Quantum-Gravity Phenomenology – Electrodynamics and Photons  

Quantum-Gravity Effects on Electrodynamics > s.a. uncertainty of uncertainty relations; theory and tests of Lorentz symmetry violation; spacetime foam.
* Main predictions: Modified photon dispersion relations, and vacuum birefringence.
* Photon dispersion relation: Without birefringence or anisotropy, and to lowest order in the Planck mass mP, it can be written as ω2 = k2 ± ξ k3/mP.
* Maxwell equations: To lowest order in the Planck length lP, one possible form includes ∂E/∂t = × B − 2 ξlP2B, and similarly for ∂B/∂t.
@ General references: Chen & Wen gq/06, Chen et al PRD(14)-a1504 [suppression of observable effects]; Tamburini et al A&A(11)-a1108 [no degradation of diffraction images].
@ Quantum optics: Nozari PLB(05); Pikovski et al nPhys(12)-a1111 + news pt(12)apr [tests].
@ Interferometry: Boyarski PLA(92) [2-slit]; Percival pw(97)mar; Lieu & Hillman ap/02, comment Coule CQG(03)ap [stellar]; Schiller et al PRD(04)gq [optical]; Christiansen et al PRL(06)gq/05 [images of distant galaxies]; Maziashvili hp/06 [and modified gravity]; Ng gq/07-MGXI [decreased fringe visibility]; Berchera et al PRL(13)-a1304 [using quantum correlated light]; Hogan & Kwon a1711 [exotic cross-correlations and emergence of spacetime]; > s.a. holography [Fermilab Holometer].
@ Photon propagation: Amelino-Camelia et al Nat(98)ap/97; Ellis et al GRG(00)gq/99 [from branes], PRD(00)gq/99, gq/99-conf [recoil model], ApJ(00)ap/99; Amelino-Camelia & Piran PLB(01), PRD(01)ap/00; Mavromatos ap/00-conf; Ng et al PLB(01)hp/00 [and UHECR threshold anomalies]; Blanch et al APP(03)ap/01; Camacho GRG(02)gq; Ellis et al A&A(03)ap/02 [wavelets]; Gleiser et al CQG(03)gq; Klinkhamer & Rupp PRD(04)ht/03 [punctures and CPT anomaly]; Bombelli & Winkler CQG(04)gq [and standard physics]; Klinkhamer & Rupp NAR(10)ap/05-conf; Kirillov & Turaev PLB(07)-a0707 [chaotic scattering]; Ahmadi & Nouri-Zonoz CQG(08) [induced phase]; Li & Chang PRD(10)-a1007 [light deflection]; Khavkine PRD(12)-a1111 [time delay]; Schreck et al PRD(13)-a1211 [Minkowski spacetime with randomly embedded pointlike defects]; Gharibyan a1401 [accelerator experiments]; Bessa et al PRD(14) [non-linear optics analog model]; Perlman et al ApJ(15)-a1411, a1607-MG14 [X-rays and gamma rays]; Maziashvili PRD(16)-a1612 [why the reduction of coherence is so small]; Cooke et al a2001 [bounds on foam effects from ESPRESSO]; > s.a. momentum [geometry of momentum space].
@ In loop quantum gravity: Gambini & Pullin PRD(99)gq/98; Alfaro et al PRD(02)ht/01; Kozameh & Parisi CQG(04)gq/03 [from weaves, Lorentz invariance]; Yépez et al ht/04 [finite T]; Kozameh & Parisi CQG(07)-a0704 [and Lorentz symmetry violation]; Bojowald & Das PRD(07)-a0710 [radiation equation of state]; Lewandowski et al PRD(17)-a1709 [electromagnetic fields in a cosmological quantum spacetime].
@ In stringy models: Ellis et al PLB(08)-a0804, addendum PLB(09)-a0901 [vacuum index of refraction]; Mavromatos IJMPA(10)-a1010 [Lorentz-violating foam effects in brane-world scenarios].
@ Cosmological photon spectra: Stecker NAR(04)ap/03-proc, APP(03)ap [and Lorentz invariance].
@ Dispersion: Jacobson et al PRD(02)hp/01, Nat(03)ap/02 [threshold effects]; Mueller et al PRD(03)hp/02 [cavity experiments]; Ellis et al APP(04)ap/03; Gelmini et al JCAP(05) [and photon splitting]; Camacho CQG(05)gq [and coherence length]; Martínez et al PRD(06)gq/05 [and absorption]; Bernadotte & Klinkhamer PRD(07)hp/06 [bounds on length scales from Minkowski + defects model]; Bietenholz FdP(09)-a0812 [from non-commutative space]; Zloshchastiev a0911; Coumbe IJMPD(17)-a1512 [holography and the absence of dispersion]; Dubey et al IJP-a1605 [?]; Xu & Ma APP(16)-a1607 [evidence?]; Balek & Lecian a1806 [observational constraints]; Bishop et al PLB-a2009 [minimal length without dispersion]; Brevik et al a2101 [effect of interstellar medium]; > s.a. causal dynamical triangulations; causal sets; spacetime foam.
@ Dispersion, bounds and experiments: Martínez & Errando APP(09)-a0803 [method]; Galaverni & Sigl PRD(08)-a0807 [ultrahigh-energy photons].
@ Birefringence: Gleiser & Kozameh PRD(01)gq [limits]; Montemayor & Urrutia GRG(07)gq/06; Ahmadi et al JCAP(08); Shao & Ma PRD(11)-a1104 [and astrophysical consequences]; > s.a. non-commutative gauge theories; polarization.
@ Dispersion and non-commutative spacetime: Rychkov JCAP(03)ht; Bietenholz JPCS(11)-a1008.
@ Synchrotron radiation: Jacobson et al Nat(03)ap/02; Ellis et al APP(04)ap/03, Nat(04)ap/03.
@ Compton scattering: Nozari & Sadatian GRG(08)gq/06; Gharibyan PRL(12) + news PhysOrg(12)oct, comment Kalaydzhyan PRL(16)-a1604.
@ Other effects: Thompson & Ford PRD(06)gq [line broadening, angular blurring]; Contaldi et al CQG(10)-a1001, Unnikrishnan & Gillies IJMPD(10) [polarization fluctuations]; Bekenstein PRD(12)-a1211 + news pw(12)nov + nat(12)nov, FP(14)-a1301-proc, comment Maclay et al a1805 [proposed tabletop experiment]; > s.a. asymptotic safety [photon-photon scattering]; doubly special relativity; lensing [microlensing?]; matter phenomenology in quantum gravity [decoherence]; photon phenomenology; tests of gravity with light [light bending].

Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cosmology > s.a. cosmological effects [including cmb]; gamma-ray astronomy.
@ General references: Wagner AIP(09)-a0901 [prospects]; Amelino-Camelia & Smolin PRD(09)-a0906 [prospects].
@ GRBs, theory: Gambini & Pullin GRG(99); Norris et al ap/99; Piran LNP(05)ap/04 [rev]; Amelino-Camelia et al a1006.
@ GRBs, observation: Schaefer PRL(99)ap/98 [bounds on dispersion]; Boggs et al ApJL(04)ap/03; Cheng & Harko APP(04)ap, Harko & Cheng ASS(05)ap/04-proc [evidence?]; Ellis et al APP(06)ap/05, erratum a0712 [Lorentz invariance violation scale M > 0.9 × 1016 GeV]; Rodríguez & Piran JCAP(06) [bounds on dispersion], et al JCAP(06)ap [bounds from GRB 051221A]; Stecker IJMPD(08)ap/06-conf [and GLAST mission]; Scargle et al ap/06/ApJ; Lamon et al GRG(08)-a0706 [using INTEGRAL data]; news ns(09)aug [delay seen in Markarian 501]; Christiansen et al PRD(11)-a0912 [image blurring]; Vasileiou eConf-a1002 [bounds on dispersion]; Perlman et al A&A(11)-a1110 [image blurring]; Amelino-Camelia et al AHEP(14)-a1305 [soft spectral lags for GRB130427A]; Bonder et al a1704 [bounds on the polymer scale]; Bernardini et al A&A-a1710 [limits]; > s.a. GRBs [spectral lags].
@ Other astrophysics: Albert et MAGIC PLB(08)-a0708 [Mkn 501 flare]; Aharonian et HESS PRL(08)-a0810 [active galaxy flare]; Bolmont et al a0904-proc [PKS 2155-304 blazar]; Steinbring IAU(15)-a1510 [images of high-redshift galaxies].
@ Cosmological bounds: Biller et al PRL(99)gq/98 [γs, E > 4 × 1016 GeV]; Kaaret A&AL(99)ap; Amelino-Camelia NJP(04)gq/02; Lieu & Hillman ApJL(03)ap [phase coherence of light]; Ng et al ApJL(03)ap; Ragazzoni et al ApJL(03)ap; Le Gallou APP(04)ap/03.

Online Resources > see Astronomy Today article.

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