Statistical Mechanical Systems  

Particles and Discrete Systems > s.a. statistical mechanics; critical phenomena; stochastic processes; thermodynamic systems.
* Fermions: In 2D and 3D they are phenomenologically described by the Landau Fermi-liquid model, while 1D collections of fermions are commonly described by the so-called Luttinger liquid formalism, in which some effects are dramatically different (in particular, the electron's spin and charge degrees of freedom can behave as separate entities).
@ General references: Zhao JPA(13)-a1305 [systems with inequivalent Lagrangians]; Ferialdi & Dürr PRA(15)-a1502, JMP-a1508 [system + bath, effective non-Markovian description]; Laskar et al a1601 [atoms in a thermal state, classical and quantum dynamics]; Becattini et al PLB-a1901 [relativistic fluid, choice of quantum stress-energy tensor operator]; Ruelle a2003 [correlation functions and the problem of crystal states].
@ Particle statistics: Linde in(81) [quarks and hadrons]; Lavenda & Dunning-Davies PLA(89); Morato & Viola PLA(98) [covariant model with fluctuating particle number]; Ignatyev G&C(07)-a1012 [in a gravitational field]; > s.a. particle statistics [including quons].
@ Relativistic particles: Tretyak & Nazarenko CondMP(00)ht; Cleymans et al PRC(05)ht/04 [charged]; Alba et al a1202 [microcanonical ensemble]; Becattini et al AP(13)-a1303 [with spin].
@ Oscillators: Tomazelli & Cunha a1512 [accelerated oscillator and bath, master equation].
@ Many-body spin systems: Babadi et al PRX(15) [non-equilibrium, relaxation dynamics]; Białończyk et al a2103 [spin chains].
@ Fermions: Mahanti & Jha JPA(06) [neutral, ground state]; Gutman et al PRB(10) [1D, out of equilibrium]; Faulkner et al a1003 [non-Fermi liquids]; Branchina et al PRE(10)-a1005 [and bosons, mapped to harmonic oscillators]; Shaginyan et al PRP(10) [strongly correlated, scaling behavior]; Swingle PRB(12)-a1007 [Fermi liquid, Rényi entropy and information content]; Virtanen & Thuneberg PRL(11)-a1010 + news sn(11)jan [Fermi liquid, Landau force on a pendulum]; Rivasseau a1102 [and renormalization around the Fermi surface]; Pain et al PRE(11)-a1106 [recursion relations]; > s.a. gas; Luttinger Liquid; renormalization group.
@ Bosons: Shchesnovich PLA(06) [quantum instability]; Becattini & Ferroni EPJC(07)-a0704 [ideal relativistic quantum gas]; Morais & Procacci JSP(13)-a1301 [N interacting classical particles, Helmholtz free energy and virial coefficients]; > s.a. gas.
@ Solvable models: Campa et al PRP(09) [with long-range interactions]; issue JMP(09)#9; Wu 09.
@ Complex systems: Bertin 11; Tsallis a1607-proc [non-ergodic, q-triplets].
@ Crystals: Wallace 03 [+ liquids]; Lutsko PhyA(06) [free energy]; Golovko PhyA(07) [and fluids, unified description].
@ PT-symmetric models: Meisinger & Ogilvie PTRS(13)-a1208 [introduction, classical and quantum].
@ And dynamical systems: Ruelle & Sinai PhyA(86); McCoy IJMPA(99)mp-conf [integrable models].
> Gravity- and astrophysics-related: see cosmic rays; gas; gravitating many-body systems [clustering]
> Other systems: see condensed matter [glasses, liquids]; Disordered Systems; gas and ideal gas [including deformed]; Many-Body System; tilings; Transport.

Field Theories and Related Systems > s.a. conformal theories; knots; states in quantum field theory.
@ Statistical field theory, quantum field theory: Grosse 88 [models]; Itzykson & Drouffe 89; McCoy in(95)ht/94; Casana et al PhyA(06) [electromagnetic field]; Mussardo 09; Essler et al PRA(15)-a1411 [generalized Gibbs ensembles]; Becattini & Rindori a1903 [entropy current at local thermodynamic equilibrium].
@ Long-range interactions: Baldovin & Orlandini PRL(06) [quasistationary states]; Rocha Filho et al JPA(09) [entropy, novel approach]; Bouchet et al PhyA(10) [rev, steady states]; Kalogeropoulos EPJB(14)-a1312 [thermodynamic limit].
@ Lattice systems: Di Francesco & Guitter PRP(05) [with geometrical constraints]; Contucci & Giardinà JMP(08)#12 [random structures]; Xu et al JSM(11)-a1010 [U(1) lattice gauge theory]; Rebenko RVMP(13) [cell gas models]; Lavis 15 [equilibrium]; Friedli & Velenik 17; > s.a. cell complex; graphs; networks; Polymers.
@ Lattice systems, area law for entropy: Masanes PRA(09) [for low-lying states]; de Beaudrap et al NJP(10)-a1009 [unfrustrated systems]; > s.a. entanglement entropy; lattice field theory.
@ Generally covariant systems: Josset et al a1503 [reparametrization-invariant systems as simpler models].
@ Other field theories: Montesinos & Rovelli CQG(01)gq/00 [generally covariant]; Lechner & Schlemmer a1503-proc [quantum fields on non-commutative spacetimes]; > s.a. yang-mills theories.
@ Fields + other systems: Milonni AJP(81)feb [Einstein-Hopf model, electromagnetic field + dipole oscillators – particle/wave aspects].
@ Other applications: Sasamoto et al JPA(01) [NP-complete problem]; Brightwell & Winkler m.CO/03-proc [combinatorics]; Huang 05 [protein folding].
@ Related topics: Lenard ARMA(75), ARMA(75) [infinitely-many point particles]; Falcioni et al PhyA(07) [large weakly-interacting systems, entropy and chaos]; Brody et al JPA(08)-a0808 [quantum Hamiltonians]; Majd & Momeni IJMPE(11)-a1005 [matter with negative pressure]; Rocca et al PhyA(14) [phase-space curves]; > s.a. quantum statistical mechanics [including small systems]; states in statistical mechanics.
> Gravity-related: see cosmic strings; early-universe cosmology; gravitational thermodynamics; quantum field theory in curved spacetime.

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