Types of Measurements in Quantum Theory  

In General > s.a. entanglement; foundations; locality; uncertainty relations; Weak Measurements.
* Idea: Measurements can be demolishing or non-demolishing.
* Quantum suicide: A self-referential quantum measurement, also known as the "quantum Russian roulette".
@ General references: Cini NCB(83), Zhou et al qp/01 [no collapse]; D'Ariano et al JPA(05)qp/04 [mixed and pure]; Sciarrino et al PRL(06)qp/05 [minimal disturbance]; Heinosaari & Wolf JMP(10)-a1005 [non-disturbing]; Tkachenko a1907 [minimalistic model]
@ Protective measurements: Aharonov et al PRA(93) [comment Rovelli ht/93], FP(96); Anandan gq/95 [and collapse]; Hari Dass & Qureshi PRA(99); Uffink PRA(99)qp; Vaidman a0801-en [rev].
@ Interaction-free measurements: Kwiat et al SA(96)nov; Vaidman qp/96; Luis & Sánchez-Soto PRA(99) [2-level atom]; Simon & Platzman PRA(00)qp/99; Potting et al PRA(00)qp; Vaidman FP(03)qp/01; Cramer FP(06); Sant'Anna & Bueno FPL(06) [with matter waves]; Vaidman a0801-en; Angelo FP(09) [interpretation]; Cardoso et al a1501 [intuitive explanation]; Matsumoto a1606; Zhuo et al PRA(18)-a1801 [they cannot be perfect]; > s.a. Schrödinger's Hat.
@ Non-demolishing measurements: Shimizu & Fujita in(93)qp/98; Gleyzes et al Nat(07)qp/06, Mashkevich qp/07 [of photon number]; Oi et al PRL(13)-a1207 [presence/absence of the vacuum in a quantum optical field].
@ Non-ideal measurements: Shimony PRD(74) [approximate]; Martens & de Muynck FP(90); Audretsch & Mensky PRA(97)qp, qp/98 [fuzzy, of energy]; Casher & Reznik PRA(00)qp/99 [and clocks]; Hofmann PRA(00) [noisy]; Grishanin & Zadkov qp/05 [fuzzy, soft].
@ Non-local measurements: Vaidman ht/93-proc, Popescu & Vaidman PRA(94)ht/93 [and causality]; Dür & Cirac PRA(01)qp/00; Vaidman PRL(03)qp/01 [instantaneous]; Lake a1505 [in relativistic quantum mechanics, review].
@ Partial measurements: Paraoanu EPL(11)-a1106 [generalized]; SciRep(12)-a1110 [sequential, extractable information and disturbance].
@ Generalized: Yu & Percival PLA(02).
@ Quantum-enhanced measurements: Braun & Martin a0902 [decoherence-enhanced].
@ Incompatible measurements: Hradil & Summhammer JPA(00); Wolf et al PRL(09)-a0905 [and other non-signaling theories]; Piacentini et al PRL(16)-a1508 [for a photon]; Addis et al PRA(16)-a1508 [dynamics, influence of quantum noise].
@ Types of systems: Kryukov FP(07)-a0704 [2-level].
@ Other topics: Ohira & Pearle AJP(88)aug [perfect disturbing]; Unruh NYAS(95)ht/94; Mozyrsky & Privman MPLB(00)cm/99 [with heat bath and pointer modes]; Oppenheim et al JPA(02)qp/00 [time ordering of events]; Alter & Yamamoto 01 [single system]; Ćirković qp/04 [quantum suicide and the Principal Principle]; Heinonen PLA(05) [optimal]; Chiribella et al PRL(07) [continuous equivalent to discrete]; Marcella a0901 [unperformed]; Lundeen et al Nat(11)jun-a1112 + news pw(11)jun [direct measurement of the wavefunction]; Pellonpää FP(14) [complete measurements]; Kim & Wu PLA(17)-a1511 [undoable measurements]; Gudder FP(19)-a1811 [state transformations and contexts].

