In General > s.a. Geometrical Optics.
* Development: 1980s, New interest in non-linear optics from gravitational lensing; 1998, First results in relativistic non-linear optics, with electrons accelerated and scattered by high power lasers ("non-linear Thomson scattering") moving in looping motions and emitting harmonics of the laser light [@ Chen et al Nat(98)dec + pn(98)dec].
* Approaches: Light propagation is a wave phenomenon and its exact treatment is in terms of solutions of the wave equations for the electric and magnetic fields obtained from the Maxwell equations in a medium, or by the quantized electromagnetic field; However, in the small-wavelength approximation, it can be effectively described by geometrical optics (or ray optics).
@ Reviews, status: news pw(01)sep; Pathak & Ghatak a1705 [classical and non-classical, and applications].
@ Texts: Rossi 57; Welford 91 [applications, instruments]; Born & Wolf 99; Hecht 02 [IIb]; Brooker 03; Siciliano 06 [IIb, problems]; Dereniak & Dereniak 08 [r CP(10)]; Kenyon 11; Pedrotti 3 17.
@ Non-linear: issue PT(94)may; Mills 98 [r PT(99)sep]; Garmire AJP(11)mar [RL]; New PRS(11) [the first 50 years]; New 11 [intro]; Powers 11 [intro, r PT(12)oct]; Kuzyk et al PRP(13) [sum rules and scaling]; Picozzi et al PRP(14) [statistical, non-equilibrium thermodynamics formulation]; Drummond & Hillery 14 [quantum]; > s.a. Lasers.
@ Other modified frameworks: Makris et al PRL(08) [in non-Hermitian, PT-symmetric potential].

blue bullet Related areas: see atomic physics; history of physics; physics teaching; solid matter [optical properties]; light; mirrors and optical technology.
blue bullet Wave-related effects: see diffraction; dispersion; interference; polarization [birefringence, dichroism, optical activity].

Effects and Related Topics
* Optical lattice: A sets of crossed laser beams that trap arrays of atoms in an egg-carton-like potential.
@ General references: Leonhardt NJP(09) [perfect imaging without negative refraction]; Small & Lam AJP(11)jun [simple derivation of eikonal approximation]; Ghose & Mukherjee RTS-a1308 [entanglement].
@ Applications: Singer pw(04)feb [visual effects]; Mansuripur 09; Chang 11 [attosecond optics].
> Other related topics: see Coherence; Fermat's Principle; Optical Magnus Effect.

And Curved Geometry
@ Geometric optics: Gatland AJP(02)dec [thin-lens ray tracing]; > s.a. Contact Geometry; finsler geometry; gravitational phenomenology.
@ Optical geometry: (a.k.a. Fermat geometry) Sonego et al PRD(00)gq [collapse, and black-hole radiation]; Rosquist NCB(02) [neutron stars and black holes]; Abramowicz & Sonego 04; Westman & Jonsson CQG(06)gq/04; Balakin & Zimdahl GRG(05)gq [and birefringence]; Sonego & Abramowicz JMP(06)gq/05 [and electromagnetic self-force]; Jonsson CQG(06)-a0708 [across the horizon]; Fino et al a2009 [and intrinsic torsion]; > s.a. forces [inertial].
@ Specific spacetimes: Stuchlík et al CQG(00)-a0803 [Kerr-Newman black hole]; Kovar & Stuchlík CQG(07)gq [Kerr-de Sitter black hole]; Bloomer a1111 [Kerr spacetime, and lensing]; > s.a. black-hole geometry; reissner-nordström solutions.
> Related topics: see decomposition; maxwell fields in curved spacetime.

Quantum Optics > s.a. modified gravity [PPN parameters]; photon; quantum-gravity phenomenology; wigner functions.
* Idea: It includes the photoelectric effect, and other effects depending on the particle nature of light.
* Hong-Ou-Mandel effect: A two-photon interference effect in quantum optics demonstrated in 1987 by Chung Ki Hong, Zhe Yu Ou and Leonard Mandel; > s.a. Wikipedia page.
@ Texts: Klauder & Sudarshan 65; Vogel & Welsch 94; Walls & Milburn 94; Mandel & Wolf 95; Barnett & Radmore 97; Scully & Zubairy 97; Peng & Li 98; Carmichael 99 [statistical methods]; Yamamoto & İmamoğlu 99 [mesoscopic]; Puri 01 [mathematical methods]; Schleich 01; Prykarpatsky et al 02 [and quantum field theory]; Vedral 05; Gerry & Knight 04 [r AJP(05)dec]; Fox 06 [r PT(07)sep]; Meystre & Sargent 07; Chiao & Garrison 08; Orszag 08; Grynberg et al 10; Leonhardt 10; Agarwal 12; Milonni 19 [and quantum fluctuations].
@ Coherent states: Hwang JKPS-qp/05 [vs number-state pictures]; Gazeau a1810-in [rev].
@ General references: Klyshko SPU(94) [rev]; Skagerstam qp/99-ln; Agarwal FdP(02)qp-conf [and uncertainty relations]; Marecki PRA(02)qp [squeezing and inequalities]; Czachor & Syty qp/02 [non-canonical]; Janowicz PRP(03) [multiple-scales method]; Dell'Anno et al PRA(04)qp/03, PRA(04)qp/03 [multiphoton, canonical], PRP(06) [multiphoton]; Gies JPA(08) [in strong external fields]; Shih 11 [introduction]; Chatterjee et al a1812 [Sudarshan's contributions]; Banerjee & Jayannavar a1902 [current trends]; Cantu et al a1911 [repulsive photons].
@ Related topics: Reid & Walls PRL(84) [violation of Bell's inequalities]; Brandes PRP(05) [collective effects in mesoscopic systems]; Brańczyk a1711 [Hong-Ou-Mandel effect, intro]; Kockum a1912-proc [with giant atoms, rev]; Aspect proc(19)-a2005 [landmark experiments]; > s.a. types of quantum measurements.
> Electromagnetically-induced transparency: see Wikipedia page.

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