Entropic Gravity  

In General > s.a. dynamical triangulations; emergent gravity; information theory.
* Idea: A proposal by Verlinde in which space is emergent through a holographic scenario; Gravity is explained as an entropic force caused by changes in the information associated with the positions of material bodies.
* Two approaches: Holographic gravity, in which Einstein's equation arises from keeping entropy stationary in equilibrium under variations of the geometry and quantum state of a small region, and thermodynamic gravity, in which Einstein's equation emerges as a local equation of state from constraints on the area of a dynamical lightsheet in a fixed spacetime background.
@ General references: Verlinde JHEP(11)-a1001, comments Mäkelä a1001, Zhao CTP(10)-a1002, Gao Ent(11)-a1002, Culetu a1002, Hossenfelder a1003; Lee a1005; Nicolini PRD(10)-a1005; news NYT(10)jul; Chivukula a1011; Zhao IJMPA(11); Halyo a1104 [in Rindler space]; Mann & Mureika PLB(11)-a1105 [2D]; Chaichian et al PLB(12)-a1109; Chen & Wang a1112 [where is hbar hiding?]; Gogberashvili & Kanatchikov IJTP(12) [Machian origin]; Cao a1402; Carroll & Remmen PRD(16)-a1601 + blog(16)feb [analysis of two approaches]; Abreu et al a1708 [microstates, Tsallis statistics, holographic screen].
@ Arguments against: Kobakhidze PRD(11)-a1009; Kobakhidze a1108 + news tr(11)aug; Roveto & Muñoz a1201 [criticism]; Yang Ent(14)-a1405.
@ Quantum gravity: García-Islas a1411 [lqg].
@ Gravity and complexity growth: Susskind a1802 [GR = QM]; Susskind a1905.
@ Variations: Bastos et al CQG(11)-a1010 [with phase-space non-commutativity]; Pesci CQG(11)-a1002 [from entropy of light]; Lee et al a1002 [quantum entanglement force]; Banerjee & Majhi PRD(10)-a1003 [and statistical mechanics]; Wang a1211 [modified versions, challenge]; Teimouri a1705 [entropic f(R) gravity]; Calderón et al MPLA(19)-a1903 [relativistic, in Tsallis' statistics]; > s.a. brans-dicke theory.
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page.

Phenomenology and Constraints > s.a. inertia; semiclassical quantum gravity [entropic corrections].
@ General references: Hendi & Sheykhi PRD(11)-a1012 [corrections to Einstein's equation]; Sahlmann PRD(11)-a1102 [energy equipartition and minimal radius]; Visser JHEP(11)-a1108 [constraints from conservative nature of Newtonian gravity]; Setare et al PS(12) [corrections to Newton's law]; Frampton & Karl a1308 [consequences]; Sefiedgar IJMPD(16)-a1512 [effect on gravitational force]; Yoon & Darriba CQG-a2005 [solar system].
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@ Cosmological constant: Tu & Chen a1306 [cosmic acceleration]; Padmanabhan & Padmanabhan IJMPD(14)-a1404; Díaz-Saldaña et al a1806.
@ Other cosmology: Wei PLB(10)-a1005 [constraints]; Myung ASS(11)-a1005 [holographic screen issue]; Koivisto et al JCAP(11)-a1011; Qiu & Saridakis PRD(12) [and eternal inflation]; Zumalacárregui a1202-proc; Dabrowski & Gohar Ent(16)-a1503 [with varying constants]; Abbasi & Gharaati a2006 [and Tsallis entropy]; > s.a. friedmann equation [corrections].
@ And MOND: Li & Chang CTP(11)-a1005; Klinkhamer & Kopp MPLA(11)-a1104 [from maximum wavelength, or minimum T]; Klinkhamer MPLA(12)-a1201; Sheykhi & Sarab JCAP(12)-a1206; Zhang & Li PLB(12); Milgrom & Sanders a1612; Diez-Tejedor et al MNRAS(18)-a1612 [dwarf spheroidals]; > s.a. MOND.
@ And non-extensive statistics: Ananias PhyA(12)-a1101; Abreu et al IJMPA(17)-a1701 [Tsallis and Kaniadakis statistics].
@ And black holes: Porcelli & Scibona a1011 [and black-hole entropy]; Mehdipour & Keshavarz EPL(12)-a1207 [non-commutative charged black hole and the equivalence principle].
@ Other physics: Kowalski-Glikman PRD(10) [and topological SO(4,1) BF theory coupled to particles]; Santos & Vancea a1002 [and the uncertainty principle]; Munkhammar a1003 [quantum mechanics]; Mureika & Mann MPLA(11)-a1005 [lower bounds on photon and graviton masses]; Fursaev PRD(10) [and deformations of minimal surfaces]; Momeni IJTP(11)-a1009 [and Brownian motion]; Chaichian et al PLB(11)-a1104; Lee FP(12)-a1003 [inertia and emergent quantum field theory]; Majumder AHEP(13)-a1310 [and minimal length]; Abreu & Ananias PLB(13) [and entangled states]; > s.a. gauge theories.

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