Quantum-Mechanical Effects  

In General > s.a. collapse of the wave function; decoherence; quantum measurement; tunneling [including barrier traversal time].
* Applications: Superconductivity, superfluidity, lasers, interferometry, etc; > s.a. quantum technology.
@ References: Buscemi et al PRA(03)qp [realizations of operations on states]; Ma & Zhu RPMP(09) [effect-algebra topology].

Time of arrival > s.a. Detectors [time of occurrence]; interference; modified quantum mechanics; time in quantum mechanics.
@ Operator: Aharonov & Bohm PR(61); Kijowski IJGMP(14) [geometric structure]; Halliwell et al PLA(15)-a1504 [self-adjoint, measurement-inspired]; Maccone & Sacha PRL-a1810.
@ General references: Muga et al AP(95), SM(98)qp, PLA(99)qp/98; Blanchard & Jadczyk HPA(96)qp, IJTP(98)qp/97, qp/97-conf [from added postulates]; Grot et al PRA(96)qp; Aharonov et al PRA(98)qp/97; Delgado PRA(98)qp/97, PRA(99)qp/98, & Muga PRA(97)qp; Finkelstein PRA(99)qp/98; Halliwell PTP(99)qp/98; Oppenheim et al qp/98 [minimum inaccuracy], PRA(99)qp/98; Baute et al PRA(00)qp/99, PRA(00)qp/99; Kochański & Wódkiewicz PRA(99)qp; León et al PRA(01)qp/99; Egusquiza & Muga PRA(00)qp; Galapon qp/00; León qp/00; Muga & Leavens PRP(00); Leavens PLA(02); Damborenea et al PRA(02) [measurement-based]; Anastopoulos & Savvidou JMP(06)qp, JMP(08)-a0706, Anastopoulos JMP(08)-a0706 [probabilities and measurement]; Pazma & Vanko a0706 [and detector model]; Anastopoulos & Savvidou PRA(12)-a1205 [general formalism]; Vona et al PRL(13)-a1307; Jadczyk IJGMP(14)-a1402-conf; Anastopoulos & Savvidou PRA(17)-a1611 [time-of-arrival correlations].
@ Relativistic: León JPA(97)qp/96; Ruschhaupt JPA(02) [free spin-1/2]; Wang & Xiong JPA(07)qp/06; Leavens PLA(07); Wang et al PLB(08) [in quantum field theory].
@ And histories: Halliwell & Zafiris PRD(98)qp/97; Egusquiza & Muga PRA(00)qp [and quantum Zeno effect]; Alonso et al PRA(02)qp [Dirac electron in 1+1]; Halliwell & Yearsley PLA(09)-a0903; Yearsley JPCS(11)-a1012 [decoherent-histories approach].
@ And pilot-wave theory: Leavens PRA(98); Grübl & Rheinberger JPA(02); Kreidl et al JPA(03) [without trajectories]; Ruggenthaler et al JPA(05)qp [and Kijowski's framework].
@ Related topics: Aoki et al PRA(00)qp/99 [environments]; Alonso et al PRA(03)qp/02 [clocks]; Halliwell & Yearsley PRA(09)-a0903 [using complex potential steps]; Yearsley PRA(10)-a1003 [particle coupled to an environment]; > s.a. localization.

Other Effects and Results > s.a. types of measurement [disturbance, measurement reversal]; state evolution [including unstable state decay, speed limit].
* Quantum probability backflow effect: The phenomenon in which a state consisting entirely of positive momenta may have negative current and the probability flows in the opposite direction to the momentum.
@ Paradoxes: Accardi in(84); Aharonov et al PLA(87); Barut FP(92); Boyle & Schafir qp/01 [N-box paradox].
@ Rod-tipping time: Shegelski et al AJP(05)aug; Easton EJP(07); Parrikar EJP(10)-a0910.
@ Other effects: Aharonov et al PRL(90) [time translation machine]; Yearsley & Halliwell JPCS(13)-a1301, Bracken & Melloy SHPMP(14)-a1406 [probability backflow]; Nesvizhevsky & Voronin 15 [quantum bounces].
> Related topics: see Adiabatic Theorem; aharonov-bohm effect; bell inequalities [including non-classicaity]; causality; dissipation; electricity [thermoelectric effect and devices]; experiments; formulations and foundations of quantum mechanics; inertia; locality; mirrors; Pigeonhole Principle; pilot-wave interpretation [including empty waves]; quantum cosmology; quantum systems [potential step]; quantum technology; Reflection; Resource Theory; Retrocausation; scattering; semiclassical quantum mechanics; superselection; theta sectors; time in quantum mechanics; topology; Transport; uncertainties; wave phenomena.

Applications and Other Fields > s.a. information; relationship with classical mechanics; relativistic quantum mechanics; spacetime; Supersymmetry.
@ General references: Aspelmeyer & Zeilinger pw(08)jul; Weinstein NPPS(10)-a0911 [and data mining]; Aerts et al AIP(12)-a1110 [quantumlike approach to the stock market]; news pw(13)jan [photosynthesis involves quantum coherence]; Gabora & Kitto FrPh(17)-a1703 [theory of humor].
@ And computation: Brandt & Dahmen 94, 95, 97; McMurry 94; Steeb 94 [REDUCE]; Thaller 04 [animations]; Fitzsimons et al a1206-ch [computation and quantum theory].

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