In General > s.a. spinor fields; particle types; spinning particles; statistical mechanical systems.
* Idea: Particles obeying Fermi-Dirac statistics, such that any N-particle quantum state changes sign when any two of them are exchanged; They are usually represented in physics by spinor fields, belonging to a representation space for the Poincaré group with half-integer value of the spin s, and their role is that of elementary constituents of matter.
@ General references: Zimborás et al EPJQT(14)-a1211 [dynamical systems approach]; Lin et al ChPB(13)-a1307 [diagrammatic categorification of fermion algebra]; Lee a1312 [massive, in 2+1 dimensions]; Lee a1404 [mass-dimension-one Elko fermions]; Finster a1404 [index of the fermionic signature operator]; Espin a1509-PhD [second-order formulation]; Szalay et al a2006 [and quantum information].
@ Interacting: Finster a0908 [action and continuum limit]; Braghin EPJP(15)-a1505 [higher-order effective interactions]; synopsis Phy(19) [atoms pairing up].
@ Systems of fermions: Schilling PRA(15)-a1409 [occupation numbers in N-fermion states]; Caulton a1409 [and mereology].
@ Many-body systems: Mattis a1301-ch [D > 1]; Watson a1506 [enforcing the Pauli principle on paper]; Fournais et al a1510, Ribeiro & Burke a1510 [semiclassical limit].
@ Quantization: Borstnik & Nielsen a2007-proc, a2007-proc [based on Clifford and Grassmann algebras]; > s.a. types of quantum field theories and modified theories.
> Specific theories: see dirac fields; low-spin field theories [spin-1/2 and 3/2]; high-spin field theories; gas; kaluza-klein phenomenology; fermions in lattice field theory [including doubling]; supersymmetry; types of field theories.

Relationship with Bosons > s.a. Bosons [relationship, transformations between fermions and bosons]; composite quantum systems.
* Bound states: An even number of fermions can combine to produce composite systems (e.g., spinor bilinears) exhibiting bosonic behavior.
@ Fermions without fermions: Kálnay IJTP(77); Paredes & Cirac PRL(03)cm/02, et al PRA(02); Mecklenburg & Regan PRL(11)-a1003 + news PhysOrg(11)mar, ns(11)may [from properties of a background space; electron hopping in graphene]; Wetterich AP(10)-a1006, JPCS(12)-a1201 [from classical statistics]; Kawamura a1406 [from scalar fields]; > s.a. composite models; Fermionization; dirac fields [from bosons]; spinors in field theory [from pure gravity].
@ Composite fermions: Liebing & Blaschke PPN(15)-a1406; Son PRX(15) [effective field theory and symmetries].

Related Topics
@ Causal fermion systems: Finster in(06)gq [variational principle]; Finster FTP-a1605, JPCS(18)-a1709 [continuum limit, primer]; Finster Sigma(20)-a1711 [causal action principle]; Finster a1812-conf [intro]; Finster & Kindermann JMP(20)-a1908 [gauge-fixing procedure]; Finster & Jokel a1908-in [introduction]; Oppio AHP(20)-a1909 [mathematical foundations]; Finster & Platzer a1912 [asymptotically flatness and positive energy]; Finster & Oppio a2004 [local algebras]; Kleiner a2006-PhD [and spacetime fields]; Finster et al a2101 [dynamical wave equation]; Finster & Kamran a2101 [fermionic Fock spaces]; > s.a. discrete models; emergence; Initial-Value Problem; unified theories.
@ Types of fermions: Henneaux et al JHEP(14)-a1310 [higher-spin, gravitational interactions]; Zhu et al PRX(16) [triple-point fermions]; Levine a1901 [non-local, small-scale randomized dispersion relation and entropy volume law]; Wang & Li a1907 [π-type]; Lee a1912 [mass-dimension-1, including higher-spin, rev]; Hoff da Silva et al a2006 [exotic fermions, and the gup]; Ahluwalia book(19)-a2007 [mass dimension one fermions].
@ Other topics: Chung & Daoud MPLA(14)-a1412 [one-parameter generalized algebra]; Rinehart a1505 [classical formulation]; Shapiro a1611 [covariant derivative]; Finster & Reintjes ATMP(18)-a1708 [fermionic signature operator]; Spadaro a2003 [discrete fermions, correlation functions].
> Other topics: see Fermi-Einstein Condensation; geons and Kinks [fermionic]; Solid Light; particle statistics [including fermion number]; Quasiparticles; solitons.

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