Gravitational Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics  

Statistical Mechanics > s.a. horizons; phenomenology of gravity; statistical mechanics.
@ General references: Padmanabhan Ent(15)-a1508 [distribution function for "atoms of spacetime"].
@ Black holes: Braden et al PRD(90); Harms & Leblanc PRD(92), PRD(93); Krasnov GRG(98)gq/96 [quantum]; Gour PRD(00)gq/99; Kan et al PRD(01)gq [BPS black holes]; Chevalier et al PhyA(07); Balasubramanian et al GRG(08) [typicality versus thermality]; Chevalier & Debbasch PhyA(09) [thermal ensembles]; > s.a. black-hole thermodynamics and specific black holes.
@ Cluster expansion method: Iguchi et al PLA(99)ap/98.
@ Quantum: Major & Setter CQG(01)gq [spin networks]; Gogberashvili IJTP(11)-a1008 [Machian ensemble and emergence of quantum theory]; Kotecha Univ(19)-a1907-in [thermal quantum spacetime].
@ Related topics: Kholodenko JGP(01) [2+1 gravity]; Aros PRD(06) [first-order gravity, boundary conditions]; Gürsoy JHEP(10)-a1007 [gravity-spin model correspondence and phase transitions]; Botta Cantcheff a1105 [string-based]; Callender FP(11) [equilibrium]; > s.a. black-hole perturbations [fluctuations].

Thermodynamics > s.a. gravitational entropy; specific theories and models.
* Stability: Systems of infinite spatial extent at fixed temperature are thermodynamically unstable.
* Remark: Results are independent of a change in the canonical momenta by addition of boundary terms in the action.
@ General references: Mitra FP(11) [first law for a self-gravitating fluid]; Yang Ent(13)-a1110 [thermal entropy density]; Padmanabhan a1602 [approaches]; Santiago a1912-PhD.
@ And Einstein's equation: Neugebauer IJTP(77); Jacobson PRL(95)gq [Einstein equation as equation of state]; Oppenheim PRD(02)gq/01 [V vs A-scaling], gq/01; Padmanabhan MPLA(02)ht, ASS(03)gq/02; Padmanabhan & Patel ht/03, gq/03 [semiclassical gravity and horizons]; Eling et al PRL(06)gq [non-equilibrium]; Mäkelä & Peltola IJMPD(09)gq/06; Kothawala et al PLB(07)gq; Padmanabhan & Paranjape PRD(07)gq [from entropy of null surfaces]; Öttinger PhyA(08) [non-equilibrium thermodynamics]; Eling JHEP(08)-a0806 [and hydrodynamics]; Padmanabhan a0903, IJMPD(09) [field equations and entropy density], MPLA(10)-a0912, IJMPD(10) [horizon degrees of freedom and equipartition of energy]; Pesci CQG(11)-a1002 [and entropy of light]; Samanta a1003; Kothawala PRD(11)-a1010; Bracken ASTP-a1111 [Einstein-Hilbert action as minimizing free energy]; Padmanabhan IJMPD(11) [and hydrodynamics]; Smolin CQG(14)-a1205 [quantum version, and lqg]; Shimada et al PLB(12)-a1206 [with entropy production]; Parattu et al PRD(13)-a1303 [gravitational action and emergent gravity]; Chirco et al PRD(14)-a1401 [interpretation]; Chakraborty et al JHEP(15)-a1505 [near an arbitrary null surface]; Nagle a1608-proc; Jacobson & Visser IJMPD(19)-a1904-GRF [equilibrium at negative temperature and attractiveness of gravity]; > s.a. einstein's equation; emergent gravity; entropic gravity.
@ And entanglement entropy: Matsueda a1408; Bodendorfer CQG(14)-a1402; Bhattacharya et al PRD(15)-a1412 [entanglement density]; Jacobson PRL(16)-a1505, Casini et al JHEP(16)-a1601 [and entanglement equilibrium]; Varadarajan GRG(16)-a1602 [and variation of Bekenstein-Hawking area]; Alonso-Serrano & Liška PRD-a2008 [equivalence of entropies and unimodular gravity].
@ And microstates: Kothawala & Padmanabhan PRD(14)-a1405 [entropy density of spacetime]; Smolin PRD(17)-a1510 [and gravity as a constrained topological field theory]; Padmanabhan CS(15)-a1512, IJMPD(16) [and the cosmological constant]; Padmanabhan IJMPD(18)-a1805-GRF.
@ Related topics: Chardin in(02)-a0804 [and C, P, T symmetries]; Piazza PRD(10)-a1005 [timelike hypersurfaces and flux of energy-matter]; Bravetti et al a1503 [emergent maximally symmetric spacetimes]; EPJC(17)-a1710 [fluctuations, quantum from thermal]; Faizal et al EPJC(17)-a1710 [quantum fluctuations to the geometry from thermal fluctuations]; Svesko a2006-PhD [entanglement interpretation].
Related topics: see action for general relativity; modified uncertainty relations; MOND; thermodynamics and modified thermodynamics.
Special spacetimes and subsets: see Alexandrov Sets [causal diamonds]; horizons [Killing horizons]; spacetime subsets [null surfaces]; wormholes.

References > s.a. general relativity / quantum field theory in curved spacetime [correlation dynamics]; statistical mechanics.
@ General: Padmanabhan PRD(99)ht/98 [from general properties of black holes]; Rovelli CQG(93), CQG(93); Wald CQG(99)gq [rev]; Mann FP(03)gq/02 ["gravitational heat"]; Padmanabhan AIP(07)-a0706 [gravity as emergent, conceptual]; Vaz GRG(09)-a0905-GRF; Padmanabhan AIP(10)-a0911 [thermodynamic interpretation of field equations], RPP(10)-a0911 [new insights]; Wallace BJPS(10)-a0907 [conceptual clarity]; Pollock IJMPD(11) [and the Wheeler-DeWitt equation]; Padmanabhan GRG(14)-a1312, IJMPD(14)-a1405-GRF [general relativity as emergent thermodynamical theory].
@ Time and thermodynamics: Connes & Rovelli CQG(94)gq; Tiwari gq/06 [unimodular theory, and cosmological constant fluctuations]; Martinetti a1203-conf; > s.a. time in gravity [thermal time]; Tolman-Ehrenfest Effect.
@ Quasilocal: Brown et al CQG(90); York in(91); Brown & York PRD(93), gq/93, gq/93 [microcanonical]; Martinez PRD(96)gq, PRD(96)gq; Creighton PhD(96)gq [including dilaton and gauge theory]; Ho et al CQG(98)gq/97 [duality]; Uzun & Wiltshire CQG(15)-a1506 [conditions for thermodynamic equilibrium]; Parikh et al a1801 [local, arbitrary spacetime].
@ Boundaries: Balachandran et al NPB(96)gq/94 [edge states]; Freidel & Yokokura CQG(14)-a1405 [non-equilibrium thermodynamics of gravitational screens].
@ Density of states: Braden, Whiting & York PRD(87); Padmanabhan PRD(10)-a1003 [surface density of degrees of freedom].
@ Related topics: Mensky PLA(03) ["universal scheme"]; von Borzeszkowski & Chrobok FP(03) [no thermodynamical degrees of freedom]; Padmanabhan IJMPD(12)-GRF; > s.a. actions for general relativity; quantum spacetime [gravity as a thermodynamic limit]; spacetime geometry in quantum gravity.

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