Nature and Structure of Matter  

In General > s.a. elements; particle physics [basic constituents]; phases of matter; quantum field theory.
* Evolution: The main theme has been the idea of atomism, that has been evolving for many centuries; In the XX century quantum theory introduced particle indistinguishability (quantum statistics and free quantum field theory), and transmutability (interacting quantum field theory).
@ General references: Modinos 96 [II]; Amato 98 [materials]; Barton 97 [I]; Kibler in(04)qp/03 [group theory and classification]; Wilczek PS(12)-a1109-proc [quantum matter]; Tadmor & Miller 12 [modeling at different scales]; Sachdev a1203-proc [phases of quantum matter]; Kuhlmann SA(13)aug [what is the world really made of]; Salasnich 14 [quantum theory of light and matter]; Rigamonti & Carretta 15 [II].
@ History: Wilczek phy/01-conf [Fermi's role]; Weinberg 03 [particles, I]; Scholz m.HO/04-conf [Weyl]; Haw 06 [molecules and mesoscale]; Anastopoulos 08; Woolfson 09; Sieroka BJPS(10) [theories of matter, Weyl and 'pure field theory' vs 'agent theory'].
blue bullet At various scales: see atomic physics; condensed matter; gas; fluids; meta-materials; molecular physics; nuclear physics; particles.

Mathematical Models of Matter Properties > s.a. condensed matter; Discrete Models; equation of state.
* Idea: In classical matter each particle can be considered as an individual entity, whereas in quantum matter the behavior of particles can only be described collectively; Many types of quantum matter (the electron gas, the magnetic properties of many insulating materials and the normal and superfluid phases of helium at very low temperatures) are quite well understood theoretically despite this, but the behaviour of some forms of quantum matter with strong correlations (high-temperature superconductors, various exotic types of magnet, and the quark-gluon plasma) has proved much more difficult to understand.
@ Reviews: Lieb RMP(76); Thirring in(86); Lieb BAMS(90); Thirring FP(90); Lieb mp/02-proc; Lieb & Seiringer 09 [stability].
@ Stability: Dyson & Lenard JMP(67), JMP(68) [no electrostatic collapse]; Loinger NCA(87), NCA(90); Bugliaro et al PRL(96) [non-relativistic electrons and nucleons]; Lieb & Loss ATMP(03)mp [atoms and molecules]; Manoukian & Sirininlakul PLA(04) [ground state energy]; Balodis CMP(04) [Scott's correction]; Le Bris & Lions BAMS(05) [models in computational quantum chemistry]; Lundholm a1805-ln; Krieger a2009 [on proofs].
@ Coherence and semiclassicality: Frasca cm/05.
@ Relativistic: Conlon CMP(84) [Coulomb gas]; Lieb et al PRL(97)cm; Lieb mp/04 [and QED]; Lieb & Loss CMP(05)mp/04 [thermodynamic limit].
@ Matter at extreme conditions: Quintanilla & Hooley pw(09)jun [strong correlations and experiments with ultracold atoms]; Colvin & Larsen 13; news pt(19)jan [virtual photons and non-local interactions]; > s.a. gases [ultracold]; solid matter [supersolids].
@ Related topics: Theil CMP(06) [crystallization, in 2D]; Piasecki PhyA(09) [statistical-mechanics characterization of inhomogeneity]; & Fefferman [gas of H atoms]; Thirring; Fulde 12 [correlated electrons in quantum matter]; Witten RNC(16)-a1510-ln [topological phases].
> Specific models: see Anderson Localization; Hubbard Model; Luttinger Liquid.

Other Types > s.a. antimatter; astronomical objects [strange matter]; non-equilibrium statistical mechanics [active matter]; technology.
@ Dense matter: Čelebonović ap/02-proc [for astrophysics]; Braun-Munzinger & Wambach RMP(09) [strongly interacting, phase diagram]; Drake PT(10)jun [high-energy-density matter]; Stone EPJwc(13)-a1302 [high-density matter and astrophysics].
@ Mirror matter: Foot PLB(99)ap [stars]; Foot PLB(99)ap, PLB(01)ap, APPB(01)ap, APPB(01), IJMPA(04)ap/03, & Silagadze APPB(01)ap [planets]; Foot et al PLB(01)ap/00 [photons]; Ciarcelluti PhD(03)ap [cosmology]; Foot PLB(06) [gauge models], IJMPA(07)-a0706 [rev]; Foot PRD(09)-a0909 [and CDMS low-energy electron recoil spectrum]; Foot PLB(10) [CoGeNT and DAMA data]; Coc et al PRD(13)-a1303 [and the cosmological Li problem]; Ciarcelluti & Wallemacq PLB(14)-a1401 [cosmological constraints]; Clarke & Foot a1607 [and forthcoming XENON experiments]; Goldman a2011-proc [astrophysical bounds]; > s.a. anomalous acceleration; gamma-ray astronomy [GRBs]; universe contents.
@ Mirror matter, as dark matter: Foot & Volkas PRD(00)hp/99 [neutrinos]; Foot IJMPD(04)ap; Mitra PRD(06)ap; Silagadze a0808 [evidence]; Ciarcelluti AIP(08)-a0809 [astrophysical tests]; Berezhiani et al EPJC(10)-a0902 [and galactic rotation curves]; Ciarcelluti & Wallemacq a1211; Foot PLB(14) [and experiment], IJMPA(14) [rev].

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