Semiclassical Quantum Cosmology  

In General > s.a. quantum cosmology [decoherence, effective Hamiltonian and dynamics]; semiclassical quantum gravity [continuum limit].
* Idea: The sector of a quantum theory of gravity containing states with a semiclassical interpretation as cosmological models of spacetime–this is different from semiclassical gravity in a cosmological spacetime.
@ Reviews: Kiefer gq/93-proc.
@ General references: Sinha & Hu PRD(91) [limits of validity of minisuperspace aproach, interacting scalar field in a closed FLRW model]; Easson et al PRD(05)ap [cosmological constraints on semiclassical quantum gravity]; Appignani & Casadio JCAP(08)-a0711 [asymptotic freedom]; Pinto-Neto PRD(09)-a0904 [emergence of large universe]; Battisti et al EPL(09)-a0905 [anisotropy suppression]; Kuzmichev & Kuzmichev APPB(09)-a0905 [near the initial singularity]; Coutant PRD(16)-a1511 [semiclassical momentum representation, vs WKB solutions]; Feldbrugge et al PRL(17)-a1705 [semi-classical description untenable for the beginning of the universe]; Aashish a2007-PhD [corrections to scalar and tensor cosmological models].
@ Coherent states: Robles-Pérez et al PLB(10)-a0909 [in the multiverse]; Bojowald & Tsobanjan CQG(10)-a0911 [physical coherent states and effective constraints]; Magliaro et al PRD(11)-a1011 [coherent spin-network states]; Dapor & Liegener CQG(18)-a1710 [FLRW]; > s.a. semiclassical quantum gravity.
@ Time: Banks et al NPB(85); in Unruh & Wald PRD(89); Vilenkin PRD(89); Brout & Parentani IJMPD(99)gq/97; Bak et al JKPS(00)gq/99; Anderson CQG(07)gq/06, CQG(07)gq/06 [relational models and semiclassical WKB time]; Bojowald et al CQG(11)-a1009, PRD(11)-a1011 [effective approach]; Chataignier ZN(19)-a1901 [and gauge fixing]; > s.a. brans-dicke theory.
@ Corrections to classical dynamics: Schuller & Wohlfarth PLB(05) [accelerating universe, R−1 term].
> Related topics: see boundary conditions [Hartle-Hawking no-boundary proposal]; cosmological effects of quantum gravity.

FLRW Spacetimes > s.a. cosmological acceleration; FLRW quantum cosmology; perturbations in quantum cosmology; semiclassical quantum gravity.
@ General references: Higuchi & Wald PRD(95)gq/94 [and time]; Kim CQG(96)gq [with scalar field]; Weinstein & Akhoury ht/03, ht/04 [de Sitter, and phenomenology]; Mulryne et al IJMPA(05)gq/04; Tan & Ma CQG(06)gq; Gousheh et al CQG(07)gq [wave packets]; Kreienbuehl PRD(09)-a0901 [no singularity avoidance]; Martínez-Morales a1104; Kreienbuehl & Pawlowski PRD(13)-a1302 [singularity resolution with polymer quantum matter]; Pinamonti & Siemssen CMP(14)-a1309 [global existence of solutions, massive conformally coupled scalar field in spatially flat models]; Siemssen a1503-PhD.
@ Lqg / lqc approach: Lidsey et al PRD(04)gq, JCAP(04)gq [cyclic / oscillations, inflation]; Singh & Vandersloot PRD(05)gq; Sen PRD(06)gq [with tachyon matter]; Ding et al PRL(09)-a0808; Pedram PLB(09)-a0811 [with conformally coupled scalar]; Bianchi et al PRD(10)-a1003 [from spin foams]; Ashtekar et al PRD(10)-a1011 [WKB approximation]; Corichi & Montoya IJMPD(12)-a1105, PRD(11)-a1105 [k = 0 FRLW models]; Mielczarek & Piechocki PRD(12)-a1108 [Gaussian state, quantum memory]; Dapor & Liegener PLB(18)-a1706 [effective dynamics for coherent states from the full theory]; Martín-Benito & Neves PRD(19)-a1901 [domain of the volume observable].
@ Inflation: Vereshchagin JCAP(04)gq, NCB(07); Lidsey et al PRD(04)gq, Mulryne et al PRD(05)ap [lqg, oscillations]; Alberghi et al PRD(08)-a0708 [massless scalar in de Sitter, dispersion relations from Born-Oppenheimer approximation]; Hassan et al PRD(15)-a1409 [polymer-quantized scalar field]; Husain & Singh PRD(19)-a1811 [inflation is very likely to occur and is eternal]; > s.a. inflationary models.
@ Emergence of classical spacetime: Kim CQG(96)gq [with massive scalar, coherent states]; John G&C(15)-a1405 [exact quantum-classical correspondence]; Hartle & Hertog PRD(15)-a1502 [bounces and quantum transitions between classical histories]; Jalalzadeh et al a2001 [k = 1, conformally coupled scalar field]; Berjon et al a2009 [critique of prevailing explanations].
@ And classical chaos: Cornish & Shellard PRL(98)gq/97 [with massive scalar].
@ Modified Friedmann equation: Maziashvili PRD(05)gq/04; Husain & Winkler PRD(07)gq/06 [polymer-like, semiclassical]; Singh et al PRD(06) [lqg, critical density and bounce]; Pitelli & Letelier GRG(13)-a1107; Jalalzadeh et al a2001 [deformation quantization]; > s.a. friedmann equation.
@ Related topics: Pollock PLB(99) [from superstring theory].

Other Spacetimes and Phenomenology > s.a. quantum-gravity phenomenology [including stability].
@ Minisuperspace: Minzoni et al PRD(97) [stability, coherent states]; Colistete et al PRD(98)gq/97 [large vs small scale factor].
@ Bianchi I: Huang PRD(98)ht/02; Bolen et al CQG(04)gq [coherent]; Malecki PRD(04)gq [lqg, inflation]; Date PRD(05)gq [pre-classical solutions]; Giovannetti et al a2105 [and polymer representation].
@ Other Bianchi models: Imponente & Montani IJMPD(03)gq/04 [chaos and semiclassical quantum gravity].
> Other models: see de sitter spacetime; minisuperspace [including Bianchi IX]; Stephani Model.

Cosmology in Semiclassical General Relativity
@ FLRW models: Hartle PRD(81), in(81) [+ scalar + radiaton, particle production]; Kim et al PRD(97)gq [+ scalar]; Reginatto a0908-wd, JPCS(13)-a1312 [+ massive scalar, formalism of ensembles on configuration space]; > s.a. cosmic acceleration.
@ de Sitter space: Castagnino et al PLB(87) [graviton and topology contributions]; Isaacson & Rogers NPB(91), Rogers & Isaacson NPB(92) [de Sitter + scalar, stability]; Busch a0803 [de Sitter + scalar, stability].
@ Bianchi I: Hartle PRD(80) [particle production and anisotropy]; Hu & Sinha PRD(95) [fluctuation-dissipation for classical geometry with quantum matter as environment]; Huang PLB(97), PRD(98)ht/02 [+ scalar, anisotropy]; Suresh IJTP(05)gq/03 [particle production]; Vitenti & Müller PRD(06) [numerical]; Alesci & Cianfrani PRD(15)-a1506 [in quantum reduced loop gravity].
@ Bianchi IX: Bae CQG(15)-a1406.
@ Other cosmological models: Kim PRD(97)gq/96 [and pilot-wave theory]; Suresh IJTP(04)gq/03 [oscillatory inflation, and particle production].

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