Loop Quantum Cosmology – Models and Phenomenology  

Bounce Models > s.a. bianchi I models; Bounce; FLRW models [including numerical]; friedmann equation [modified].
@ General references: Date & Hossain PRL(05)gq/04; Singh et al PRD(06)gq; Bojowald PRD(07)gq/06 [large-scale effective theory]; Bojowald & Tavakol PRD(08)-a0803 [and entropy]; Hrycyna et al GRG(09)-a0804 [and quantisation ambiguities]; Dzierzak et al APPB(10)-a0810 [and minimal length], PRD(09)-a0907 [classical model]; Chiou & Li PRD(09)-a0901 [higher-order holonomy corrections]; Małkiewicz & Piechocki CQG(10)-a0908; Kamiński & Pawłowski PRD(10)-a1001 [scattering picture]; Mielczarek & Piechocki CQG(12)-a1107; Wilson-Ewing JCAP(13)-a1211 [quantum gravity effects in classical bounce]; Rovelli & Wilson-Ewing PRD(14)-a1310 [surprising accuracy of the effective equations]; Cai & Wilson-Ewing JCAP(14)-a1402 [effective field description]; Haro & Amorós JCAP(14)-a1406 [matter bounce for general potentials]; Zhu et al PLB(17)-a1607 [universal features]; Liegener & Singh CQG(20)-a1906.
@ With matter: Mielczarek et al PRD(08)-a0801 [massless scalar and cosmological constant]; Bojowald GRG(08)-a0801 [interacting matter].
@ Fluctuations: Bojowald PRS(08)-a0710; Bojowald PRL(08)-a0805 [correlations]; Agulló et al CQG(17)-a1611 [effect of large fluctuations]; Fraser PRD-2103.
@ Memory and forgetfulness: news psu(07)jun; news pw(07)jul [cosmic forgetfulness]; Corichi & Singh PRL(08)-a0710, comment Bojowald PRL(08)-a0811 and reply PRL(08)-a0811 [cosmic recall]; Mielczarek & Piechocki PRD(12)-a1108 [Gaussian state for bounce].
@ In modified gravity: Amorós et al PRD(13)-a1305 [f(T) gravity]; Oikonomou ASS(15)-a1412 [modified ekpyrotic model], GRG(15)-a1412 [f(R) gravity].
@ Related topics: Piechocki AdP(10)-a1001-proc, AIP(12)-a1101 [non-standard quantization]; De Risi et al PRD(07)-a0706 [graceful exit problem resolution]; Chinaglia et al a1708 [non-polynomial gravity formulation]; Dupuy & Singh PRD(20)-a1912 [hysteresis-like phenomena]; > s.a. singularities in quantum gravity.

Other Pre-Big-Bang Models > s.a. quantum cosmological perturbations.
@ Cyclic models: Lidsey et al PRD(04)gq; Bojowald et al PRD(04)ht.
@ Anisotropic: Bojowald et al CQG(06) [perturbative]; Singh & Wilson-Ewing CQG(14) [quantization ambiguities]; > s.a. minisuperspace.
@ Inhomogeneous: Rovelli & Vidotto CQG(08)-a0805; Mena et al IJMPA(09)-a0907 [hybrid loop-Fock]; Garay et al PRD(10)-a1005 [Gowdy model]; Bojowald et al PRD(12) [as a system of discrete patches]; Bojowald AIP(13)-a1212 [highly inhomogeneous situations, including multiverse scenarios]; Martín-de Blas et al JPCS(12)-a1301, AIP(11)-a1303 [with a massless scalar field]; Grain IJMPD(16)-a1606 [deformed algebra approach]; Elizaga Navascués et al IJMPD(16)-a1608 [hybrid models]; Shahalam et al PRD(17)-a1710 [with power-law potentials].

