Gravitational Thermodynamics – Specific Theories and Models  

Different Types of Gravity Theories > s.a. gravitational thermodynamics [including quasilocal formulation].
* Thermodynamics and field equations: Field equations for general relativity and some higher-curvature theories of gravity have been derived by a thermodynamic reasoning using the Clausius relation.
@ Thermodynamics and field equations: Brustein & Hadad PRL(09)-a0903 [field equations for generalized-gravity equivalent to δQ = T dS]; Dey et al PRD(16)-a1605 [new entropy density, and diffeomorphism invariant metric theories of gravity].
@ f(R) gravity: Akbar & Cai PLB(07)gq/06; Elizalde & Silva PRD(08)-a0804; Bamba et al PLB(10)-a0909; Chirco & Liberati PRD(10)-a0909 [non-equilibrium thermodynamics and dissipation]; Bamba & Geng JCAP(10)-a1005 [Palatini formalism]; Chirco et al PRD(11)-a1011 [reversible and irreversible thermodynamics]; Yokokura IJMPA(12)-a1106 [and the black-hole membrane paradigm]; Karami et al EPL(12)-a1201; Bamba IJGMP(16)-a1604 [rev, and f(T)]; Zheng & Yang EPJC(18)-a1806 [horizons]; Peralta & Jorás JCAP-a1911 [cosmology].
@ Scalar-tensor theory: Abdolmaleki et al PRD(14)-a1401 [second law]; Faraoni & Giusti PRD-a2103; Dey et al a2105 [on a generic null surface].
@ Hořava-Lifshitz gravity: Cai & Ohta PRD(10)-a0910; Jamil et al JCAP(10)-a1003; Bhattacharya & Debnath IJMPD(11)-a1006; Blas & Sibiryakov PRD(11)-a1110 [the black-hole case].
@ Lanczos-Lovelock gravity: Paranjape et al PRD(06)ht/06; Chakraborty & Padmanabhan PRD(14)-a1408 [canonical, thermodynamically conjugate variables]; Chakraborty JHEP(15)-a1505.
@ Semiclassical quantum gravity: Johnson CQG(14)-a1405 [gravitational mass as enthalpy].
@ Other theories: Wu et al PRD(10)-a0909, PRD(10); Bamba et al EPL(10)-a0909, IJMPD(11)-a1101-proc [f(R) and others]; Chirco et al PRD(11)-a1011 [Brans-Dicke theory]; Guedens et al PRD(12)-a1112 [higher-curvature equations of state]; Karami & Abdolmaleki JCAP(12)-a1201 [f(T) theories]; Hammad IJTP(12)-a1202 [Riemann-Cartan spacetime]; Sharif & Zubair JCAP(12)-a1204 [f(R,T) theory of gravity]; Chattopadhyay et al IJTP(12); Dehghani et al PLB(13) [quasi-topological gravity, cosmology]; Miao et al IJMPD(14)-a1407 [Lovelock and f(R) gravity]; Dey et al PRD(17)-a1709 [in the presence of torsion].
> Related topics: see modified uncertainty relations; MOND.

Specific Types of Systems > s.a. gravitating many-body systems [including statistical mechanics]; horizons.
@ Self-gravitating systems: Axenides et al JPCS(13)-a1303 [Antonov's instability or gravothermal catastrophe, with a cosmological constant]; Savvidou & Anastopoulos CQG(14)-a1302 [and holography]; Oltean et al PRD(16)-a1607 [the gravitational two-body problem as a dissipative system].
@ Radiation in a cavity: Katz & Okuta CQG(95), Parentani et al CQG(95) [with black hole]; Padmanabhan & Singh CQG(03) [equilibrium].
@ FLRW models: Cai & Kim JHEP(05)ht [first law of thermodynamics]; Akbar & Cai PLB(06)ht [scalar-tensor and f(R) gravity]; Cai et al PRD(10)-a1001 [and the holographic principle]; Cao et al JCAP(10)-a1001 [and Clausius relation]; > s.a. friedmann equation; large-scale geometry [gravitational temperature].
@ Cosmology, particle creation: Prigogine et al PNAS(88); Lima et al a0708.
@ Other cosmology: Izquierdo & Pavón PLB(06) [black holes and phantom-dominated universes]; Myung PLB(09)-a0810 [phantom fields]; Padmanabhan GRG(10)-a1001, Dezaki & Mirza GRG(15)-a1406 [and universal expansion]; Gálvez et al JCAP(11)-a1103 [and eternal inflation]; Chakraborty PLB(12)-a1206; Tian & Booth PRD(15)-a1411 [apparent horizons]; Mitra et al PLB(14)-a1503 [horizon entropy]; > s.a. friedmann equation.
> Related topics: see laws of black-hole dynamics; models in canonical quantum gravity; wormholes.

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