Supersymmetry in Field Theory  

General Features > s.a. modified quantum mechanics; supersymmetric theories; Supersymmetry.
* Idea: Bosons and fermions are related by Qa B ~ Fa, with all known particles in supersymmetric multiplets.
* Motivation: 2004, It provides a compelling solution to the gauge hierarchy problem by stabilizing the Higgs potential against divergent quantum corrections.
* Particle content: The numbers of boson and fermion states must be equal, since Q |B\(\rangle\) = |F\(\rangle\) and Q |F\(\rangle\) = |B\(\rangle\); In gauge theories |s| < 1, so one considers only N ≤ 4, but with gravity N ≤ 8.
* Non-renormalization theorems: Results in supersymmetric field theory say that some quantities are not renormalized because all terms in the renormalization series cancel exactly; Useful for the Hierarchy Problem.

General References > s.a. dark matter; monopoles; solitons; supergravity; supersymmetry phenomenology; symplectic structures.
@ I: Fayet Rech(88); Kane 00.
@ Intros: Łopuszański 90 [lecture notes]; Lykken ht/96-ln; Martin hp/97; Kane ed-98; Van Proeyen ht/99-ln; Kane CP(00); Ketov ht/00 [motivation]; Bilal ht/01-ln; Polonsky LNP(01)hp [phenomenology]; Lindström ht/02-ln; Govaerts ht/04-proc; Kane ed-10; Vallejo a1205.
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@ Comments: Kane & Shifman ed-00; Zumino in(00), FdP(06)ht/05-conf; > s.a. history of particle physics.
@ Articles: Gol'fand & Likhtman JETPL(71); Volkov & Akulov PLB(73); Wess & Zumino NPB(74) [supergauge transformations].
@ Books, advanced / mathematical: Cornwell 89; Buchbinder & Kuzenko 95; Freed 99.
@ Non-renormalization theorems: Iliopoulos NPPS(01)ht.
@ Approaches: Luckock IJTP(97) [boundary terms in the action]; Buchholz LNP(00)ht/98 [in Hilbert space]; Ichinose ht/03, a0710-proc [graphical representation]; Baianu et al Sigma(09)-a0904 [algebraic-topology approach]; Moriya AHP-a1001 [C*-algebra approach]; Freedman et al FdP(17)-a1609 [geometric].
@ Quantization: Batalin & Lavrov IJMPA(16)-a1603 [Hamiltonian, in terms of quantum antibrackets]; > s.a. deformation quantization.
@ Origin of supersymmetry: Allen ht/00-proc [random fields]; Allen et al proc(08)-a0711 [Planck-scale statistical theory]; > s.a. supersymmetric theories [emergent].
@ Related topics: Fayet pr(80); Witten JDG(82); Di Stefano PLB(87); Ne'eman & Sternberg PNAS(90); De Jonghe et al PLB(95)ht [spin-1/2 particle around a monopole]; Klinker CMP(05)-a2001 [supergeometry and supersymmetry]; László a1801-proc [possible alternative].
> Alternatives: see conformal invariance in physics.

Supersymmetry Breaking > s.a. anthropic principle; branes; gauge theories [emergent]; supersymmetry phenomenology [cosmology].
* Idea: Supersymmetry cannot be exact at low energies, because particles in a supermultiplet have different masses.
* Result: Supersymmetry can only be broken by non-perturbative effects.
* Mechanisms: Either spontaneously by a Higgs-type mechanism, or dynamically; The coupling to the supersymmetry-breaking sector could be gaugino-, gravity-, gauge-, or anomaly-mediated.
* O'Raifeartaigh model: A model for spontaneous supersymmetry breaking using N interacting scalar superfields.
@ Reviews: Skiba MPLA(97); Poppitz IJMPA(98); Thomas ht/98-proc; Shadmi & Shirman RMP(00)ht/99; Luty ht/05-ln; Shadmi ht/06-ln; Intriligator & Seiberg CQG(07)-ln; Dine & Mason RPP(11)-a1012; Dine a1102-ln.
@ General references: Huang PLB(86)ht/03 [no-go theorem]; Dine et al JHEP(05)ht [3 branches]; de Alwis PLB(12)-a1110 [unified approach].
@ Dynamical: Bertolami & Moniz gq/97-MG8 [and quantum cosmology]; Bergamin & Minkowski ht/02 [effective description]; Golubev ht/07 [non-spontaneous]; Dine NPPS(09) [gauge mediation, and LHC].
@ Metastable: Kaplunovsky AIP(07)-a0711 [and cosmology].
@ Anomaly-mediated: Chacko et al JHEP(00) [superconformal]; Roy MPLA(04); de Alwis PRD(08).
@ Models: O'Raifeartaigh NPB(75); Navarro MPLA(03) [low-scale]; Dine et al PRD(06)ht [simple]; Nomura & Papucci PLB(08); Giveon et al NPB(09)-a0904 [in lower dimensions]; Gies et al PRD(09)-a0906 [2D Wess-Zumino model, as a quantum phase transition]; Ovchinnikov et al MPLB(16)-a1404 [topological]; > s.a. Barbero-Immirzi Parameter.
@ Related topics: Giudice & Rattazzi PRP(99) [gauge-mediated]; Sauli ht/05 ["natural"]; Chung et al PRP(05) [soft supersymmetry-breaking L]; Falkowski et al JHEP(05)ht [6D, gravity-mediated]; Intriligator & Seiberg JHEP(06)ht/05 [re string theory realizations]; Gasperini IJMPD(09)-a0805-GRF [restoring at TeV scale]; Chkareuli PLB(13)-a1212-conf [spontaneous breaking and emergent gauge theories].

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