Repeated Measurements > s.a. dissipation; histories formulations [measurements in spacetime]; uncertainty relations [entropic]; zeno effect.
@ General references: Busch et al FP(90); Belavkin RJMP(95)mp/05 ["bubble chamber" model]; Presilla & Tanbini HI(98)cm/97-conf; Prvanović & Marić NCB(99); Gudder & Nagy JMP(01); Attal & Pautrat mp/03 [continuum limit and quantum Langevin equation]; Anastopoulos FP(06)qp/05 [probabilities]; Cresser et al OC(06)qp [master equation]; Laura & Vanni IJTP(08)-a0801 [and conditional probabilities]; Glick & Adami a0911; Shushin JPA(11)-a1011 [randomly distributed in time, and Zeno effect]; Sanz et al AP(12) [quantum shuffling and emergence of Zeno effect]; Distler & Paban PRA(13)-a1211 [and uncertainties]; Benoist et al CMP(17)-a1607 [entropy production]; Georgiev & Cohen a1709 [sequential weak measurements and Feynman histories]; Gherardini et al a1811-proc [open systems].
@ Continuous: Menskii TMP(88); Belavkin & Staszewski PLA(89)qp/05, PRA(92)qp/05; Mensky PLA(90), TMP(92), PLA(97)qp/00, IJTP(98)qp/00; Staszewski & Staszewska PS(00) [of Gaussian]; Scott & Milburn PRA(01)qp/00; Rembovsky PLA(02) [oscillator], PLA(02); Mensky PLA(03)qp/02, qp/02-conf; Mensky & Stenholm PLA(03)qp/02; Jacobs & Steck CP(06)qp [intro]; Konrad et al NJP(10)-a0902 [monitoring the wave function]; Nassar a1001 [in Bohmian mechanics]; Bednorz et al NJP(12)-a1104 [non-classical time correlation functions]; Chantasri et al PRA(13)-a1305 [action principle]; Nassar & Miret-Artés PRL(13) [Bohmian mechanics framework, dividing line between the quantum and classical regimes]; Prosperi a1508 [and a classical level in quantum mechanics]; Chantasri & Jordan PRA(15)-a1507 [stochastic path integral formalism]; Genoni et al NJP(16)-a1605 [and wave function collapse, diffusion parameter]; Belenchia et al a1908 [entropy production].
@ And classical evolution: Mensky PLA(91), PLA(92) [action uncertainty principle, deviation of results from classical ones]; Bhattacharya et al PRL(00)qp/99, Ghose et al PRA(03)qp/02 [spin + motion degrees of freedom], PRA(04)qp/03 [and classical chaos]; Richter PRA(07)qp/06 [speedup of classical mixing]; > s.a. decoherence; gravitation.
@ Over finite times: Peres & Wootters PRD(85); Micanek & Hartle PRA(96)qp [as Δt → 0]; Roig PRA(06) [position]; Anastopoulos & Savvidou JMP(07) [probabilities].

Types of Observables > s.a. observables.
@ Position: Squires FPL(90); Mensky et al PLA(91)qp/97, PRL(93)qp/97; Presilla et al JPA(97)qp; Liu & Sokolovski PRA(01), Roig PRA(06)qp/05 [finite-time]; Harrell JMP(16)-a1601 [with an optical interferometer].
@ Time: Peres AJP(80)jul; Gambini & Pullin FP(07)qp/06 [real rods and clocks and loss of unitarity]; > s.a. clocks; time in quantum mechanics; zeno effect.
@ Energy: Aharonov et al PRA(02) [measurement, and H estimation]; Massar & Popescu PRA(05)qp/04 [by internal observer].
@ Conjugate observables, position and momentum: Busch et al PLA(08)-a0804; Di Lorenzo PRA(11) [correspondence principle]; Carmeli et al JPA(11)-a1105 [sequential measurements]; Kouri a1409-wd [harmonic oscillators, simultaneous measurement and coherent states].
@ Other non-commuting variables: Martens & de Muynck FP(90) [joint inaccurate measurements]; Appleby IJTP(98)qp, JPA(98)qp, IJTP(99)qp/98, JMO(99)qp/98 [retrodictive]; Trifonov et al PRL(01)qp/00 [minimum uncertainty, discrete]; Botero a0709; Di Lorenzo PRA(11)-a1008 [strong correspondence principle]; Reeb et al JPA(13)-a1307 [coexistence vs joint measurability]; Ringbauer et al PRL(14)-a1308 [minimum uncertainty, photons].
@ Joint measurements: Stenholm AP(92), Ozawa PLA(00) [simultaneous measurements]; Englert & Aharonov PLA(01)qp [precise values for complete set]; Lahti IJTP(03) [joint measurability]; Hall qp/05-AIP [estimates and uncertainties]; Andersson et al PRA(05), Aquino & Mehmani qp/07-proc [non-commuting]; Heinosaari et al FP(08)-a0811; Bußhardt & Freyberger PRA(10) [timing]; > s.a. Tsirelson's Problem.
@ Other types: Peres PRL(88) [magnetic flux, limitations]; Ozawa PRA(00) [discrete, non-degenerate]; Massar PRA(00)qp [on two spins]; Poulin PRA(05) [macroscopic, and state disturbance]; Carmeli et al IJTP(08) [unsharp]; Puentes et al PRL(09)-a0902 [detector with tunable POVMs]; Steinberg a1406-ln [in quantum optics experiments]; Engelhardt a1507 [irrational dynamical variables]; > s.a. pilot-wave theory [velocity].

Measurement-Related Effects > s.a. collapse of the wave function; fock space; zeno effect.
@ General references: Greenberger & YaSin FP(89); Audretsch et al PRA(01) [unsharp measurements and visualization].
@ Quantum meters: Clausen et al PRA(05).

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