Sorkin in(95)gq, in(96)gq/97 [fractal]; Casher et al NPB(97)ht/96; Marolf SPP(05)ht/03 [width]; Roura JPA(07).
@ Special types: Dimakis et al PRD(17)-a1703 [Reissner-Nordström]; > s.a. canonical quantum gravity models [including Schwarzschild]; collapse; minisuperspace [Kantowski-Sachs].
> Phenomenology: see black-hole phenomenology; entropy/area; quantum cosmology [formation]; quantum gravity and geometry.
> Related topics: see quantum gravity and geometry [singularity avoidance]; topology change [unitarity]; chaotic systems.

References > s.a. 2D quantum gravity; 3D black holes; coherent states; semiclassical general relativity; time.
@ Reviews: Brout et al PRP(95)-a0710; Ram3 gq/05 [simple]; 't Hooft NPPS(10); Witten Sci(12)aug; Ydri a1708-ln [radiation, information, thermodynamics]; Hod a1805-in, Mukhanov a1810-in [Bekenstein's ideas]; Abedi et al a2001-Univ.
@ General: 't Hooft NPB(85), gq/94-conf; Wu NCB(97) [in quantum cosmology]; Berezin gq/98-conf, gq/01-MG9, IJMPA(02)gq/01; Helfer IJMPD(04)gq/05, gq/05; Husain & Winkler IJMPD(05)gq-GRF [effects of a curvature bound]; Corda EPJC(13)-a1210; Flassig et al PRD(13)-a1212 [macroscopic quantum effects]; Casadio a1305, Chiarelli a1504 [minimum black hole mass]; 't Hooft a1605; Chakraborty & Lochan IJMPD(16)-a1606-GRF [and quantum gravity phenomenology]; 't Hooft a1810 [discreteness]; Aoki et al a2004 [holographic description].
@ Quantum-gravity corrections: Falls et al IJMPA(12)-a1002 [renormalisation group, asymptotically safe gravity]; in Nicolini & Winstanley JHEP(11)-a1108 [review]; Koch & Saueressig CQG(14)-a1306 [exact renormalization group approach].
@ Reviews: Jacobson ht/95; 't Hooft IJMPA(96)gq; Horowitz gq/97; Kiefer gq/98-in, ap/02-conf; Wilczek IJMPA(98)-ln; Berezin IJMPA(02)gq; Khriplovich PAN(08)gq/05-conf; Bojowald gq/06-ch, IJMPD(06)gq-conf.
@ Black hole pair creation: Brown PRD(95) [instanton approximation, and entropy factor]; > s.a. instantons; wormholes.
@ Horizons: Braunstein & Pirandola a1311 [leaky horizons or exotic atmospheres]; Allahbakhshi a1607 [do they exist?]; Berthiere et al PLB(18)-a1712 [properties].
@ Evolution, spacetime structure: Strominger ht/94; Caravelli & Modesto CQG(10)-a1006, comment Azreg-Aïnou CQG(11)-a1106 [spinning loop black holes]; Sahlmann PRD(11)-a1104 [horizon degrees of freedom from the bulk]; Abedi & Arfaei JHEP(16)-a1506 [removing the singularity with quantum field theory effects, before quantum gravity]; > s.a. black-hole formation; Mass Inflation.
@ Black-to-white-hole transition: Haggard & Rovelli PRD(15)-a1407; Martin-Dussaud & Rovelli a1905; > s.a. quantum black-hole radiation.
@ Phenomenology: Barrau et al JCAP(16)-a1507 [black holes as bouncing stars]; Giddings CQG(16)-a1602, a1605-GRF, nAstr(17)-a1703 [prospects for observational constraints from gravitational-wave observations]; Barrau et al a1808 [in lqg]; Addazi et al PRL(19)-a1810 [probing with gravitational waves?]; Giddings Univ(19)-a1904 [observation with EHT]; Biswas & Ghosh a2105 [quantum backflow]; > s.a. black-hole phenomenology [gravitational wave echoes].

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