With Matter / Phenomenology > s.a. 3D quantum gravity; cosmological models; numerical general relativity; quantum-cosmology phenomenology.
* And inflation: In loop quantum cosmology the big bang is replaced by a quantum bounce followed by a phase of super-inflation.
@ General references: Sakellariadou JPCS(10)-a1001; Bojowald et al PRL(11)-a1101 [observational constraints]; Martín-Benito et al CQG(14)-a1307 [approximation methods]; Barrau et al CQG(14)-a1309 [expected features]; Zhu et al ApJL(15)-a1503 [primordial power spectra and spectral indices]; Bolliet et al PRD(15)-a1502 [deformed algebra vs dressed metric approach]; Oikonomou PRD(16)-a1607 [universe evolution]; Hassan & Husain CQG(17)-a1705 [polymer quantization of both gravity and matter].
@ With a scalar field: Bojowald et al PRD(07) [massive or interacting scalar]; Ashtekar et al PRD(09)-a0901 [scalar quantum field theory]; Mielczarek PLB(09); Gielen JPCS(12)-a1108 [massless, sum over histories]; Pawłowski & Ashtekar PRD(12)-a1112 [massless, k = 0, with a positive cosmological constant]; Kleidis & Oikonomou IJGMP(18)-a1801 [evolution, stability].
@ Dirac / fermion fields: Bojowald et al PRD(08)-a0710 [and nucleosynthesis]; Bojowald & Das CQG(08)-a0806 [role of parity]; Artymowski et al a1305-MG13 [non-minimally coupled]; Elizaga et al PRD(17)-a1703.
@ Other matter: Wei & Zhang PRD(07) [quintom and hessence energies]; Chen et al PRD(08)-a0808 [dark energy and dark matter]; Jamil et al EPJC(11)-a1107 [dark energy, dark matter and unparticle].
@ And inflation: Mielczarek PRD(10)-a0908; Ashtekar & Sloan PLB(10)-a0912 + news ns(10)oct [slow-roll inflation]; Chiou & Liu PRD(10)-a1002; PRD(10)-a1006; Corichi & Karami PRD(11)-a1011 [measure problem]; Ashtekar & Sloan GRG(11)-a1103 [probability of inflation]; Ranken & Singh PRD(12)-a1203 [power-law and assisted inflation]; Zhang & Zhu PRD(13)-a1302 [warm inflation]; Xiao et al PLB(13) [super-inflation]; Linsefors & Barrau CQG(15)-a1405, Martineau et al PRD(17)-a1701 [duration of inflation in Bianchi I]; Luc & Mielczarek JCAP(17)-a1610 [slow-roll approximation]; Li et al PRD(18)-a1807 [inflationary attractors, different quantizations]; > s.a. inflationary phenomenology.
@ Pre-inflationary dynamics: Agulló et al CQG(13)-a1302; Ashtekar & Barrau CQG(15)-a1505 [and phenomenological consequences]; Bonga & Gupt GRG(16)-a1510 [with the Starobinksy potential]; Zhu et al PRD(17)-a1705; Shahalam et al PRD(17)-a1710 [power-law potentials]; Sharma et al JCAP(18)-a1808 [scalar field with monodromy potential].
@ Gravitational-wave production: Marques et al a1005 [and pre-inflationary universe]; Sá & Henriques PRD(12)-a1108; Morais et al PRD(14)-a1310 [spectrum].
@ Types of spacetimes: Parisi et al CQG(07)-a0706 [Einstein static universe, stability]; Cailleteau et al PRD(09)-a0907, Wilson-Ewing JCAP(13)-a1306 [ekpyrotic/cyclic universe]; Dadhich et al CQG(15)-a1505 [emergence of products of constant curvature spaces]; Zhang EPJC(16)-a1506 [arbitrary dimensionality]; > s.a. anti-de sitter space; FLRW models; minisuperspace [Bianchi, Kantowski-Sachs models].
> Related topics: see Chaplygin Gas; cmb anisotropy; models of dark energy; Phantom Field; time in quantum gravity.

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